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  1. Bottom-line: too many core Halo game-play changes therefore I've lost interest already. Counter Strike has remained very similar and is doing amazing now in the eSports scene. I don't get why 343i is trying to "keep up with the times," etc. The uniqueness of Halo diminishes more and more. I didn't like the presentation at all. A lot of forced hype and what not.
  2. In terms of the competitive community interaction, someone started a thread about it and it was moved here - who will be driving the competitive settings and receiving the feedback? I'd hope they assign a specific pro(s) to "oversee" the HCS, specifically. I know Neighbor has been saying he can't really tell people what his responsibility is at 343i but that he can "soon." I'd like to see maybe Neighbor and Ghost be driving those interactions with the HCS community as Brav has so much other stuff to do. I feel like Gandhi's title at Hi-Rez Studios would have fit well with the HCS' direction. However, Halo 5 Guardians might be the focus to really show the potential of the HCS so not sure how much investment will be put into this first season in terms of settings, etc. All in all, just looking forward to the little production value suggestions others have mentioned. Will be nice when game transitions will be smaller while on the final build of the game and such. Good time to be a Halo fan!
  3. Yep, my experience as well. It actually made me re-load the game to download multiplayer data? Haven't found a game since
  4. Sadly they announced that CE playlist is not ready https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/matchmaking-playlist-lineup-update
  5. I was able to join both HCS and Hardcore with main account and guest.
  6. Been waiting for an HCS game for a while but the H2A playlist found a game pretty quick. Hopefully these are now on dedicated servers? Hit detection on my first H2A game felt solid. Quick edit: I had to download a 97 MB patch that must have come out in last 4 hours so this must have been it along with the CE PoV fix.
  7. Just had to download a 97 MB patch that went out for MCC in last 4 hours or so. Wonder if FoV was only thing fixed?
  8. 343i Pro Team gonna stream MCC all night :ghost:
  9. Yooo... you should list this 2 PM PST start time on the first post! Seeing lots of questions and confusion about start time (including me until this Tweet by the ever informative, Alex): https://twitter.com/GoldenboyFTW/status/530922927705694208
  10. I think the late time might actually hurt the viewer numbers. Stream doesn't even start until 8 PM PST? I don't think that's anywhere near peak viewing times. Seems way too late. I don't know if they are trying to cater to Europe folks or what? Maybe trying to avoid competing against Blizzcon since that ends at around 7 PM PST? I was hoping for way more matches to watch :mellow: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/halo/halofest EDIT: I guess I spoke too soon. Goldenboy finally posted when it starts. You would think the start time would be advertised more... https://twitter.com/GoldenboyFTW/status/530922927705694208
  11. I agree. Hate drama. Gandhi going back to younger self quick!
  12. Disappointed in CE so far. No OG pistol sound? Seriously?! Pistol reticle looks different.
  13. Am I seeing this correct that there is no playlist with a CE Pistol start? Please someone tell me this isn't so
  14. I think casting Halo worked great back in the day with MLG where you had three people in the booth. Play-by-play guy and two color commentators with at least one ex-pro. Hard for me to criticize the casters regarding "overhyping" things because I was just as hyped with them. Gamescom was cool and all but this PAX event really for me seemed like the first "real" Halo event in years. I'm sure it will naturally tone down as we and the casters are exposed to pro Halo gameplay again.
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