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  1. The same mechanics/utilities from older Halos shouldnt be used in newer Halo titles. Unless it's from H3 because it's the newest Halo in the trilogy. @ Weve moved on from H2 and H1. @ Which we should have got with H4. But we got H2 v2.
  2. @_Synapse Why do you want another remade Halo? Lead is a term that has been used since Halo 1. To identify leading your shots for bullets to reg. Also a term used by Bungie.
  3. Um Visually different. Slightly. Mechanics are different. H2 Hitscan H3 Lead
  4. Coliseum has the same blueprint as Midship Onslaught and Amp. 343 made a "copy" map and nothing truly original. They've never made a good map. Or good game for that matter. If we were to be using actual factual information...
  5. Ok. Idk where this information is relevant to my post or why you posted that information
  6. Pistol with hitscan. Its like a pre CE catastrophe. If Halo were to truly progress with weapons and mechanics it would have to pick up where H3 left off and be lead based. BR. I think thats how Bungie truly intended on making Halo. Which I was actually expecting when I bought H4. Only to be welcomed by the H2 hitscan BR. H3>H2 reskin H4
  7. The problem I have with 343 is they have never offered us anything new with their Halo games in terms of progressing the franchise. H1 H2 H3 reach all had new utility weapons with new mechanics. H4 had h2 weapons and mechanics and reach weapon and mechanics. H5 had h1 weapons and h2 mechanics They have no idea what they are doing. They are remaking Halos. Literally. And shitty.
  8. Why was my post deleted? 343 adding the H2 Br into a third Halo is shitting us out of a new Halo and milking the franchise.
  9. Now for some real Halo by some actual Halo players.
  10. Showed it having recoil. The bullets arnt going to all land in the same place. It's a physics based game.
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