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  1. @Teapot I apologize if you feel that my post was "spam". I work for AGL and the Gaming Timer is a part sponsor of AGL, so we were advertising our product. @Philosopher Awesome I hope it's useful for you guys! @Kingly Which hardware buttons do you suggest? I'm sure you already know, but these are the available hardware buttons on Android: -Back Button (This will be kept for navigation uses only and nothing else) -Search Button (This is a possibility, but honestly I don't see how it is easier to hit the search button over an on screen button) -Menu Button (Same as the Search Button ^^^) -Volume Up Button (This will not be changed because people do sometimes need to adjust volume midmatch) -Volume Down Button (This will not be changed because people do sometimes need to adjust volume midmatch) I like your idea of full screen buttons, but how do you compensate for maps/gametypes that have more buttons than can fit the screen then? The reason the buttons are as small as they is currently is because sometimes there are a large amount of static/pickup weapons. Perfect example, for Gears of War Execution Blood Drive there is 8 pickup weapons I believe. There's no way 8 huge buttons can fit on the screen. If you can think of a way to make it easier to start pickup timers I really am all for it. And I will listen to any and all feedback. Thanks, Tyler Richards
  2. @L1ttle Brittle All War Games Playlist are in the process of being added. The reason it takes a bit is because I literally have to run every single Matchmaking playlist until I am sure that i've played all possible map/gametype combinations. Then I have to go into every single map/gametype combinations and write up all the items and their spawn times. Needless to say it's a lot of labor lol. But it will be done soon!
  3. @Joshington The app already does that with static weapons. When you click start timer at the beginning of the game, if there are any static items, they are automatically timed and called out until the timer stops. I hope that's what you were referring to
  4. @Matclan The app does have preset settings, but they are not locally stored. All settings are updated in the cloud, and every time you relaunch the app the newest settings in the cloud are downloaded. So I do not have to release an update through iTunes or google play to get you the newest settings, i just have to update the settings stored on my server and your device is instantly updated. I could look into the possibility of allowing user created playlists for games where you can create your own stuff, but people might prefer that the creators of new settings just contact me and have me add them to the app instantly, rather than each user having to create their own settings. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask! Thanks, Tyler Richards
  5. There were some Pro Coaches using the Gaming Timer today at Saturday of AGL 7! Kalvin(coach of Warriors) used it, I believe SpikeMouthTV(coach of Classic) I believe used it, and a few others! If those coaches think it's good enough to use in professional tournament play, why wait any longer? Download NOAAAA!
  6. Hey guys, the app is now live on iPhone as well as Android! The links to both Android and the iPhone App Store are in my first post, but i'll add them here to make it easier for you guys iPhone App Store Link: https://itunes.apple...32068?ls=1&mt=8 Android Link: https://play.google....WluZ3RpbWVyIl0. Enjoy! And if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to post it! -Tyler Richards
  7. @jCsickZ Thanks for the like! Yes absolutely! Once the app goes live on iPhone we will post on our Facebook, Twitter, and we will post in here as well as update the thread to have the iPhone/iTunes link. The app gives you warnings at 30 seconds, 10 seconds, and at 0 seconds for every item that is timed. That includes both static and pickup items, everything has a voice announcement. One thing to note is, if two items want to give off a voice alert and they will overlap each other, only the alert that has higher priority will be played. An example: If you are timing Rockets and Sniper, and the sniper is at 10 seconds and the rockets are at 30 seconds, the "Sniper in 10 Seconds" voice will play and the "Rockets in 30 seconds" voice won't play, that way audio doesn't get jumbled up. Then once rockets got down to 10 seconds, if there was railgun at 30 seconds, "Rockets in 30 Seconds" would play instead of the railgun clip because the rockets are closer to spawning. It's a priority based system that decides which audio to play in the event of audio overlap. But it probably won't be that often that audio overlaps anyways. @animaldr Awesome thank you for the download! We are going to be improving the look of the app and making it simpler to use and nicer to look at in Gaming Timer v2, and when we do so we will make a new video replacing the current one. I was quick on time to make that video so had to find an audio track to use quickly unfortunately. If you have any feedback let us know! You can respond on here, tweet us @TylerRichards94 or @Gaming_Timer, comment on our facebook, or email us by hitting the "Email Us" button on the homepage of the app.
  8. @Enemy The Gaming Timer will continue to be updated. I know what app you're talking about, and i'm pretty sure the creator of it doesn't even play Halo anymore. All the timers I know of store the game settings locally, so when a new update comes out like v3 -> v4, they have to change the local code they have and rebuild the app and submit it for review, which can take 3 days to 1 week minimum. With the Gaming Timer, all of the settings and voices are stored in the cloud, and everytime you relaunch the app the newest settings are download from the cloud and stored on your device. So I won't just steal your money and not release an update for months on end like the other apps have done. I play Halo a lot and I am also the website guy for AGL, so I tend to know about things regarding competitive Halo before they come into fruition. That means I will make sure the app is always up to date.
  9. @Iofike & @Hymae I've tried to get in contact with Diesel but couldn't get a response. If you guys know anyways I could get in touch with him then i'll do my best to get NASA in the app! People should also tweet him saying "We want NASA in the @Gaming_Timer app!" Maybe that would work :P @Ethmoid the app was changed to an expedited review status this morning so hopefully its very soon! I suggest following me on twitter @TylerRichards94 & @Gaming_Timer if you haven't already so you know when it's up! I will also edit my original post to include the itunes store link. @Voodooman Yep!
  10. @RandyROFLSTOMP Actually I'm already working on voice commands to start weapons, however with the API and Language the app uses it's still rare tech. But as soon as it's possible, it will be in the app. @Ethmoid the app isn't live on itunes yet, it's been Pending Review in the app store for a week, so it should be live on iphone soon!
  11. @kkrotz Obviously it can be difficult to tap an item on the screen in the middle of a game. But a great example of how this could be used over Xbox Live is to get you and your friends all connected into a same room on the app, then have another friend or coach join. Whenever one of you picks up an item, tell them to click "Start" on that weapon, and now it is started on your device as well, and you will hear the voice announcements for it! @Luis Awesome thanks for downloading! If you have any feedback let us know! @Junior Thanks! <3 @Enemy We've reached out to Diesel, Gandhi, Roy, and Maven as well and hopefully they're interested. I get your point. Checkout what I said to @kkrotz about having an extra friend/coach outside of the current game time it for you. But not only will this help increase your awareness by making sure you know something is spawning, it will also get the times stuck in your head so you can eventually time them on your own. You could consider the app as training wheels for those people who prefer to time things in their heads, but it also makes competitive play a lot more convenient.
  12. UPDATE: The Gaming Timer is now live on both iPhone and Android! Links to the app on both stores are at the bottom of this post. The Gaming Timer lets you to put the worry of timing weapons out of mind, allowing you to focus on your game! If you want to get better, you need the Gaming Timer! There are many awesome features in this app. I will go over each one, one by one, and include pictures where needed to help showcase the full functionality of the app. The key features of this app are: -Voice alerts of weapon spawn times, voiced by Xena, Ghostayame, and more to come! -An online mode where you can sync your timer up with your friends and help each other keep track of the game. And the online mode runs on our dedicated servers, so no peer to peer latency. -All game settings are stored in the cloud and are downloaded every time you relaunch the app. So no more waiting days on end to get updated gametypes and maps. -A counting feature that allows you to count anything you want, whether it be the number of bullets shot or something else. -If you have an audio mixamp, such as the astro mixamp, you can have one of the app's voices be your Virtual Coach by connecting your device to an audio input on the mixer and letting the app call out weapon spawn times! -As more games are released that have timed weapons, they will be added to the Gaming Timer, and games already in the app will continue to be supported! There are many ways this app can be useful, so why waste anymore time? Let the Gaming Timer become your virtual coach today! Follow us on twitter for updates and a chance to win a free app, @Gaming_Timer and @TylerRichards94. Like us on facebook, and visit our website! iPhone App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gaming-timer/id656532068?ls=1&mt=8 Android Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.richardsappstore.gamingtimer&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5yaWNoYXJkc2FwcHN0b3JlLmdhbWluZ3RpbWVyIl0.
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