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  1. Being in 4 and 5 should never be a reason to include something in Infinite. If the Devs can't understand that, we are doomed. "Hey! It was in our last failing game. Lets keep it in there and see if our new game doesn't fail...." What kind of logic is that?
  2. I imagine it will have a fun honeymoon phase just like Halo 5 did. It was fun because it was different and the process of learning a new game can be fun. I can't imagine playing it competitively for more than a few months before it becomes infuriating just like Halo 5 and Halo 4 did with all their BS. Hopefully the game launches with a customs browser or a server list sort of feature. Maybe it could be fun with "Evolved" classic settings customs. I guess it will depend on the gunplay and how it turns out. I pray to Tom Taylor that the hit boxes aren't still the size of Montana. I will be looking for No Sprint customs right off the bat. I can guarantee you that.
  3. Shiiiiiit we ain't friends. He's only friends with ReamisPeni5. I made an alt for a reason
  4. Sweet. Both my kids also woke up from their nap during the second game as well. Maybe tonight we can get some actual good games in. Also.
  5. Sure. But I was expecting you to be much worse and I thought I would be able to bounce back. It Saul Goodman. I'll take the L. Actually shocked by your competence given your forum persona. If you wanna play some more 1v1s later tonight I'm down.
  6. My controller settings were messed up at the beginning of both games due to the new account. But he did win indeed. I'll take the L. For an h3 kid he's not bad at CE. Had I not been fiddling with controller settings at the beginning of the the second game and using mouse and keyboard the first game I might not have been steamrolled by powerups so bad. We played 2 games.
  7. I made a special account to 1v1 you in. It's GT ReamisPeeni5
  8. 4 straight wins shouldn't take long
  9. I just imagined it and it sucked. Your idea sucks. Go back to CoD or git gud
  10. Like a plasma riffle that takes for ever to get a kill with but stuns the player and makes it hard for them to turn as quickly. What a brilliant idea. I'm sure no ones ever thought of cool gun effects like such. Or maybe if the gun is larger and you melee with it, it does more melee damage. And if you moving when you melee and you have momentum, it does even more damage. Why has no one thought of these ideas before?
  11. Maybe for the honeymoon phase.... I will be shocked if the population doesn't start to sputter after 2 or 3 months.
  12. After looking at these in closer detail, one positive thing I can say is I like the verticality of the level. At least 3 levels I can see. I like how there are little doors in the corner on the third level. I like perches and catwalks so that is a positive thing IMO. The look and feel reminds me of H5 so that is a negative for me. Also, I wonder if this map is a part of a dam or by a large body of water since it has AXYS Hrydro electric all over. Maybe there is a cool underwater display or something. I wish they would just show us some fucking game play.
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