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  1. I want my spartan to have a prosthetic leg with a real foot
  2. The test is only vs bots right? I didnt include that because you can't really do much to evaluate strafe from a first person perspective, other than "feels nice/slow". But maybe we can look at the bots.
  3. I'm interested in: Sprint multiplier (run a long distance with and without sprint) Shield stun time Vertical reach of clamber Weapon stats (60 FPS recordings of a kill with every weapon would be nice) Weapon swap speeds How is grenade jumping? Grenade fuses (method of activation, fuse time) speed inheritance on grenade throws? Slide mechanics (length, speed, profile, weapon usage while sliding?) Everything about equipment Special weapon mechanics, thinking specifically about the Heatwave. Does its stronger tracking activate after a bounce like the scattershot? Grenade blast radii, lethal and max. Esp. differences between plasma/frag How effective the spike blast of the spike grenade is
  4. "Spammy" weapons typically don't penalize a miss as much as weapons not considered spammy. That's why they are considered less interesting too; they are't as risky. Spam is a high amount of something sent out without discretion. It's typically the lack of discretion required that makes a weapon (or other mechanics) feel annoying, not the amount. You could have a 1200 RPM, 18 bullets to kill machine pistol with an 18 round mag. It wouldn't feel very spammy because all bullets need to hit. A miss would hinder you more than a miss with the Halo CE magnum.
  5. What if: Plasma Pistol Overcharged shot Can be deflected with a well timed melee (100ms / 6 frame parry window) This would make head-on or predictable usage of the PP riskier, while trying to parry also has a cost, as you'll be left recovering from the melee. Yes, this is what the repulse equipment seems to do, but I really think the PP needs some more inherent counters. This would be a really hype reversal opportunity if the parry window is the right size. Anyone know how what the window for a sword block was in reach?
  6. Are you an idiot? Pinging will ruin the game 343 is going to design the gunplay around it. They wont let you finish kills, only damage enemies. If you could kill enemies alone, what would be the point of a ping system? Do you concede that not being able to kill enemies alone would make the ping system more useful? (Be aware that by replying "yes" to this you make what I claim true). Also, movement is going to be super slow. Do you really think 343 would make the ping system obsolete by letting players quickly move away from a ping location?
  7. It's pointless to claim alt fires are good or bad in general, just like a charged shot or passive weapon trait isn't good or bad in general. It's just another tool for creating fun weapons. Personally, I'm partial to alt fires that help you set up kills without being lethal themselves, while having an opportunity cost of lethality. Such as movement options or physics based abilities that cost ammo or time you could be shooting. In the end it's about the specifics of the weapon though, and a lot of things can work. Why would you want a "toggle" instead of "fire secondary"? Two button presses where one would do. Also, do you actually prefer aim on right stick? I like having it on LT and would swap grenade/scope if possible on MCC. Pressing LT doesn't interfer with aiming with the joystick. Edit: I guess I can: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-remap-xbox-one-controller-buttons-windows-10
  8. I think that'd be nice actually: you'd be taking a risk keeping the gun at a very high heat level, as you might not have enough heat to finish a kill if you don't pay attention, but you potentially kill much faster. You'd get a feel for it with practice. Also, red is the by far the angrier color, hence, it deals more damage.
  9. I think it's a great concept. It'similar to the fire rate accelerating while shooting, which I've wanted, but I like incorporating heat for longer term resource management. Successful implementation would only require good tuning. However, because time to kill/weaken for a melee kill is a stepwise function of damage, I'm more partial to heat increasing rate of fire instead of damage. It would be easier to tune the weapon and understand as a player.
  10. Melee is just a nice way to dress up an attack that has different use cases than most guns. Just like brawlers and fighting games have light and heavy attacks It doesnt have to be dressed as melee if that's what you're getting at, but having something like it is good because it's so different from most other attacks
  11. It is a high-risk (long recovery where you can't attack) high-reward (high burst damage) attack. This is an interesting and exciting option in cqb. As for the next question, as long at its high damage and long recovery its interesting down to like 200-300ms ttks, at which point melee starts being pointless in the face of reaction times and melee wind up
  12. Yeah, I rarely have issues. It was the quit penalty system kicking in for 20 minutes that was frustrating. I really think they need to go back to the drawing board with it. 15 min penalty isn't a punishment, it makes you quit the game entirely.
  13. I like this idea. Mine sounds annoying thinking more about it lmao Tracking could also be stronger if you hit a player with the spike, that way it is a decent weapon if you can start of with a spike, and pretty weak otherwise. It would retain much of it's current role then, while becoming much more attractive for competitive play.
  14. It's a fun weapon with a rather unique way of delivering damage. It could be better tho. I think needles should embed themselves in geometry and stay for a while (like 5s), dealing decent damage when exploding when someone comes close. Would make it a tool for softening up targets (just slight damage can reduce bullets to kill by one with the utility) and denying areas, especially against a camo user who would be revealed by the explosions. Also the explosion should be much stronger, killing people nearby. As for counterplay, if the needles decay faster in enemies, it is much less usable outside areas with little cover. It should have a really fast swap time so it can be used in such a situational role.
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