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  1. And server browser is fixed btw: https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/comments/8e9773/psa_a_new_much_improved_default_server_browser_is/
  2. It´s really good! I dont know if I should stick with m+k or just get a controller
  3. GT: A Crispy Squid Customs LAN?(Latin America North)/ NA (Bad ping but I´m still trying) Not that good, trying to get back a it
  4. Cool! If you ever start a new proyect I´ll make sure to watch it
  5. Hope Halo is revived again, Halo 4 had a decent following even thouh it was really bad but people still tried making the most out of it. I think H5 has more potential but it was lost with the vanilla setings maybe the preview setting can help bringing people back.
  6. Yeah I´m trying to make Halo videos again kinda got exited with the Summer preview settings, sucks I havent played in 2 years tho and the servers suck for my region since I´m very far away.
  7. I was a great fan of the "bomb planted" and "Gandhi´s thoughts". Kinda weird knowing the competitive scene seems to keep improving (excluding the World Champion ship venue) so I though H5´s content creators would take advantage of that. If Halo in general had a increase of viewers on youtube and Twitch would you give it another try?
  8. Sad, if we had the HCS summer preview before I think we would be in a better spot tbh. Shit those settings are the reason I wanted to give H5 a third try both on the franchise and youtube wise.
  9. Team Beyond´s youtube channel is prety much death, the podcasts are gone. Even in the discution section there´s people asking to bring back some older series. Shit Halo 4 was trash and they made more content for that game than H5, we even had Gandhi doing tips & trick for a couple of maps. We have a decent game now (Thanks to HCS summer preview imo) so maybe we could bring more content back.
  10. Hey! Quick question. Does anyone knows if there are servers somewhere else outside of USA? I´m from LAN(Latin America Nort) so most of the times I´m lagging because the servers are really far a away from, I have a 150 ping when I play on LoL´s Nort American Servers, and that´s really bad for a FPS...
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