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  1. Compared to the CE sniper rifle, the Halo 3 one fires slower (0.7s between shots vs 0.5 I think). The CE sniper has a lower first zoom level too. Might be differences in bullet magnetism, but I don't know specifics. Also, the Halo 3 rifle has very little aim assist and bullet magnetism compared to the other weapons in that game. Yeah, just another reason every weapon needs to be more powerful, so you can actually get multikills with something other than the sniper.
  2. Even if this idea fit halo gameplay perfectly, it's just so out of place man. Also, camo. Yeah, faster TTK overall would help (what doesn't that improve?), but not fix the underlying issue which is being able to one hit kill from full health. I play on PC, so there comes along the occasional aiming god. Can't do anything to stop those. It would happen in CE too. It irks me that even with perfect counterstrategy (e.g. teamwork to keep tabs on the sniper, grenades to take shields before pushing) the sniper can still just kill you. It can even beat a shotgun. It's so different from rockets, which I find fun trying to outplay, and when I fail, it's my fault. Word on the ammo. Having 8 rockets would also be oppressive. I wish it was on fewer maps too, so you can have some different experiences and not always avoid long sightlines and open areas. High Ground is annoying when someone has a sniper near the beach area, there's a million places to sit and you stand out like a sore thumb on the wall/tower/bunker. So overall, mentioned solutions would help a lot, but still, what if ranged power weapons were designed with more counters in mind? How would you feel about the Sniper getting a six round mag and becoming a two hit kill weapon? Slow stow time so it doesn't become a shield destroyer only. A harder to use railgun would take its place as a hype-generating one hit kill weapon. Perhaps it could have a magazine+heat generation for raised multi kill potential. Would be cool if there was a reason to go for headshots with the second bullet though, if only for the aesthetic of it. Headshots could speed up reloading and handling for a few seconds etc.
  3. Hot take: the sniper rifle does to infantry what the Laser does to vehicles; shut down more fun gameplay
  4. Gameplay as in platform games, or specifically just the jumping part in the case of doom eternal
  5. There is no doubt timing is a skill, but you won't meet someone in real life who will be enthusiastic about a mechanic where you've got to be really aware of when 90 seconds has passed to compete. There's a 100% chance those who like it will write that its removal is "hand-holding" though.
  6. Yes! I've wanted this, because then you can include other not-quite-power weapons and power ups as well without excessive clutter. Also, you should be able to hold pause and see a map with info such as teammate locations and weapon spawns, like in Battlefield. As a MM warrior I don't even want that advantage. I want to fight over them, not have to memorize random shit that's piled on top of the gameplay loops. Playing might indeed be mostly heuristics, but saying timing is "cerebral" is a stretch imo. It's a problem with a given solution. Timers represent the arbitrary ability tests that prevents you from getting lost in the actual gameplay - and they might even make the game less cerebral, as they occupy your mind instead of letting you take a step back from the usual pattern of a match. I'd rather free up minds to be better than test timing.
  7. Aboarding all players to- and ensuring consistency in the mechanic that creates movement and confrontation is boneheaded? No, not at all. The icon showing exactly when someone picks up the weapon is though.
  8. A good powerup changes how you use weapons and what you want to use, because it makes some strategies stronger. Camo does this very well, OS a little. Speed Boost or Haste don't offer anything new, they just make you better at what you normally do. And a powerup could be fun and justified in doing that, but those bringing more options and counterplay are better in my eyes. I'd like to see Camo, OS and Double Jump. For OS, I'd like to see the following passive trait added: You can keep firing after overheating, but any OS is depleted by half the damage of shots fired. With a good Brute PR, Beam Rifle, Sentinel Beam and maybe a changed Laser this could be interesting, making the powerup a bit more offensive. Double Jump would not only make you a ninja when combined with Camo, it would also completely change how you can move around the map. It also takes some ability to use well in combat. Should be short lasting (30s) so you waste it if you use it to escape all the time. Vampirism was something I thought could be cool, but I think this thread is right in that it would probably be mostly cheesy. This would be awesome Edit: Single-use equipment: Armor Lock – Friendly shockwaves are redistributed to propel armor instead of internal organs. Receive increased propulsion instead of damage from self-used and friendly explosives for 10s.
  9. Love this. The Shotgun should behave like this and have an increased damage multiplier against armor/health (maybe it does in CE?). That way you can only scratch shields at range, but kill unshielded targets. Being the best weapon for cleaning up unshielded enemies without headshots is a fun role that combines well with other mechanics (grenades, plasma, melee), while slow velocity would keep it from outclassing headshot weapons at range. I wouldn't like the Needler with shotgun functionality. Now every map with a needler also has a shotgun. What's great about the needler is its specialized role as a medium range single target flanking weapon. It's strong, but you dedicate a whole weapon slot to it, and it has counterplay in use of cover, getting close or moving. With shotgun functionality it's suddenly a good backup weapon and shuts down some counterplay. Perhaps the Boltshot could be what you describe, I do like the role, but not at the expense of the current needler.
  10. Very smart! You both understood the post and replied in less than 2 min.
  11. That is not how I think about mechanics, it was a way of trying to make you realize how devoid of decision making recoil control is. And no, recoil and scoping or leading are not alike at all. That's my point: There is no choice involved with recoil control. You want to control it; not doing so is not a viable choice because in no situation is it better. On the other hand, scoping is a choice between accuracy and awareness. Leading isn't directly a very interesting choice (which direction to lead is pretty much made for you if you know which way your enemy is going to go, but it's still a choice), but benefit strafe battles and traversability of big maps due to travel time by requiring prediction to hit shots. Scoping in and leading is input translating a choice directly into the game. Recoil control is just ...pulling down because there is nothing more to it. What makes Halo fun is its many viable, interesting options at any time. Recoil is a chore, an obstacle before you can play the real game (make decisions and represent them in game). It will never have any impact on the meta becuase the act of controlling it is completely disjointed from the rest of the game. I think not having recoil far outweighs the supposed benefit in players having to practice to use the gun's full potential. If the gun is OP, recoil won't stop pros. So you have to balance the gun with perfect control in mind, meaning using its full potential shouldn't break the game anyways. Also, it's setting up players for failure, not sick plays. Your gun idea (which I again like btw) adds new options to the game, perhaps a pro uses a combo to secure an unexpected ranged kill for the win. Recoil (or any other mechanical mini-puzzle) adds the scenario that a high stakes tournament is decided by who pulls down the best.
  12. Sure, by "interactions with the rest of the game", I mean weapons having interesting traits that shine differently when facing/using map geometry, melee, grenades, powerups, other weapons etc. Like the guns in the follwing (unfinished) spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WY8_mAlrTvLVUzs0ADK-D0-0-hPfFHcZsFdrNRabT_E/edit?usp=sharing
  13. @_Synapse What I said applies to your alternative mechanics too, not just controllable recoil. Yeah it's minor, it wouldn't detract a lot from my experience, but it wouldn't add anything that I value either. FPS is the only genre I can think of where these kind of small obstacles are cherished, and I think it's both unecessary and counterproductive to success, and barely anyone is talking about it. Recoil is countered by pulling down. Upwards stick drift is countered by pulling down. Same skill used is the point. At least the stick drift I've faced has been mostly what you said. There absolutely is a higher barrier of entry. Barrier of entry is the skill required to use something at the most basic level (hit shots in this case). Have you never seen anyone inexperienced play? Recoil would make it harder for them, and not really affect us much. Same with other mechanics like fixed spray patterns. You could defend gun weight pulling your weapon down, having to be compensated for by pulling up, with the exact same reasoning of mastery and learning curves. Only it'd apply to the entire game! Nice. If you want a gun that players can master, design a weapon that has more interactions with the rest lf the game, don't fuck with my input.
  14. @Boyo You need to stop listing simplistic lists of differing traits as if they are some kind of analysis. I don't know if you missed the point entirely or not, but either way your post is just a straw man so I won't bother replying.
  15. Four shots just to deny a peek for longer, or cover a wider area. Yes, but WHY do do want another layer of mechanical-only difficulty? It's ok if you want for example recoil, but then you have to acknowledge you want to test for the same skill you use to counter stick drift. I'm getting at that all skills aren't fun, and besides, this one's impact is literally trained away, that's its entire purpose. So what is left exactly? Only a higher barrier of entry.
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