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  1. @mods, why are there no signatures? Will there be?
  2. Halo sitting at a sliver of its potential isn't "fine", that's usually what's pointed out. And not just the bullet weapons, but you can now enjoy pressing X to vent plasma weapons and to charge forerunner weapons! Because reloading is so fun. It's fine though, because people will still play the game.
  3. I just want to say I love the concept of insta-ing with a supercombine explosion. If you add a supercombining needle three round burst alt-fire (like the Quake Tribolt, no tracking) with a long delay, you can use that to insta, no extra rules required, and keep the primary fire as-is. I like the spirit of the multi-combine idea, more crowd deterring weapons are always welcome, but it sound a bit too chaotic. What if the normal fire of the needler was weak but could fire at two-three people simultaneously? The burst alt-fire could be the more difficult, but lethal option.
  4. On art, atmosphere, Samuel Hayden's voice, I agree, everything better in 2016 except level variety and scale, which I really appreciated from Eternal. That's what you experience when you've heard the story, which I didn't really care for anyways, so I'm happy. Also, Hugo had this remark for the change of direction: "In 2016, when you didn't see the Hellknight because of the smoke and darkness, that's Ridley Scott. But in Eternal it's annoying." (paraphrased). I initially had the impression that Eternal was way more complex than it needed to be, and held of buying it. but I realized this was wrong after watching some high-level gameplay. I feel they are about equal in complexity, Eternal is just far deeper and asks you to use everything with its difficutly. Eternal removed the pistol, crouch, melee and rune upgrades while adding blood punch, dash and new superweapons. (However, they should have removed runes alltogether and just made all the fun ones default). The Flame Belch and Ice Bomb pretty much replaced Siphon Grenade and Hologram and play far better: Hologram broke AI and didn't fit the combat at all. Ice bomb is a way more fun way of getting some breathing room, and is a way to focus dangerous targets with the damage boost, or freeze groups to get health. Siphon was just something to throw before running away when hurt. I.e. 2016 basiclly had health regen. Doom eternal asks the opposite of you with the flame belch, you have to run at and kill crowds close range. it's so much more fun and deep than glory killing, and if anything, those are what should be removed. And they almost are, with armor protecting health and several none-glory killing methods for getting health bacl (ice bomb, blood punch). The falter system which involves the Frags adds way more depth than the Frags of 2016. Comparing the sword to the chainsaw isn't fair. The sword fills the same role as the BFG, a superweapon you can ignore if you want a harder/more fun experience. It just happens to be close quarters. All superweapons are introduced late in the game so they dont add to the complexity problem that much either. (I don't like them either for the record, but they aren't problematic). The chainsaw fuel system is a refinement of 2016's, which had like 7 fuel levels and didn't regen, and also weren't something you conserved because you had so much ammo. Eternals "overfilling" adds a bit of replay strategy and a reason not to use the chainsaw (and mostly one gun) only, because it's a powerful panic button and movement tool, but if you can conserve fuel/ammo, you get to kill a big enemy easily. The only dumb thing is that picking up a fuel tank while the base fuel level is regeneing consumes that tank insted of adding it, which means you sometimes have to wait for the regen if you want to move on with two charges. Dash: I was initially on board with the critique of dash, but not anymore. It actually cancels your momentum, so it isn't always the best way to move fast, as you can gain more speed by ballista boosting and bunny jumping. And meathooking. Then there is the mid air use, to stay airborne. Combined with monkey bars, meathook and ballistaboosting upwards you can stay arborne a lot, which is what you should be doing. I spend more time in the air than dashing around on the ground in arenas. It's true you dash a lot, but it's a necessary evil for it not to feel slow when you need it. I'm fine with it because it's got this nice rythm and the constant choice of overall faster single-dashes or a slower double-dash. Despite me usually hating unecessary button presses. Even without all the ways to get airborne, dash helps solve the boring "move in a big circle" meta of 2016, which was easy and dull. Dash is an intentional dodge vs much faster projectiles vs what felt like passive dodging (it was, enemies are programmed to miss when moving at top speed in 2016 - they are in Eternal too, but not all projectiles it seems, some of the big ones require a dash to dodge). Punch build meter is kinda tedious, but the punch is really good when used to break weakpoints/armor so it needs a real risk, which is glory killing. Or it would be like the kinda OP ice bomb which recharges on its own. It took a while before i started using blood punch actively because of its complexity, but now I appreciate its inclusion. I especially like the way you can fill the meter with health or armor pickups when those are full: health is more protected, so more likely to be full, but harder to get (glory kills, ice bomb, blood punch itself), armor is easiter to get (belch), but harder to keep topped of. Personally I like the "200 enemies" approach, they keep you moving frantically or with a plan at the insane speed the game lets you. Eternals onboarding effort is also excellent. But fuck the exploration in both games though. Just give me the gameplay stuff, I don't want to fine comb the map for crucial upgrades.
  5. Play Doom Eternal if you haven't yet guys, it's therapeutic after thinking about the sorry state of game design. Check this guy out if you want a peek at the depth of the game: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSrUznvpyAx0hxtIN7QfetU9HBz97xBn9 Hell on deimos is also a small, but good channel.
  6. It shows that Splitgate fares poorly and it's "Portals!"-fueled popularity looks to be brief, like @Geaux Andrew said.
  7. Yeah if acceleration is too good there is no risk to changing direction. You dont stand still for a moment. And then there need not be any thought because rapidly changing direction is better than not. Spamming back and forth becomes the baseline UPON which more creative movement exists. I personally find that baseline reaction and aiming test tedious. Just lower positive acceleration a bit. Dont touch top speed or deacceleration. Then you need to be more creative with movement to be hard to hit.
  8. I have no idea what a weakaura is, but I was thinking avout the clever timeline showing item spawns and the speed indicator changing color when moving faster than max base speed.
  9. Ok, explosives can damage teammates, but they heal after 1.5s if they were at full health. Deal? (Same method is how you can make grenade jumping more viable btw)
  10. The slickest HUD ever though: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe0KvQQDPRE&list=PLiSUHId_aS03BkcaCUZ-aKeAO_WaIrx_T&index=0
  11. Unrelated, but this is my dream HUD (except for the Reach shield/health bar). Note that the proportions are all wrong, and the centered HUD isn't actually that intrusive towards the middle of your screen. You can actually move the HUD to the center in Infinite by adjusting the horizontal margin, and it's very functional. (Except for the radar showing movement, that makes the game less functional overall.)
  12. Teammates block shots in infinite. You gain literally only blocked shots and vision by clipping into each other. Why would that be a strategy when you can space out and not all at once be naded. How does friendly fire make it hard for beginners? They won't care. It makes it hard for the beginners' teammates. If preventing griefing and body blocking is handholding, then hold my hand. Keep teammates blocking shots, but nothing else (grenades and movement), and let shots penetrate enemies. Best of both worlds.
  13. Then I'm glad for you. I hope they adress the matchmaking failures somehow, and let you quit when the enemy team has one guy. And add join/rejoin in progress. That would help a lot. I feel like sharing a story that's so frustrating it's almost funny. Opened MCC the other day, started searching, found a match. Matchmaking fails. 5 min ban. Wait it out because I really wanted to play some Halo. The same thing happens again. Do something else for 15 min. Search again. Team slayer on Edge. Fuck. Three of enemy team quits right away. Understandable, it's a large donut, not a 4v4 map. Try to tell last guy he can quit without penalty, but 343 has turned chat off by default. I can't quit as I'll get a 30 min ban, and I don't have time for that as I have to get up early. Game goes on forever. Atleast the map is pretty. Finally only 30s left. As I try to noscope the one dude, the game freezes. I'm sent to menu and banned for 30 min. Atleast no one on my team quit. Contacted a 343 community person on twitter, asking if these issues is something she can pass on to the right design team, politely. She immediatly blocks me. The day after the person retweets a gif of a dog eating watermelon.
  14. I didn't have that experience at all. Most games ended 4v4 or 4v3 in my experience. And even those instances of 1-2 remaining on a team, just quit and start over. I think that's fine. Atleast you wouldn't have to wait 5, 15 or 30 min to do so. I'll take quitting over being held hostage in a shitty gamemode, or against one remaining player who won't quit. Matchmaking failures also happen often: this system ends playsessions, unlike a bunch of people quitting.
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