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  1. Ok thanks for the recommendation
  2. Oh I see thanks, yeh that could be a possibility and maybe the Warlock will have a selection of spells to unlock and sorry I meant capes
  3. Nop I didn't sorry, I was a late bloomer lol :P
  4. I think I'm going to play as the Warlock, I love using magic! but the Hunter caps look badass!
  5. I have been playing halo since halo 3 and I've got halo: anniversary but I haven't completed the campaign. I always play for fun too and I'm kinda competitive sometimes. I think I'm an average Halo 4 player, when I have a good day, I'm not bad but when I have a bad day, I'm kinda terrible. I don't like negativity towards myself or anyone, but I'm kinda negative about myself. I never hate in twitch chats or in real life, I don't have time for hate and never will but I find twitch chats hilarious sometimes. I've been in forge once or twice...and yeh, I haven't got a natural affinity for that :P
  6. I think Warriors might get 4th again in the next tournament and hope classic win the next one but thats asking quite a bit.
  7. Gandhi is such a personality!! great to have him in the halo scene
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