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  1. I made a few changes already, if you're online send me a f/r.. same gamertag.
  2. I really like the look of this map. I've been trying to get my hands on it since I saw it posted in last weeks "Forge Night" thread.. I hope you don't mind if I hop into forge and put a few touches on it... I think it has a lot of potential.
  3. Once again the maps all look really cool. I like the verticality and maze type look of 'Akasha' and I think I see a few cool jump ups... one of my favorite parts of maps. Hope I can get in the lobby... JUNIOR - Hit me with an invite when you start it up :maven:
  4. Those maps all look pretty good from the pictures. Are you running team, FFA's, or both? I'd be down to to get in on some games.
  5. PM me your gamertag or something and next time we're both on we can see what we can do. I wouldn't mind helping you with a map you're working on if you need it. I'm looking for some ideas on completing the map as well as budgeting work. Thanks, bro!
  6. I have a map I've been working on for a long while that needs some budgeting work. It's nearly complete but needs one more lift put in and I can't seem to find the budget room to build it. I could use the help of someone who's got some forge experience. Send me a message on XBL or reply here.. I'll be around all day today, trying to finish the map and test it tonight.
  7. Being constructive is calling someone a douche? All of his points were valid and I think if taken into consideration could improve the map.
  8. Working on a map on Forge Island that's inspired by Prisoner from Halo CE. Not going to be too much of a remake, just a map built off the idea. It's stacked 4 levels high and has an open middle area with long sight lines. There are a few hallways around the outer area of the map for isolated battles and covered movement but you can get around quicker with the walkways over the middle areas. I'm going to be test running it tonight and tomorrow night, message me on XBL if you want to run some games! My gamertag is same as on here. Keep in mind it's unfinished which is why the bottom of the map looks empty in the first picture or two.
  9. I have just ONE thing to say to all of you.......... :unclesudd:
  10. Woah! Is that you in your userpic? Now I can put a face to the name on twitch / XBL! Me likey :ghost:
  11. I feel that Diesel aka NASA should be in Halo 5 doing countdowns for weapon drops or match beginnings. Do you feel?
  12. I can't wait to see how Classic does at KNOX. Ambush and Warriors are always fun to watch, but I think Classic could come out really strong here and shock everyone. I'll be rooting for RyaNoob!

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