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  1. Did seat swapping all the time in Battlefield. I think its fun and adds a layer of skill. If your APM is high enough you can become Godly with seat swapping.
  2. So they basically announced the announcement. Flight info is next Thursday. July 29
  3. Where can I buy one of these cool controllers? Want to make sure I'm ready for the incoming Infinite Flight.
  4. Equipment is going to suck. Clamber/Sprint/Grapple are going to hinder good map design. Being F2P is going to usher in a whole group of people that will probably keep the game successful from a casual standpoint, but I do not think it will be successful as a competitive game. At least not for long.
  5. Let's say the Halo Infinite currency ends up being called "req points" Would you like to wager 343 req points that a flight is not announced this week? That could buy you like three armor coatings my dude.
  6. I'm feeling an infinite flight announcement this week? Anyone want to place bet?
  7. I bet in BTB, you only see pings from your other three squad mates. 11 other people being able to ping at the same time is gonna be rediculous.
  8. What do y'all think about being able to throw the ball? I think it could make for some interesting game play.
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