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  1. People in general have this weird aversion, if not outright hatred, for advanced players of any game. I remember when it was the norm for speedrun videos to be full of comments that were just like "Wow, you used glitches so this isn't REAL skill!".
  2. So, uh, which half of the game will Firefight fall under? If its even gonna be there at launch at all.
  3. Theres a thing that deploys a scanner to see people through walls, I think. Way back in the original reveal, Im pretty sure we saw somebody chucking an EMP like from Halo 3.
  4. That whole repulsor equipment thingy, while seeming super fun for Campaign, kinda seems like its gonna be Armor Lock 2.0. Introducing that same frustration you got in Reach when you went to splatter a dude, only for him to pop armor lock at the last second, and kill you instead. I appreciate that you can see equipment on Spartans, but it seems way too small for other players to truly recognize in the heat of battle.
  5. I feel like an easy fix for the potential power up issue is they just give us the option to spawn orbs that you just touch like in classic. Then when/if people tell 343 that their new idea isnt working out, they can change the maps in matchmaking to have the classic power up system instead. Because I think we all know that Infinite is probably going to be at its worst at launch, when its all 343 settings without an ounce of input from the community.
  6. Its really sad how 343 is just SO close to removing sprint outright, given they removed so much other stuff from Halo 5, but just wont for some reason. I cant even imagine its because they want the player to move faster during campaign, given that they went and made the grapple hook infinite there. And surely swinging around like spider man as often as you want is going to be more fun than putting your gun down and hearing master chief wheeze his heart out.
  7. Please ma’am, just a CRUMB of campaign gameplay.
  8. Man, MCC on an xbox one x is weirdly unplayable. Constant fps dips, regardless of your fov or whatever. I have no idea how my PC thats weaker than a regular xbox one can run the game far better.
  9. Especially when that Staten quote could have just been about the graphics being closer to reality than a 2001 game could accomplish. And not ANYTHING about the actual gameplay itself.
  10. I always felt like the series utility weapon being a Magnum works far better for the sake of visual clarity. After all, holding a pistol is very much unlike any other long gun in the series, thanks not only to its size, but also the radically different stance the player takes when they hold a sidearm. Every Halo game with the BR as its main utility has had the issue of players not immediately being able to recognize whether the opponent approaching them has a BR or a shotgun, since both appear to be long black rectangles in the heat of the moment. Or if the guy far away is holding a sniper rifle or not. Which is probably why in Halo 5, 343 went with the admittedly effective, if inelegant, solution of just slapping a bright ass flash light on the shotgun and sniper.
  11. Honestly even for Halo 4, the Halo Online armors are a bit too ridiculous looking.
  12. People on reddit sure are eating up 343's slop this time around. You'd think that after the whole coatings fiasco, they'd realize that multimillion dollar corporations are not their friends or in need of their defense.
  13. I assume the reason is is that 343 thinks that the quickest way to win over fans is to add back in ALL weapon types eventually. A Smash Ultimate of Halo, I guess. Problem is, Halo's always been at its best when its sandbox has been focused and allowed for every weapon to have their own purpose. Like when I play ODST, I do not miss the Battle Rifle for a second, nor do I miss the assault rifle in Firefight.
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