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  1. Yea fuck pizza skin. I love pizza but I don't want it on my weapons lol. So dumb
  2. Please keep all discussion related to TLJ in the TLJ thread. Thanks, Some Quiet Dude
  3. I laughed quite too loud at work at this reaction gif
  4. I personally think that if you tea bag a dead corpse enough, it should start to flatten and get squished like a pancake. I suppose that would modify the player model.
  5. I guess those are the core human weapons? I bet they had a contract with monster to advertise monster themed skins by a certain date and that's why they are showing it off even though the delay.
  6. Oh man I like simple geometries from Halo 1. I like the simplistic arena style of Halo 1 maps above all the other Halo games. H5 just added all kinds of clutter on top of that and that's why the maps suck, along with the movement abilities breaking any good map.
  7. no bloom no sprint no melee lunge no slow base movement speed no radar no spartain abilities OR STUPID EQUIPMENT no slide no grapple no giant hit markers no bad aiming system no strafe smearing no br spread no spartan chatter no over complicated map geometries no fear to use projectile and shot leading no ear bleeding sound effects no sprint no sprint no sprint no sprint no sprint no 343 Then halo again baby
  8. Exactly. Most people here are going to play it. Maybe this writer will help it not be such a shit show like you described above. If 343 couldn't even handle a linear campaign like Halo 5, how TF are they gonna get a good story out of a semi-open world game?
  9. Anyone here is going to play the campaign. If the campaign story sucks, maybe he will at least improve that. Hopefully.
  10. I like the no spread buy why would you want hitscan or even emulated hitscan? Do you not even lead bruh?
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