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  1. Halo 1's flood is the best and I miss fighting against the flood. Prometheans have to be my least favorite type of enemy. Except the Yanme'e from Halo 2. Those were annoying AF.
  2. How did they get the Infinite BR sound? Did 343 release a wavefile or something? I'm not sure how I feel about it.
  3. Halo 4 is the first Halo game where I gave up pretty quickly after the honeymoon phase. Reach was bad but I tired harder to like it than I did with Halo 4. I stuck around for the ZBNS and actually really enjoyed ZBNS. Got pretty sweaty with it. Halo 4 I just felt like there was no hope. Halo 5 was a little better than 4 but the same thing happened with 4, it just took a little longer. Instead of ZBNS, I got into playing the "evolved settings" in custom games. I am interested to see what will happen with Infinite. Hopefully with it being cross-plat with PC, the population can stay bigger for longer. I sound like a broken record at this point but I am really hoping their can be a "classic no sprint" customs movement early on. Hopefully the game launches with some sort of Custom Game browser or server browser. One can dream. We need to make a No Sprint Halo Infinite Discord server with LFG channels otherwise.
  4. I had an idea for a map called "Boarding Actagon." Take Boarding Action and scale it down a bit. Then fold up the two sides so that the overall shape becomes an Octagon. You would still have to use teleporters to get to the other side because there would be a big wall where the red and blue sides meet on each end that was folded in. It would be like a multi floor Octagon map with cover so it could actually be used for 4v4 or even 8v8. I was thinking man cannons could be added to the bottom and top floors for additional way to change sides. This would add opportunity for some fun sniping shots mid air. This would be a really simple top down view of one level.
  5. If its more like H3 and less like Halo 5, then that is still a step in the right direction. Although, I do agree equipment pickups will be annoying AF in multiplayer. But I hope they are not as bad as Spartan Abilities. I really do have hope that the game launches with some sort of Custom Games browser and that is it easy to make custom game types that don't have equipment pickups with Sprint turned off. Let's just hope the maps aren't completely wack due to the game desgin as 343 intended. Like if they are designing all the maps around Sprint and equipment pickups, that might kinda suck for classic based custom games.
  6. Are Halos Installations some kinda twisted form of the Flat Earth hypothesis?
  7. I'm pretty sure butt exploding flood carriers could only happen in the Haloverse. Just sayin.
  8. Scary hexagons start emerging from the ground causing your eyes to bleed
  9. it only took like 343 seconds. I spent longer on Boyo's avatar back in the day
  10. Flood themed equipment you say? How bout a a giant needle that master chief injects into himself that contains a food mutation that causes a flood carrier bubble to start inflating out of the Cheif's butt. It has an inflation period and once it reaches maximum inflation, it burst and unleashes 10 infection form flood. The explosion is used to vault master chief forwards at a 45 degree angle 30 yards. This equipment would be primarily used to evade combat and leave behind the infection flood as a nuisance for the people that were evaded. It could also be used as an extreme movement mechanic for the user since the user gets vaulted forwards 30 yards into the air.
  11. Anyone checkout firefight on the latest release of SPV3? The firs time I played it, I chose flood as the enemy type in the rock canyon. Unfortunately none of the flood spawned with guns and I couldn't find any guns or ammo on the map. So when I ran out of ammo, that was it. No more bullets. I was going to have to melee the rest of the flood jiggely puffs. No thanks. The next time I chose Covenant on the Maw level. It worked much better since the enemies all spawned with guns. It was actually really fun and challenging. I wonder if Infinite will release with firefight. I hope so. They could do different zones of the Open World Campaign area or even larger Big Team Battle Maps. When firefight is done right, it can be a really fun coop experience. Also, SPV3 is really easy to install now that it can piggy back off Steam MCC CE. I highly suggest it to people who haven't tried it yet.
  12. I think that is the equipment slot and that icon is for the rumored equipment that lets you see through walls.
  13. Was looking at some of the photos up close. Some things I missed the first time.
  14. Big Team Battle (Social) 4v4 Slayer and Objective (Social) 4v4 Slayer and Objective (Ranked) But 3 is not enough. I would also launch with these 2v2 (Ranked) FFA (Ranked) Infection (Social) Griffball (Social) ActionSack (Social) Swat (Social) Team Snipers (Social)
  15. Yea I have quite a bit. C.E.'s plasma riffle stun was not anything nearly obnoxious as D2 Stasis. And that ammo type took way longer to actually kill with. Because it had such a high TTK, it made it very situationally effective. Like when you know you were going to flank from close behind. It was also great for chewing through OS. It had great versatility. Like a good sandbox should.... Comparing C.E. plasma riffle stun to D2 stasis stun is like comparing apples to James's Giant Peaches.
  16. I loved the stun mechanic from C.E.'s plasma rifle. I've always wanted it to come back.
  17. I write software for a living and I find it very hard to collaborate with my peers virtually as effectively as I did in person. It is very hard to brainstorm like we used. i.e. Being in a conference room with a whiteboard drawing out ideas and then talking them over. Teleconferences and screen sharing just aren't as good IMO. Also, most managers go totally virtual and from my personal experience, they have doubled the amount of meetings they schedule to try to keep better tabs on productivity remotely. That leads to devs like me being in more meetings doing less actual work. With all that said, I can totally see how a game development studio's productivity would decrease in a mostly virtual environment. You also have the undeniable fact that a lot of people slack off when they work from home. It happens in every single industry, you cannot convince me otherwise. People are probably doing their laundry and taking their dogs for walks when they would have been in the office working.
  18. Halo doesn't need to evolve. It needs to devolve and become simpler. Like it was in the beginning. Halo 5 (Evolved with Spartan abilities and ADS) Halo 4 (cant remember. Mentally blocked it from my mind) Reach (evolved with Sprint and Bloom) Halo 3 (Evolved with equipment pickups) \ Halo 2 (Evolved with dual wielding, BR, sword) } - Halo needs to dEvolve back to this region. Halo : Combat Evolved / Simplicity is best. Keep it simple stupid
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