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  1. Thats really odd. Does it just jump straight to 100, or does it slowly rise to a point where the game then freezes everything up at 100?
  2. @francisbaud your pic lol, lol
  3. Might be an idea to ask some of the decent players you meet along the way in matches? Thats how we used to do it on Reach.
  4. I think this one got a bit lost in translation.
  5. Good luck mate! HCE is probably one of the most niche to build a team for in the shadow of 3, 2 and reach, hope you can find some peeps.
  6. I guess its kinda the market they're going for but it's almost a trap to run of the idea of being a "this game" + "this game" meta because a lot of people are going to go in with high expectations based on their nostalgia or personal preference as their main voice of criticism. I'm sure a lot of people know how to judge a piece of media based on it's own merit and I have no clue if the dev team even advertised it as a Halo "clone" for lack of a better term. But every time I've seen or heard someone discuss it, "Halo" is instantly mentioned. In my opinion it just comes across as a gimmick to ride off of existing popularity whether intentional or not. At the end of the day the only two things I end up asking myself here so far is "just because its made by people who played Halo 3, does that mean it's going to be good?" and "regardless of any external influences, does the gameplay loop actually work?". While the answer to the first is obviously "No", the latter requires so many subjective variables to actually be answerable and you'll only know if you play it ultimately. But based on @MrGreenWithAGun said, theres clearly some issues they need to address. Glad people are enjoying it, I'm just a dickhead who hasn't even played it lol. But the ideology is pretty interesting and is quite reflective of how games are taking shape these days, especially in the FPS/TPS genres. Probably gonna check out some gameplay and study their LD at some point tho.
  7. That does sound different enough. So you can just join existing campaigns as server based sessions from a social space, over world or menu then? Seems varied enough but if you had a strong clan, might be a bit one sided especially if you can join in solo half way through an existing campaign. Like, I enjoy the thought of the concept, are there any videos that actually break the meta down and explain how exploits would be handled in large scale sessions?
  8. Sounds like something you'd have to make your main game. It's good to have long lasting, in depth GMs in MMO RPGs but with how RuneScape and WOW have caught traction again and still have a decent hold on the fantasy side of the genre, what does this game offer that those already don't that would be enough of a major selling point to sway existing and loyal fans? I honestly have never played any MMO so its a question of genuine interest coming from how competitive FPS games are for player retention.
  9. I think it's pretty well established how dead Halo 5 is now, especially given the resurgence in MCC. Unfortunately for us, the best forge still lies in H5. Our small group still creates new competitive maps and modes in Halo 5, the problem is getting them tested. I'm by no means a champ player, though we have a few really good testers, I'm deffo interested in expanding our size. I completely understand if the thought of H5 makes you groan but if you're at all interested or at least curious, our sessions are hosted Wednesdays and Saturdays (8-9pm UK / 3-4pm EST). Message me (FatKidForger) or Oh SoulFlame on Xbox and we'll get ya involved. If you have any questions, feel free to post below. Cheers, lads.
  10. TLDR: I'm an ex-mythic forger trying to keep H5 lobbies alive. I've been involved in a small xbox group of core forge creators since most of the Mythic lads disbanded and moved to PC MCC earlier this summer. Now, whats left of us test new maps and occasionally comp modes in H5. I usually design asym, free range 2v2s but I'm currently creating two 4v4 A/D maps with SoulFlame for the new One Bomb mode being worked on by Halo's scripter's guild. I'm always looking for new core players to assist in testing our stuffs, but it's H5 so that's a difficult task lol. If you ever want to come check out one of our sessions, my GT is FatKidForger. Obligatory Box pic:
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