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  1. It was a year after Halo 3, I saw some MLG vod of someone flag running on the pit. I was hooked after that lol.
  2. I love how Atheist are constantly complaining about religious or spiritual people for being closed minded. Most atheist are just as close minded and bigger assholes it seems. Idk man people need too be more tactful and stop being so combative over every little thing.
  3. Hulkk

    Bucket List

    Never made a list, probably need too do that.
  4. Well now that Roy is with classic they are me new favorite team. Can I get a hat?
  5. Hulkk

    Twitter Thread

    https://twitter.com/Brice_The_Beast I tweet weight lifting stuff, halo stuff, and random kinda funny stuff.
  6. Someone needs to get a pic of Maven using his Chapstick.
  7. What is Hysteria doing these days?
  8. I haven't played Pokemon in so long, I really need to pick up a new gameboy.
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