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  1. It's just dawned on me that this game is releasing in 8 days. 8 days till the best times I've ever had playing games will make a return. The nostalgia is real. And no I'm not talking about Halo 4.
  2. hold on, "ranked and unranked"?! yessssssssss, having ranked and social playlists in halo 3 was so sick, unlike in halo 4 where you could get a fucking 50 in grifball
  3. My prediction. I feel like the top 5 is a bit of a lottery, and I think people are maybe writing off The Agency a bit early (I know I've put them at 5th, but I think them and Str8 could easily be swapped around) 1) OpTic Halo 2) VwS 3) StK 4) Str8 Rippin 5) The Agency 6) TCM 7) Believe The Hype 8) Purple Rain Why's this been downvoted?
  4. It all depends how much 343 are willing to throw at events in the future. $50k events like this are probably big enough to justify competing, but I guess with all his sponsorship stuff, he'd get a much more consistent income if he stayed playing CoD. I agree though, Formal would have to let his nV team mates down and I can't see him doing that.
  5. I think him and Formal are gonna have to make a really tough decision at some point about whether they'll stick with CoD, or come back to Halo. I really don't think they'll have the time to commit to both.
  6. Find it strange how Roy came back for part of Halo 4, but won't return for MCC. Guess they have to move on with their lives and shit...
  7. It's a tricky one. He'll bring in a lot more viewers for sure (guess CoD fans will tune in to see Gandhi, Puckett, Maven and Sundance), but it just seems weird how every other team that's going has a really strong roster (minus T2 who we don't know yet), and this team is the only weak link. I'd love to see Gandhi commit properly to competing in Halo again, it'd be great.
  8. Completely agree man, kind of selfish that they're wasting one of the team spots when there are people who having been grinding Halo for the last few years that don't have the chance to go. I love Gandhi and everything, but I wish he'd either take competing seriously again and make a proper return, or not bother at all and stick to casting.
  9. Also I hate to say it, but Gandhi's team will be awful. I'd really love to see him take competing more seriously, just seems like he's kind of going along for a bit of a joke. I mean, Puckett and Maven? Really? Pretty sure neither of them have played competitive Halo properly since like Halo CE? Maybe I'm being harsh. Just a shame that some other pros, e.g. Chig, Cloud, Str8 Sick and Enable aren't going. I think players like this would provide better competition. Maybe not better entertainment value though, and I guess this is what the tournament is about...
  10. Interesting, I'd forgotten about SK, but he did say he was gonna return for MCC. I guess Walshy has no choice but to join this team if T2 invites him. Can't honestly see these two playing together though, can anyone else? Also SK was Mr. Triggers Down, can't ever imagine him playing for Str8 (unless he did at some point that I'm forgetting)? Chig is always an outside bet I guess...
  11. Halo 2: Anniversary is proper Halo again, I don't get why people aren't understanding this? The only bad things about the game are the lack of maps, and the grenade hitmarkers. Other than that, is there honestly anything to separate this from the other good titles in the series? Like obviously things such as the spawn system remain to be seen whether they work or not, but from everything else I've seen, the game looks sick. Anyone else with me on this?
  12. I think this team with Ogre 2 will be competitive, not sure they'll be the best though. Lots more players yet to announce teams so a lot could change yet.
  13. tbh, having a spectator mode in a game with only 6 maps (like 2 or 3 of which are competitive) would be pretty useless anyway. would be annoying to actually have a spectator mode that people won't use because everyone's playing Halo 2 Classic, CE or Halo 3.
  14. Can't believe after everything we've had today, people are still trying to find holes in it. No, this Halo Channel thing isn't perfect, but as some people have said, it's MUCH better than what we were expecting (nothing). I actually think this whole system is pretty clever and complex tbh. I have no idea how this whole "stat tracking" thing works but I'd love to know more. Implementing an in-game fully functional spectator mode into a game that's 10 years old would probably be a major pain in the ass, so I'm not at all surprised that it's not really possible. Let's be honest, we got through like 8 years of MLG tournaments without a spectator mode, I'm sure 1 more year until Halo 5 won't hurt too much. I do agree though that time changing between streams could be an issue, especially when the action is really fast paced. Could end up looking slightly amateur when it's used.
  15. Amplified TS is my least favourite, although Heretic TS is a close second. Heretic with a bad set of team mates was impossible to win. I also thought it was kinda random. Like there were just massive momentum swings on that map due to weird spawns and being rained on by plasmas. Narrows Flag/TS, Construct KOTH, Onslaught Flag, Pit Flag and Guardian Ball were all good fun imo. I personally think Construct is the best designed Halo 3 map, but I guess a lot of people would disagree with this.
  16. Construct KOTH is genuinely my favourite Halo 3 gametype hahah
  17. I get what you guys are all saying here... But I would say that movie critics are much better at critically analysing films at a more in-depth level than game reviewers are. I do agree that what I'm asking for is a bit ambitious though.
  18. I don't want them to necessarily take our viewpoint. After all, 90% of players don't want to play competitively. I just want them to know that there IS another viewpoint. So, for example, in this review, they could say that they personally enjoy the maps, but they can understand why they might not be popular with competitive players.
  19. I think this is something which a lot of people have talked about already with Halo 4 (and other games too), but I think it's important to mention it again. So I was looking through the IGN YouTube account watching old game reviews, when I came across the Halo 4 review again. Good lord it was difficult to watch. They gave the game 9.8/10, and gave a glowing report on both the campaign and multiplayer, complimenting each of the new features that the competitive community has grown to despise about the game. I have absolutely no problem with the campaign on Halo 4. It's graphically beautiful, the story is good, the enemies are interesting and new, and the voice acting is good. Just like most of the guys who post on here though, I think the multiplayer really kind of sucks. Obviously 343 did a pretty good job to try and revive the game, but there's only so much they could do to save it. The problem really is, that I don't think the reviewers (or most of the people watching the review), even know ANYTHING about the competitive community, or even that Halo used to be a competitive game. So the review from the biggest video games review site in the world is largely just being accepted as factually correct. They simply don't talk about the game from the perspective of different types of gamers within the gaming community. The reviewer simply talks about how "fun" the game was after playing multiplayer for a few hours. The concept of longevity is non-existent, and there's no talk about multiplayer design and mechanics. Nothing on spawns, map types (other than simply saying that most were large), gun balance, sprint mechanics. Throughout the entire review, there was NO mention whatsoever on the lack of ranking system. It's like they just don't know what made Halo 2 and Halo 3 so popular. There are people who genuinely say they like the new stuff in Halo 4 (like ordnance, armour abilities sprint by default, etc.). Yet when you ask them why the population in Halo 4 barely breaks 10k, they have no idea what to say. They don't seem to have any idea of the concept of longevity. I don't have a problem with people enjoying the new style of Halo games, as long as they KNOW what Halo USED to be like. I just think there's a whole generation of people who now have a skewed idea of what Halo is, and ever was, and I think reviews like this have a big part to play. Halo 4 is now just the accepted identity of Halo. The other issue is, we've now had two Halo games in a row where the game has been significantly distanced from any kind of competitive focus. It's been seven years since the last truly competitive Halo title. So there's a whole new generation of gamers who just assume that Reach and Halo 4 are what Halo is. Halo as a result now has a huge identity crisis. When Halo 5: Guardians is released, either the casual community that only got into Halo from Reach onwards, or the OG competitive community, will be disappointed. I just don't think they can cater to both communities. Basically, to round this up, I think there's a really large difference between the mindset of the casual player in 2007, and the mindset of the casual player in 2014. Review sites like IGN really aren't helping the matter at all in my opinion, and I'm not sure this will ever change now. Thoughts? Oh also, I commented on the IGN review something similar to what I've written here. My username is JBishy on Youtube, and you'll see my comment in the most recent comments if you wanna read it. Thanks
  20. They'll have to think very carefully about how they're going to do this. They will probably have to combine Halo 2 and Halo 3 competitive playlists, as they won't want to have more than one competitive playlist in the game (which is fair enough really, always a danger that the game could become over-saturated with playlists). One thing I would say is that, with dedicated servers and 60fps, Halo 3 should be much more enjoyable online- can honestly see it surprising people. I also think that Halo 3 was too solid from a competitive standpoint to ignore it entirely and leave it out of the competitive playlist. Great maps, clean graphics, exciting fast-paced gameplay. There's a big group of people (myself included) that only really got into competitive Halo at the end of Halo 2/start of Halo 3, so it makes sense to cater to as much of the competitive community as possible. Not saying that competitive Halo 2 isn't popular, but we want the population numbers for this playlist to be as high as possible, so including Halo 3 would be a smart move really. Also, I think its important to keep both H2 and H3 in the competitive playlist to keep things fresh. I know Halo 2 and Halo 3 have a long shelf life (largely due to ranks), but these games have been out for 10 and 7 years respectively now, so I think variation in maps and gametypes is quite important. As for Halo: CE, I think a 2v2 playlist would be a decent shout, although I'm not sure if they'd have a separate Team Doubles playlist for Halo 2, 3 and 4. It'll be interesting to see what they'll do here.
  21. Wouldn't quite go as far as saying it's "really really bad", but I do agree with the jumping/movement being sluggish. Thought most weapon spawn points/times were actually pretty decent in other Halo 3 playlists. Other than competitive gameplay, it was mostly the maps and BR starts that made the MLG playlist attractive to me. Playing AR starts on Assembly was painful at times.
  22. From the UK, wish I could take part Hopefully I'll be able to watch some of the matches if they are streamed. Good luck to all teams! Also, like originally planned, are we likely to have a Halo: Reach 2v2 tournament and a Halo 3 FFA tournament as well before Halo: MCC is released? And if the Halo 3 FFA tournament happens, will this be US and Canada only too?
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