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  1. I always felt like the series utility weapon being a Magnum works far better for the sake of visual clarity. After all, holding a pistol is very much unlike any other long gun in the series, thanks not only to its size, but also the radically different stance the player takes when they hold a sidearm. Every Halo game with the BR as its main utility has had the issue of players not immediately being able to recognize whether the opponent approaching them has a BR or a shotgun, since both appear to be long black rectangles in the heat of the moment. Or if the guy far away is holding a sniper rifle or not. Which is probably why in Halo 5, 343 went with the admittedly effective, if inelegant, solution of just slapping a bright ass flash light on the shotgun and sniper.
  2. Honestly even for Halo 4, the Halo Online armors are a bit too ridiculous looking.
  3. People on reddit sure are eating up 343's slop this time around. You'd think that after the whole coatings fiasco, they'd realize that multimillion dollar corporations are not their friends or in need of their defense.
  4. I assume the reason is is that 343 thinks that the quickest way to win over fans is to add back in ALL weapon types eventually. A Smash Ultimate of Halo, I guess. Problem is, Halo's always been at its best when its sandbox has been focused and allowed for every weapon to have their own purpose. Like when I play ODST, I do not miss the Battle Rifle for a second, nor do I miss the assault rifle in Firefight.
  5. What is the point of this gun when the AR exists.
  6. Honestly whenever Im craving something like a battle royale, I find that Halo's traditional FFA scratches that itch just fine. That feeling of being all alone in a map full of people who want you dead, scavenging for weapons with the knowledge that the more greedy you get, the more fights you'll get into. Or even something like being content with just making it into the Top 3, and the sweet victory of coming out on top despite all the odds being stacked against you. Only real difference is how in FFA, you don't have quite the same amount of tension, but at the same time, you are at least guaranteed a satisfactory amount of action before you have to queue up for a new game.
  7. I feel like the only good part of Halo 5 is that feeling you get when you actually outshoot somebody in a Magnum duel. Since the aim assist isn't so high that 1v1s will just feel like a game of "Who Shot First?". Though, thats provided that your opponent cant just thrust behind cover and regain their shields instantly.
  8. Man look at this guy, with his many friends. Who play Halo. My friend group were pretty hyped for MCC’s PC release, but they pretty quickly went back to playing nothing but Smite.
  9. I'm still mad about the battle pass being a thing at all, as opposed to just letting players unlock them in a similar manner as the original. Like them being rewards for campaign completion, or multiplayer ranks.
  10. It really goes to show that what works best in single player doesnt always translate well to multiplayer. Its why I hope that in order for both Campaign and MP to reach their full potential, 343 gives up on the idea of the two modes feeling as similar as possible.
  11. I hope 2A gets new content that MCC is complete on PC. 2A's multiplayer feels more like a proper "Halo 4" than Reach or the actual Halo 4.
  12. You know, I can't help but notice how the player doesn't swap seats in the Warthog in the Infinite gameplay demo. I really hope the feature is still in the series, since sometimes developers will make a nice QoL change for one entry, but then forget it moving forward.
  13. Honestly, if you play Doom Eternal on Xbox, a controller with paddles is absolutely necessary to make sure you can access all your shit without taking your thumbs off the analog sticks.
  14. I think Reach's art style only really works IN Reach itself. Since its campaign is a big downer story about how everyone dies at the end just to preserve a little bit of hope for the future. So, having a more militaristic, gritty style makes sense in that context. Or even in the context of the older Halo books where you really got the impression that Humanity was constantly on the losing end of the fight, and it took extreme sacrifices just to make the tiniest bit of progress. But even then, I wouldn't really say its a style that fits the tone of the original trilogy. It's why it really annoys me that the Reach AR is in Infinite, but the Battle Rifle is clearly inspired by the likes of H2A. And then you have the new Brute weapons that are comically blocky and simplistic, which just doesn't gel well with the weirdly overly tacticool human weapons. While my opinion of Reach and its campaign has soured a bit after playing it again on MCC, I think it still does plenty of things well enough. It features probably my favorite iterations of the Hunters, who manage to remain challenging while also not having an easily exploitable weakness, like how in CE they will die to a single pistol shot, or in 3/ODST all it takes is two stickies. And in ODST especially, when you can have 6 stickies, thats no tall order. I also kinda like Skirmishers as a land-based version of drones, since they provide a similar experience of being swarmed by a quick moving but weak enemy, but are a bit more predictable and easier to hit thanks to being grounded. Oh, and while this may sound controversial, I do like the Focus Rifle being the Covenant sniper rifle over the Beam Rifle. While its obviously not as powerful in the player's hands, the Focus Rifle at least means that sniper jackals the player hasnt spotted yet don't get free massive damage the moment the player comes into their sight line. Being the CE purist that I am, I never really enjoyed Covenant having hitscan weapons, but at least the Focus Rifle means that the enemy sniper doesn't do full damage instantly. I also really like your custom Spartan being used in all aspects of the game. Definitely made its unlock system even better since you got more out of it regardless of what mode of play you preferred. And while this only sounds impressive because of the 343 games, can we take a moment to appreciate that Reach came out with Forge World and Firefight at launch?
  15. I don't appreciate the lack of New Mombasa and ODST in your little essay there, Synapse. Gonna have to give you a B- for that. It's honestly genius how ODST incorporates an ensemble cast while also realizing that Halo is at its best when its one lone soldier against the world. Not being a Spartan, AND having multiple characters really allowed Bungie to give us an avatar to inhabit, but also actual characters who were allowed to express themselves and have personal goals outside of stopping the galaxy from exploding. Piecing together the story bit by bit, potentially even out of order if you realize you can do so, is a great way to keep the series fresh. I remember eagerly searching for the next clue after NMPD HQ, desperate to see if Romeo survives his injury or not. Or just blowing off the story entirely to search for as many audio logs as possible to unravel the parallel mystery of what happened to New Mombasa, and who Vergil even is. Which is why I'll never forgive New Blood for insisting that Buck never proposed to Dare, that Mickey would just turn traitor, and that Rookie died just so Buck would have an excuse to be in Halo 5. Though its double funny when you read Bad Blood, and its just Buck leaving Osiris and reforming the ODST gang, including Mickey being forgiven for betraying Buck. Because fans hated Halo 5, and 343 started backpedaling hard. This is honestly a big reason why its super hard to give a shit about 343's story. It was all too clear that all extended media between Halo 4 and 5 was only made to explain and hype up Halo 5, and not because the authors actually had a story to tell in the Halo Universe. And we can clearly see with Infinite how 343 is willing to throw everything in the garbage bin and start over if their original vision doesn't pan out. Infinite wants you to forget Halo 5, just like how Halo 5 wants you to forget what happened in Halo 4. Just like how Halo 4 wants you to forget what happened in Halo 3. Halo's universe has always been fictional, but 343's constant course adjustment makes it hard to forget that fact.
  16. This honestly why I wish Reach Anniversary was just the default Reach experience. Clearly, the game wants you to remember CE whenever you look at it, so it's only fitting that we get the 3 shot Magnum and no armor abilities. And if the bloom is still pretty bad on the Magnum, at least a 3 shot kill means the reticule doesn't expand as much just to finish off one dude.
  17. I'm super happy Reach Anniversary is now an option. Though its weird that its only for 4v4, and not for BTB. I also don't know if I'm super late in noticing this, since I haven't really touched the multiplayer side of MCC in a while.
  18. I sure do hope 343 gives us the option to change MCC's main menu theme. I'll be pretty miffed if the Halo 4 background just stays there forever.
  19. I honestly hope crossplay becomes the standard for gaming in general. Like, its one thing to not have some games that I personally wouldn't be into in the first place, but it sucks when you get into a multiplat like Dragon Ball FighterZ, but then realize that 90% of the playerbase is on PS4.
  20. I remember in the summer of 2010, I had broken my arm a few months back, but was still marathoning Halo 3's MP even with a cast.
  21. Probably 34.3% complete at best. Man, I would kill to be in the alternate timeline where Infinite got released this month. I'd love to witness the shitshow.
  22. It really is one step forward, two steps back whenever it comes to 343, isn't it?
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