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  1. So glad I decided to get the digital download so I will have the patch before release! Digital seems to be taking over, well at least me anyway. Past few games I got digitally, so I could play instantly. Best perk for digital download!
  2. Team name - The Silver Wheezey Gamertag 1 - iTz Wheezey Gamertag 2 - SilverBioshock
  3. Warlock would be perfect to remaster. Favourite map since forever! Fingers crossed....
  4. Team name - The Silver Wheezey GT - iTz Wheezey & SilverBioshock
  5. I would love to play in this tournament. Need a team mate, I am from the EU so keep that in mind. That is only if you want to team with me. GT : iTz Wheezey
  6. Hey everyone, I have a definite place in this tournament but I have just lost my team mate for family reasons and need a new partner. Is anyone up for it? Check the PDF file and you will see that I am one of the first 128 teams and will no doubt be playing in the tournament. I just need a new team mate. Please let me know ASAP, as the tournament is this weekend. Team List http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/5667-halo-4-forge-idol-2v2-team-list-for-scrims-will-update/
  7. Hey, is the rounds up yet? Want to know who I am playing against first?
  8. Will there be online multiplayer for each Halo game? The main question that needs to be answered is the ranking system. Will there be the original ranking systems for each game or a combined one? If it is combined make it the same as Halo 2, lose a match go down a rank etc.... Another important question.... Will MLG take back the Halo series? For either of the Halo games. Halo 2 being the most wanted! Thank you good sir!
  9. Team name - No! I don't want to join your clan! Gamertags iTz Wheezey & Neurotoxic
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