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  1. I was dropped by Devon from ALG. I never left ALG to do anything with EG
  2. Probably going to get downvoted but I feel like I need to say that posts like these are the ones people run with and take as fact when 75% of what is said is ridiculously false about everyone. I believe Snakebite made a similar post on this but it's literally insane how much disconnect there is between what is actually happening in high level Halo and what is perceived by the average viewer. It's also pretty mind numbing how much bias some casters have towards players and how this can play into most of the community's perception of what's on the screen and their thoughts of a player. One of the most interesting concepts in the Halo community and I think eSports in general is how the community's opinion can manifest itself into a pro's opinion too, which is cancerous. Don't mean to be disrespectful, just what I see when I come on here. Just my .02
  3. Nah, talking about the last kill in the clip. The last kill of the game I hit the same perfect but I didn't clip it cause I was too pissed. I have COUNTLESS clips of last shots not registering for me when they should
  4. For 1, if I can take back doing that stream I would, but at the time I didn't think it was negative at all. Everything I said was true and thought out but I didn't like how everything was pointed towards one person. They weren't 'BS' reasons. You are literally the most biased person on here, anytime anyone has anything to say about Huke you attack Devon and I on the forums. Anytime anyone asks me questions about Huke I always have positive comments about him and will always respect what we did as a team. As for YOU, you really need to stop making assumptions that are desperate attempts at defending him. I also believe you forgot half of the things I talked about during that stream. Did you forget about how almost every night we got on it was pointless? I really don't want to shine a light on the things I've already cleared up but all you do is talk shit on the forums about us and it's fucking annoying.
  5. ...................https://www.twitch.tv/cntra/v/68704049 wrong link. fixed :P
  6. LOL just for the record that is something I normally wouldn't say and I tried to say it with the least seriousness possible but it was just cause I had Denial ContrA beFORE that so to me it was an obvious answer. And I'm also trying very hard not to use too many swear words in my stream anymore D:
  7. Also.. I really dgaf about what people think about my attitude. I don't really try to defend that, I defend the rumors that I'm a dick to people when I'm not. <-- only thing I really care about.
  8. LOL I actually told my stream I'm going to get off, thanks for watching THEN I hosted him.. but forgot there's a 20 second buffer. Again, no rage-quit.
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