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  1. Haven’t been here in months. Just wanted to say hi. Bye now <3
  2. Bold prediction: Halo Infinite will feature a $40 campaign if you want to purchase it and a free to play multiplayer with purchasable cosmetics. aka the Fortnite model. But it’s been working for a reason.
  3. Yeah around the time of that post I PM’d @@Infinity provocatively asking him to extend me but to no avail
  4. I’d play the shit out of an updated H2A with more maps on PC. Literally nonstop. @BonnieRoss
  5. I agree but using a kb+m is 1000x worse. It’s physically impossible to outshoot good players when they use controllers and you use kb+m. The mouse aiming is just shit in every way for me. Really disappointed that I’m forced to use a controller to have fair fights on a PC game
  6. You’re telling me you wouldn’t enjoy drop podding in with 99 other ODSTs and duking it out in New Mombasa?
  7. LOL the ricocheted shot prior to the shot that killed him didn’t even reach. They then got further apart and it reached
  8. The higher ups literally pissed off a ton of their fans as well as their players, content creators, and seemingly even Hecz. Awful move.
  9. Careful. This looks like you’re telling 343 to return to their roots, and their roots = Halo 4. Then again, I could really go for some infinity slayer DMR starts on Complex without descope
  10. I know everyone’s tired of the Ninja talk, but the dude turned on his stream and hasn’t even gotten to play a game yet because he keeps having to read subs. He’s gotten 600+ subs in 20 minutes
  11. As long as the Fastest TTK remains the same, I’d be happy with a nerf to ease of use. On mobile and lazy but that video in a thread here says it perfectly. The time between the fastest possible TTK and the average TTK should be increased. It would make Perfects way more rewarding. The ideal scenario would be to keep the average TTK similar or a little longer than it is currently while having a shorter Perfect Kill time. So a 4sk Pistol that’s harder to use
  12. Also to be fair, if you truly desire to be on a professional level, you should have to put in the time. If playing Halo 5 that much isn’t worth it to you, “retire” and join the real world where I’m sure your job will require plenty of tedious responsibilities anyway. If you’re trying to make a job out of a video game, just shut up and do what you have to do. No one is going to feel bad that you have to play video games for an hour or 2 a day.
  13. Too many nooks, crannies, and ledges in H5 for that. A pulsating icon would be good. Kind of like the flag in cod ctf for anyone familiar.
  14. My montage made it in the community spotlight section of the Waypoint Community Update. Just wanted to share
  15. That would be a nice secondary logo. Kind of like how NBA teams have their main logo center court and then a smaller side logo on each end of the court near the 3 point line. But the old logo needs to stay as a main logo
  16. With the fact that there are only 10 days left in this year, there is a 71/73 chance that everyone will guess everyone’s ages correctly. Dumb game. What does everyone pay for rent though?
  17. Hey guys, With all the hype surrounding the MLG announcement, I decided to throw together another montage. Hope you ​like, comment, and subscribe​ enjoy!
  18. I got on Halo today, and played SEVEN placement matches. MLG is a magical thing.
  19. My dream scenario: 343 partners with The Coalition and every Halo event is also a Gears event, all run by MLG. The games could run in conjunction with each other and this would help both games fanbases grow
  20. As long as the structure is good, I really don’t care. MLG is preferred at this point but if another TO can be on par with them, cool. No matter what, LANs are going to be run MUCH more smoothly with less downtime now that Local Server is a thing so that’s a definite plus
  21. Pretty sure I read that Snipedown is still going and teaming with Cratos, Suspector, and Lifestyle
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