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  1. I think elites in social is perfectly fine, gives people more fun options and also helps attract 8 year olds to the game because they all seem to love playing as dinos for whatever reason
  2. Man this thread is really giving us H3 kids who know the H3 BR is fucking terrible have a life and don't have to resort to trolling on niche gaming forums just to feel something (anything, HELP I'M SCREAMING INTO THE VOID) despite being a fully grown adult a bad name
  3. The ONLY saving grace for Halo Infinite will be if it's as much of a diaster as it looks, if it comes out as a launch title for XSX after 5 years development and a reported $0.5bn dollars spent on it but still ends up looking and feeling like a game that is a year out from being finished like it looks like right now, it might FINALLY be the nail in 343's coffin. I won't get my hopes up, but you think that would be the final straw. Someone in a suit at Microsoft has to realise the value of the Halo IP and what a liability it is that it has stopped being a cash cow for them. It's a hopeful theory, but I am praying that the reason 343 already announced there won't be a sequel to Infinite is actually because Microsoft have refused to renew contracts because they know what a mess it is. At this point they may just not be willing to sink any more time or money into 343 and are just going to make them release whatever sellotaped together turd they have for the XSX launch and then hand over the reigns to a competent company. I so hope that is the case. I find it impossible to believe people over at Microsoft are seeing these test builds come out and actually thinking 'oh yes, groundbreaking stuff, this will be a classic like Rocket League which we can just release tiny incremental updates for for years to come!'
  4. Oh sweet jesus. Further fuel to the 'Halo Infinite is DOA' fire. Clearly shows how in denial Microsoft are about the state of their once great franchise when the Xbox boss is praising a turd of a game that sold so poorly they had to lump in console sales with game sales to try and pretend it wasn't an embarrassment. The multiplayer in Halo 5 was recieved 'very well'? Oh yeah, its dedicated fanbase of 2k people absolutely love it. The only people they are kidding with these kinds of statements is themselves, and that's exactly the problem with the franchise.
  5. Considering he's already made about $80 off that video I think I can see why. YouTubers have to play the game, it is what it is and I tried to post those reviews on reddit and got banned, so I'm glad up to 100k people will now know more about what a disgrace 343 leadership is
  6. This guy is apparently a mod at /r/halo and got to ask 343 some questions about Infinite πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
  7. I kind of get what you mean OP but I don't see it changing. It is a problem with humanity, not necessarily with Halo. The thing that is really offputting about it though is that voice chat in MCC on PC really reminds me that I could be doing far better things with my time. Halo used to be a good way to blow off steam, but I kind of find it depressing now when the people on public voice chat in hardcore lobbies (other lobbies too but hardcore especially) are clearly around the same age as me, have also been playing for a decade or more, but literally haven't grown up at all. It's kind of jarring to hear people talking about their full time jobs, adult lives, sometimes even kids, and then switch to screaming f*g like 2007 never went out of style. It reminds me of how I always feel like the better periods of my life often are the same ones where I'm just too busy to pick up Halo, lol.
  8. Honestly, very much yes. You've got to give it to 343, they are constantly achieving groundbreaking new lows.
  9. At this point I'm thinking that 343i is just a massive money laundering front for some tech savvy mob boss because I can't fathom what they've done with $500m in 5 years when this is the result
  10. I wish I had your level of optimism when it comes something made by 343 lol
  11. One of the potential saving graces for Halo Infinite's visuals is raytracing. To me, the gameplay trailer looks like when you watch a 4K bluray rip with HDR on an SDR monitor - grey and washed out. There's no shadows, bad lighting, all stuff that 343 presumably know how to do(?) They've already said that raytracing will be implemented after launch. And while the textures and stuff are not up to next gen standards, they could be vastly improved by improved lighting as any good reshade mod on PC can demonstrate. But the much bigger issue than that (if true in the first place) is that we're 5 months from launch and they are having to turn off essential features of the game to show us a playable demo, and it still has major issues with texture pop-ins, low fidelity assets, Xbox 360 style bump maps... If this game isn't a disaster it'll be a literal miracle.
  12. I have a theory about Infinite's launch and the reveal today guys, and hear me out because it's the only optimistic spin I can put on things: Halo Infinite is the video game equivalent of Justice League. Look at the similarities: 1) It's been established that 343 are not great developers. Their track record speaks for itself. 2) There were reliable rumours that Halo Infinite development was rebooted around 2018. This would also make sense given that the creative developer at 343 was fired in 2019. 3) This gave 343, a company with an abysmal track record, two years to produce an open world AAA game. Early this year, people were talking about glassdoor reviews of 343i from ex-employees. They were pretty dire, and complained of a terrible and toxic environment, a company that felt more like a start-up and was simultaenously working out how to produce a game at the same time as they developed it, and having to scale back their ambition to meet deadlines. 4) So now it's two years later and it's abundantly clear to everyone on the inside that 343i are not going to produce something acceptable for the launch of XSX. At this point Microsoft can either permit them to delay the launch (which they've yet to do with a Halo product) or they can decide to just launch whatever they have and be done with it, considering that this is now 343's second attempt to make Halo Infinite and they have botched it again. 5) The plan then is to release Halo Infinite as is so as to not waste any more money on it (a la Justice League) and then quickly give the IP to someone else. Which would explain this news story that was bizarrely released today around the same time they were showing us the gameplay. Boy do I hope I'm right about this.
  13. I think you're underestimating the depths of 343s depravity lol. A demo usually just means a short playable segment of a final game after all. They could have put 'beta' or 'alpha' in the video but chose not to. Considering the high profile restructurings at 343 a few years ago and the rumours they had completely rebooted development on Infinite in 2018, coupled with their track record... this might just be the product of an incompetent company with 2 years of work time on a new engine.
  14. It's so off it reminds me of the completely scripted/on rails preview of Halo 2 that they showed a year before release. Except that was Bungie, and they had a year to fix it, and it also was still an exciting preview, if faked. This is apparently 5 months away. I think this game might actually go down as one of the biggest AAA disasters in gaming history if all the signs are pointing where they're pointing.
  15. I think one of the most concerning things about this which nobody is mentioning is how damn EMPTY the game looks. This is what they show us after 5 years of development? Normally you save some of the coolest set piece missions for a reveal. What happens in this? Chief moves around some incredibly empty looking forge environments shooting a handful of enemies. It would be like if they showcased RDR2 by just showing Arthur strolling around the swamp shooting gators, except the swamp areas in RDR2 are still a million times more visually beautiful and vividly alive. At this point I would be shocked if the game even releases this year.
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