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  1. Ah, ok that's interesting. I much prefer that scope to the "smart-link" stuff. Kinda wish we could make that the default.
  2. Are we sure that isn't just really early footage of old assets being used to test things? It could be the old scoped-in feature.
  3. How can you fucking possibly watch "the Sprint" and call any developer at 343 lazy?! That shit doesn't even make sense. Have their games had flaws? Hell yeah and I will never argue otherwise, but to call them lazy is the most deluded comment ever. It has nothing to do with laziness.
  4. 0/10 You may be the worst troll ever. Which is quite the accomplishment in this community.
  5. I'd be really interested to see a COD 2 game that looks like BOPS3, care to find me one?
  6. https://youtu.be/F6Xz2Ggn5tU?list=WL&t=301
  7. Yeah, in the RUL video he does it to some guy in a ghost and he goes flying.
  8. I'm on here every single day and your posts contain bitching more often than not. All I'm saying is if you don't want to play Warzone then don't. Is that so hard to grasp?
  9. Dude, you have got to be one of the most annoying people on this site. Absolutely no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to purchase this game. If you wholeheartedly despise everything that 343 is doing (which it really seems like you do) then just don't buy H5. It is what it is, we're not gonna change the fundamentals of the game at this point. I understand being cynical with everything that happened with H4 and the MCC but at some point if it bothers you that much then you just have to move on. The constant sarcasm and elitist attitude you have towards anyone not jumping on your "burn 343 to the ground" train is getting tiresome and repetitive. I'm sorry for laying into you, but take a step back and ask yourself, "If I hate this stuff this much then why am I buying this game?"
  10. Yeah man, you're the only one that remembers, you're the only one who thought H4 was awful, and you're the only one that was lied to and burned by MCC...Can we please stop asking this silly question? Everyone realizes all of those things. All we're saying is we honestly don't know if they implemented a way to make flagnum work (i.e. being able to drop it, no auto pick-up, etc.) I understand being hesitant about 343's every move, but just wait until all cards are on the table. What is the point of getting worked up about something none of us know yet?
  11. Heinz is probably one of the more "professional" Halo pros, in both his game play and how he handles himself outside of Halo. I've always been a big fan and that was a solid interview.
  12. You essentially just responded with "but they did it first!" I rest my case...
  13. Tweeting crap like that makes you sound like a child and I can guarantee you that it does nothing but get deleted and possibly get you blocked. Grow up man.
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