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  1. @Knighty Knight nice pick on ODST firefight 👌 I really enjoyed the feeling of actually surviving through the rounds. I always had a hard time though when black eye skull would turn on
  2. @Nokt wow I'm surprised to hear someone hate Halo 3 when it came out. I thought it was supossed to be all around better than Halo 2: better multiplayer, graphics, and forge. I thought Halo 3 was like beloved by most fans, guess that's not the case. Which of the Halo games are in your top 3? & why
  3. @Boyo yeah I get that, which is why I made a nostalgia section for my talk about Halo 3. What would your top 3 be for the Halo games? please give a little explanation too
  4. @Boyo I played each of the Halo games as they came out, except for Halo CE and Halo 2; I played those in the Chief collection. Do you think that had an effect on my experience of the story?
  5. I put asterisks because these are my f a v o r i t e Halo games; I'm not claiming that these are the best ones, I'm just saying that I enjoyed these ones the most I know for CERTAIN that this top 3 will probably make some halo fans mad, especially older fans, but these ones are my top 3. I would just like to have a discussion. I am just a Halo fan, I would actually appreciate it if you told me what you like about your favorite Halo games <My> top 3: 1. Halo 5 (disappointed by the story tho) 2. Halo: Reach 3. Halo 3: ODST (please don't be mad hehe) note: yes I have played Halo: CE and Halo 2; however, I have not played either of the Halo Wars games. Idk I just don't like RTS, sorry Idk about) Halo Infinite I HATE) Halo 4 (Halo 4 made me feel like: ) https://www.google.com/search?q=jackie+chan+meme&sxsrf=ALeKk03HiELP3ekBTUk0GaIbBIE8Sdaa3g:1601717729125&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwifgpnCj5jsAhUVMH0KHW9fACAQ_AUoAXoECA0QAw&biw=1536&bih=754&dpr=1.25#imgrc=_qG0WWFzF7E9OM old meme, I know, but still again, I do not claim that these are the best Halo games, I'm just saying that this is the order of how much I enjoyed each of them all right, I know that if you have strong feelings about these games you're probably really mad at me right now, especially without even MENTIONING Halo 3, hold on, I'll get to that BUT if you give me a chance to explain my reasoning behind each of these games, I think I might be able to change your mind at least a little 1) Halo 5 fast pace > I enjoyed this game the most because it had the fastest pace multiplayer out of the Halo franchise. Unlimited sprint, boosters, and climbing each helped make killing in multiplayer so much more exciting and in-your-face kind of fps gameplay. To me the speed of multiplayer for Halo 5 was what really got me hooked on it. I always felt really satisfied when I could keep up with the pace of everything and then win graphics > Halo 5 also has the strongest graphics out of the franchise (of course it is the newest). This made everything much more interesting and stimulating to look at for me game types > I thought it had the most diverse game types available. Warzone, Mythic shotty snipers, and super fiesta are just a few of my favorites story > the story however, is probably the weakest part of the game. I was beyond disappointed when I played & found out that they decided to make Cortana A BAD GUY. I was like what !? WHY. I wasn't really a fan of the story, but I did think that Locke and the Arbiter were pretty cool in it 2) Halo: Reach story > on the other hand, what I liked the most about Halo: Reach is that the story was really really good. Noble Team's members are probably my favorite out of the Halo universe. Even though nearly all of them die, the plot did a great job of fleshing them out and actually making you feel sad about their sacrifice on Reach. What's also great about Reach's story to me is that it's easy to understand! Unlike the other games, you're not asking questions like "wait, what's a Halo?", "who's Gravemind?", or "WHO THE F**k is this Didact guy!?" (more on that last one later lol). Instead, it's easy to understand that you're just a group of brave spartans willing to sacrifice themselves against this new and huge threat known as the Covenant multiplayer > this was pretty good. I thought that the armor abilities introduced into the game did a really good job of making the gameplay feel fresh and new 3) Halo 3: ODST so this is probably a controversial pick on my list, especially because I don't include Halo 3, but please let me explain. story > looking back, what I liked so much about ODST's overall feeling & story is that it was so unique & distinct. In no other Halo game are you going around a quiet & dark environment, trying to piece together a story. For me, what made ODST so good was how immersive and dark the atmosphere was. It was actually kind of relaxing, and some parts (like the burning ONI building) were beautiful to look at. It is also one of the only games to have a large part of gameplay at night. Visually, this was also very unique because you had to spend a lot of time using that yellow-outline-environment-thing to get around; this by itself made the look and feel of ODST significantly distinct from the rest of the franchise not a full game > now, probably the biggest complaint about ODST is that it's not a full game, which I actually agree with. The story was very short, and there isn't even any multiplayer, which was probably the worst part to players. But for me, the the story and addition of firefight made it good enough for a decent game experience Halo 3) aaaaaall right, now I will talk about Halo 3. This is probably what some people would be most mad at me about. To not only exclude the game from the list, but ALSO to put ODST ABOVE IT instead. But don't get me wrong, I liked Halo 3, I actually would have put it in my #4 spot. nostalgia > I think what would make a lot of older Halo fans mad at me about my ODST decision is their nostalgia of Halo 3. For example my brother is 24 and he grew up playing a ton of Halo 3; it probably includes some of his favorite childhood memories. I however, was still too young to have that experience, so I dont really have those same kind of memories (Im 19 right now btw). The reason why I spend this much time talking about nostalgia is that it's probably a big part of what makes Halo 3 the #1 Halo game for a lot of fans. And that's fair! I would like to emphasize again that I am ranking these games based on how much I enjoyed them multiplayer> Halo 3 was probably huge for a lot of people when it came out, and for me I actually thought that the multiplayer was pretty good. It's just that when you compare it to a bunch of other Halo games, it doesn't age so well. To be specific, I thought Reach & Halo 5's multiplayer were a lot better Halo 4) <Insert Jachie Chan meme from above hehe> I know this game isn't on my top 3; I just want to explain why I HATE IT so much. story > Halo 4 SINGLE HANDEDLY F***ED UP the Halo story line. Before the game released, it was just about the UNSC, the Covenant, and the Flood. BUT THEN THIS GAME COMES ALONG and introduced the Prometheans, this LIBRARIAN lady, and this DIDACT guy. I know that it wouldn't have been smart for 343 to end the covenant & flood storyline before introducing their whole story, but Halo 4 just made the overall plot even more complicated (as if it wasnt already complex enough) Halo CE & Halo 2) so I have spent over an hour putting together and writing this post so far, so forgive me, but Im gonna have to make this short gameplay> so I have played through both of these in the Chief Collection, and I know people will disagree with me but I just wasn't a huge fan of them. I know that they were made in 2001 and 2004, but that doesnt really make them better than say Reach or Halo 3 story > Halo 2 was one of my favorites, since you get to play as both Chief and the Arbiter. But what turned me off from it though is that the story was pretty confusing. Right now, I mostly understand the plot but the parts with Tartarus & Gravemind weren't really my favorite out of the franchise Halo Infinite) & then here we are at Halo Infinite, the main Halo game we get after waiting for 5 years now I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get it (mainly because Im switching to PS5) BUT ALSO because I pretty much give up on the Halo storyline at this point. In this next story apparently we're supposed to fight this Brute guy that we've barely even heard of. And on top of that WE ALSO have to deal with Cortana being an antagonist. At least that's how it seems like it will be after Halo 5's story. as much as I like Halo 5, I hated that they made Cortana an antagonist (kind of). If you finish the story on legendary you see that she's humming while lighting up a halo ring WHICH IS JUST CRAZY. To think that she would even consider using one of those is absolutely insane. 343 took Cortana, one of the main characters of the Halo franchise and somehow turned her into an enemy. I hope I'm wrong about not liking Halo Infinite. the overall Halo storyline seems beyond repair at this point; the flood stopped being a main enemy, and the Prometheans are weird. But I hope that Halo Infinite at least turns out good and yeah, that's all I have to say about the Halo games. If you actually read my whole post, thank you for your time, and if you haven't already, please write a comment below telling me what you think about my top 3 & what your favorite Halo games are =)
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