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  1. It does work on mobile. All available check-in spots have been taken, a team will have to drop / cancel their check-in, in order for anyone else to secure a spot in the bracket.
  2. Congrats TOX! Man, I missed watching competitive Halo 3. I was glued to the stream all Sunday even with the NFL playoffs on. Can’t wait to watch more!
  3. The maps intros are fine and all, but it’s highly annoying missing the first 5-10 seconds of the game. I thought this may get fixed by Sunday, but it’s still going on.
  4. Looks like 89 teams. https://ugcesports.challonge.com/haloclassic
  5. Bracket if anybody needs it - https://ugcesports.challonge.com/haloclassic
  6. I've updated the first post with the new events announced, I'll try and add rosters once they start to settle down and we have a clear list. ------------- Safe travels to those traveling to UGC!

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