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  1. Probably not that weird given how there's technically 4 versions of Reach. Vanilla, TU, Anniversary, and ZBNS. I'm really hoping that when H2A drops on PC, its competitive scene gets a second chance. I always felt like H2A multiplayer is what a next-gen Halo should have been, with the only real big blemish I know of being how piss easy it was to aim. But hey, if every one uses mouse and keyboard, that doesn't have to be an issue anymore.
  2. I only played two matches of Reach MCC multiplayer, and I already want to never touch it again.
  3. What's baffling is how there are people who AREN'T worried about Infinite. Like, nearly 4 years after Halo 5 with barely anything to show for it doesn't instill me with confidence. If anything, it suggests that the game has gone through so many scrapped iterations that there's no time to slap together any sort of gameplay demonstration for the most recent build. Because we all know that if Microsoft had anything impressive to show for its flagship franchise, it would have been there.
  4. I honestly don't give a damn about graphical fidelity anymore. At this point, just give me a game that looks like Halo CE, but takes all that modern processing power and puts it towards enhancing the actual gameplay and making sure it runs at a stable framerate.
  5. Remember how the 360 had three mainline entries, ODST, and Wars? And now all Xbox One has is ONE mainline entry, an HD collection, and Wars 2.
  6. In the case of Valhalla, isn't the reason why both bases have several Mongooses assumingly so players can traverse the map quickly off spawn? Or even in past games, why we have man cannons or teleporters? Sprint in BTB sorta undermines the idea that players have to either take a predictable route to traverse the map faster, or need to take a limited resource like a vehicle that has no offensive capabilities.
  7. I mean, we all know that ODST is essentially a superior Reach. Both are about a team of six elite soldiers trying to survive an alien invasion, which ultimately ends up with said team delving underground in order to extract some information that is critical to humanity. I believe its been mentioned that since both games were in development at the same time, there were a lot of cross-pollination when it came to ideas. Difference though is that ODST, perhaps because it had to be more humble than a mainline entry, benefited greatly from its smaller, but more focused scope. As a result, it's probably my favorite story of any of the games. But Reach, I feel like, is more preoccupied with striking imagery and situations, even if there is hardly any narrative throughline. For example, it would be the easiest thing in the world to make Winter Contingency flow neatly into Sword Base. All you would have to do is move the briefing with Dr Halsey from the END of the level to the beginning. We come after the aftermath of a peculiar event at the end of Winter Contingency, and move to the characters discussing said event at the start of Sword Base. That's how you make things flow. But the thing is, Reach is far too liberal with its use of time-skips, and as a result, the first half of the story jumps all over the place with no logic. It's not until Six has been chucked out of a space ship that levels and their placement start making sense to some degree. I also still hold that, since Reach wants us to remain purely in the shoes of Noble Six, that Noble Team should have been shortened to only 4 members. Really, only 3 since the player is more or less just a window that allows the audience to witness the team. Combine Jorge and Carter into the same character. That way the charismatic, compassionate giant is also the stalwart leader. Keep Kat more or less the same, but actually allude to her and NewCarter's previous relationship. You have datapads. Use them to flesh out the characters that exist. Not introduce a side story that has does nothing to inform us of THIS story, or its characters. Instead of Noble Six being stated to be as awesome as the Chief, and totally having a nine inch pecker, what if the reason why Six was forced to join a team after being a lone operator for years was because they had messed up in the past in some way? How exactly would ideally be left up to the player's imagination. Have Emile be the same as well, but have his beef be primarily with the PLAYER character. He's supposed to be a bit crazy after all. Let us experience that intensity first hand. Let us watch his mental state deteriorate when the Leader, assumingly the only one who's been reigning him in, bites the dust halfway through. Remember that scene where we saw a first-person perspective of Six trying to avoid being stabbed by that Elite. Imagine something like that, but its Emile trying to choke the life out of you. Because the minute you showed up, all his friends died. But then, have him ultimately redeem himself when he chooses to stay on the gun, and protect the player. Oh, and just remove Jun outright. No one cares about Jun.
  8. I actually always thought that Breakout had some potential. And I’d say the closest it ever got to achieving said potential came in the form of Elimination. Having to constantly reform your opening strategy based on what your opponent did in prior rounds, as well as predicting how your opponent will react based on YOUR previous actions is pretty interesting.
  9. I could imagine people doing this just for the sake of effectively playing without AAs at all.
  10. But could you use the AA disruptor to disrupt someone's AA disrupting?
  11. Who pays attention to what the enemy player is holding? I imagine any one who plays the game.
  12. The Halo 5 magnum is black by default. As is the Halo 2 magnum. Not that anyone actually used it, of course.
  13. My only issue with the idea of just having one utility weapon that could appear as whatever the player wants it to is that the design of a weapon is meant to be unique so that its easily distinguishable at a glance. For example, I've always thought that the Magnum works better as a utility weapon because the stance the player takes when they wield one is entirely different from any long gun. I can't be the only guy who's spotted an enemy with a long black rectangle in hand, and been unable to tell whether it was a Battle Rifle or Shotgun in the heat of the moment. Or even if the person has a sniper rifle, if I see them head on from a decent distance. Which I imagine is partly why the Shotgun and Sniper have a flashlight/lens flare in Halo 5. But I think if the Magnum was the norm, I'd be able to tell regardless because the stance is so different. Since in the standard long gun stance, the right arm is tucked inward, and is hardly visible from head on. But whenever the player wields a pistol, both arms are held out equally.
  14. The issue may be that it gave players TOO much agency. Boltshot wasnt just an annoyance because it was a pocket shotgun, but specifically because anyone could choose to spawn with it. And I have to wonder if BTB is truly made better when everyone has the ability to spawn with a Plasma Pistol to counter vehicles, or a DMR that allows them to crossmap players and vehicles just as easily. And I'd say some perks can be a pretty big game changer. Ammo could allow people to sit back more often and pick other players off with their DMR in BTB, and faster reload is always a considerable benefit. Weapons tend to be balanced around how long it takes for them to be usable after expending the entire magazine, after all. But I can agree that map pick ups that are just starting weapons but better aren't a worthwhile inclusion. The entire point of people wanting BR/DMR starts over AR/SMG was supposed to prevent newly spawning players from getting destroyed because the enemy team had a far superior utility weapon. And even though the Magnum in Halo 5 is plenty strong, it's simply just easier to get perfect kills with the BR and DMR.
  15. I think no matter what the developer intention is, it is simply aggravating to be unable to secure kills. Pretty much the same reason people dislike thrusters in Halo 5, especially when they're combined with the very fast shield regen rate.
  16. You know, I wouldn't mind the absence of loud footsteps if only because it'd mean that I wouldn't have to put on headphones in order to play as efficiently as possible. I'd much rather just listen to music or a podcast. But I guess you'd still have to if you wanted to communicate with team mates.
  17. On the topic of which version of Reach to bring back, I’d love Anniversary Reach. Both for 4v4, and BTB. Maybe add some of the better maps and gametypes from earlier DLCs to make it a more rounded “Reach” experience. I think it could work, given that it really wasnt until 4 that every map was designed with Sprint in mind.
  18. Remember how all those people on Waypoint insisted that Reach should never be added because Master Chief wasn't in it? Hilarious. On topic tho, if they're adding Reach Firefight, and since Spartan Ops is already in the game, they better add ODST Firefight at some point. I don't even necessarily want matchmaking or anything for ODST Firefight, since the mode can go on for hours on end. I just want it to exist. At this point, it'd be the only thing left to be ported.
  19. My issue with Soldiers is how you don't feel like you're actually damaging them until their armor breaks. Which, granted, doesn't take too long in Campaign. Its mainly an issue in Firefight where every enemy is given extremely bloated health values. I suppose this is also why Brutes in H2 feel like bullet sponges. Not necessarily just because it takes a lot to put them down, but because they dont flinch or really give any visual indicator of their health like shielded Elites do. Im also not entirely sure if what they chose to do with Knights was the best decision. They kinda end up being beefier Jackals, in how you have to shoot a weak point to the side, and THEN shoot the head for the instant kill once they flinch. Difference being that it takes a ton more ammo to get them to expose their head. And since Knights became a mini-boss sort of encounter, similar to Hunters, the Prometheans end up with ONLY Soldiers and Crawlers for most of the game.
  20. I'm the same way. Though I also like playing H2A. In other words, I find myself preferring the games that I could not play back on 360. Because honestly, I have had my fill of the 360 Halo games.
  21. Honestly, the same thing could be said for Team Slayer. I remember trying to play with some of my more casual friends, and how they were vehemently against playing anything BUT Slayer.
  22. Ya know, if Reach MCC ever ends up being a thing, I sure hope they choose Anniversary MP over Vanilla or TU. I remember really enjoying Anniversary BTB, and how the DMR and Magnum were able to fill their own respective roles. Compared to the base game, where the DMR was always a straight upgrade to the Magnum. That, or ZBNS.
  23. I feel like even if you made the Chief v Locke fight into the most competently choreographed action sequence in animation history, it wouldn't change the fact that the confrontation isn't built up at all. Nor does it feel like a natural result of placing these two characters in the same room. Especially when you find out that Chief was never going to side with Cortana anyway, and thus broke a battle rifle over Locke's head for no reason.
  24. I just can't help but feel that he is made out to be such because he stands in opposition to the player character. And I wonder if such a decision was made purely because the writer believed the fanbase wouldn't like it if there was a valid viewpoint to oppose Chief. Kinda like how some fans' biggest issue with the Chief v Locke fight isn't that it looks awful or happens for no reason, but because Chief didn't instantly twist Locke into a pretzel.
  25. I mean, he's special by pure virtue of being the only big green man around. But my point wasn't so much that Chief was ordinary, as it was that CE never treated him as if he was above being chastised or made the butt of a joke.

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