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  1. Its so strange how slow and rigid the grappling hook looks in the demo, given how much its shown off. Whats funny is how its super easy to imagine an alternate version of the game where grapple hook takes sprint's place entirely, has its own dedicated button, and lets the player shoot and toss equipment with their freehand as they swing around. Obviously I'm just talking about Campaign, since I've always been a firm believer that mechanics don't need to be the exact same in a PvE experience compared to a PvP experience. But in the demo, they apparently can only throw a grenade or melee an enemy they've grappled, but its so slow that it feels like you could accomplish the same exact thing in the same exact amount of time by just walking at the enemy to close the gap instead.
  2. Probably Cortana. They likely didn't want to mention her by name as to avoid triggering people's Halo 5 PTSD.
  3. This would be cool if the grappling hook didnt have a ton of recovery time and if you could still attack while grappling. Otherwise it seems like you NEED a lot of height to have enough time to whip out your weapon.
  4. I think what annoys me the most is how there's nothing new in terms of what the ENEMY can do. I think there was a jetpacking suicide grunts, but other than that it doesn't look like the enemies have got anything new to throw at the player themselves. And I think crafting new challenges is far more important than giving the player the ability to throw fusion coils when grenades already exist.
  5. Well, in the demo he picks up that deployable cover thing, and when its used up, it defaults back to the grappling hook.
  6. I hate the motion sensor rotating as you moved around. And how the icon representing the player is blue... against a blue background.
  7. Chief went like 1% faster when he started sprinting. Whats even the point if you have a grappling hook?
  8. I can't believe they made the Halo Infinite pistol in real life!
  9. Why did all the human weapons besides the AR look like pre-existing assets purchased from the Unity store?
  10. I mean, you can change things around to accommodate both gamemodes. What makes for a solid multiplayer experience doesn't always translate well to singleplayer, and vice versa. I actually played Halo 3's multiplayer purely from ODST's mythic disc, and I honestly didn't find it that jarring. Perhaps what helped was how the weapons that were shared between ODST and 3 tended to behave the exact same, while the silenced SMG and automag were clearly different variations of their counterparts in Halo 3. 343 has stated in the past that they want all the experiences to be consistent, but I feel like nobody expects the campaign to be a "training mode" or anything for PvP anyway. There's no enemy Spartan that bounces frag grenades off corners at you, after all.
  11. On the subject of whether or not it's "strategic" to have two weapons, I always felt like ODST did this best since it lacked a proper utility weapon. In previous games, when you can mow down most threats with the pistol/BR/DMR, it can feel like the second slot is reserved for power weapons or the plasma pistol if you want to noob combo all the time. But in ODST, throwing down either the silenced SMG or automag feels like you're giving up one half of a utility weapon for another benefit. Of course there's the carbine, but the fact that its purely a pickup you get from enemies makes it feel like a precious commodity. Enough so that it can feel like a waste to use up its ammo just to clean up grunts or jackals.
  12. My thinking is is that if 343 is going to half-ass the progression system, like they did, then it's better to just ditch it. Especially since we did the grind back in 2010. And we've been playing MCC for years before this current system, and I honestly never felt like what MCC was missing was an EXP bar.
  13. If it was up to me, I’d just let everyone have every single unlock. That way, your appearance is purely the result of self-expression, rather than just equipping the highest level thing as a status symbol.
  14. You weren’t gonna finish your master chief cosplay anytime soon, sure. But you had a lot more options a lot sooner compared to now, where the system thinks its good pacing to hand you like a dozen helmets and a firefight voice before you get any shoulders or chest pieces.

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