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  1. Are the Siberia 200 or 300 series headsets compatible with the Xbox One via headset chat adapter?
  2. Is this game worth buying since Reach, H4 and MCC were colossal messes and abominations?
  3. Can I get an invite into Xbox preview program by someone? GT is JayFank
  4. So, this game is still as fucked up as a soup sandwich, right?
  5. Are the 2nd generation A40 the white/blue astros? what does the mixamp look like? can't find pic of it/
  6. Anyone have this issue when d/l MCC? I downloaded it earlier this week, then when I went to d/l 15gb patch it re-d/l the entire 59 gb. Now, after completing, my Xbox One updated, and now it is saying my MCC is back at 50% Anyone have a clue?
  7. I've attempted unplugging my power supply for anywhere between 10-30 minutes, reset my modem, and have gotten absolutely nothing.
  8. I downloaded the update, but my mixamp won't connect to my pc to update firmware. My mixamp is from at least 2009-10
  9. Would a 2009-10 mixamp work with the Xbone? or does it have to have a firmware update?
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