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    Oh Canada!
  2. Currently looking for a team that is very well communicated and individual skilled. Looking to be the next top team to beat but need 3 other players that meet these requirements to help me do it.
  3. PreSchool


    Online Warrior
  4. Gt is PreSchool SLAYS i am on right now and want to get a team set before next week please hit me up if you want to try out. Make sure you have skype because i have no chat adapter. You can also tweet at me on twitter too @PreSchool_Slays
  5. Had no response from my T02 partner and have no more time to wait. Need to run tonight and ASAP. Make sure you can communicate on skype because i have no chat adapter. If your interested please message me on xbox Gt is PreSchool SLAYS
  6. Me and Facetime are looking for 2 solid halo players that are committed and are able to play really late to run games. Also looking for positive attitude and individual skill all around. We also don't want to be making any rookie mistakes so make sure you are capable of setting up for spawn traps, Calling people weak by their gamertag and pushing together as a team . We got Top 16 in the first qualifier and we are looking to do the same thing or place even better. Anyone is allowed to tryout and the team will be announced before the weekend. If you are interested please message myself on XBL : PreSchool SLAYS or my team mate FacetimeTV on xbox and we will reply to you about what time we will be on and what not to run games. Please also have a skype as we communicate through that instead of party chat due to my broken chat adapter. We normally start gaming at 11pm EST so if you guys are a night owl like our selves and can get on at that time then let us know.
  7. We won g1 against Marshin and Gunhavok. Then played G2 with incorrect settings even though i set them to 25. It glitched out and we were up 15-5. We asked to replay but they refused even though they were losing by 10 kills and we were hosting the second match. There has to be a way to replay it
  8. You won cause you shot me through the wall on your host g2 w.e man that cost you to win that game
  9. Zetroc you won because of that is complete B.S you would of lost 2-0 but because of that incident it cost me the series
  10. You would of lost g2 there wouldn't of even been a g3 because of that I would of won Lockdown. I had full power weapon control and was up 7-6 then you shot me through the wall i died and then that was it. There should be a rule for that because that cost me the game/series
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