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  1. Pretty sure that line is just a repeat of the Didact/Cortana speech, where the villain insists THEY’RE the real Reclaimers, and not humanity.
  2. Shoutout to be downvoted for daring to question the point of a weapon made to intentionally be weak and immediately replaced by alternatives.
  3. I think its the only weapon that EMPs vehicles now, since the Plasma Pistol no longer does. However, as is, it feels like it'd be more fun in Campaign, where the gimmick of hitting additional nearby targets will be more relevant. I honestly dont get why the plasma pistol's EMP was removed. Apparently they're adding a UNSC device called the "Disruptor" that will essentially inherit the PP's EMP overcharge capabilities. But then I have to ask: why? Why take what was previously one gun, and split it into two?
  4. Man if I had my way, I'd just fuse the Commando and the AR into the same weapon. Obviously reduce some of its power/range to make up for not being a map pickup and not having a traditional scope that can be descoped, but the Commando at least shows that you CAN have an automatic rifle with SOME level of a skillgap. And if people want the AR to be strong so bad, I'd rather have it be every bit as difficult as the Commando than what we have now. Similarly, I'd probably do the same with the BR and the sidekick. Both feel like they're intended to mop up kills with headshots instead of being the whole act by themselves (the BR especially ends up feeling like it only succeeds when you're shooting at somebody far away who's also not fighting you), but theres no need to have BOTH. If they're combined, then it'd be like having ODST's automag, where the pistol does poor direct damage, sure, but is insanely accurate with its headshots, making it a far more reliable cleanup tool. Also I just love using the pistol in Halo games, but as is, the sidekick just feels like a shittier BR. And the BR gets bullied out of its own niche by both the Commando and AR as the game currently stands.
  5. Whats funny about this is 343 deciding to reveal that humanity WAS a super advanced ancient civilization. Just not the one the series is about.
  6. The extended universe under 343 has honestly been pretty hit-or-miss. And I'd say they lean towards more misses than hits. The kilo-5 trilogy is despised by all but the most ardent boot lickers, everything leading up to Halo 5 failed to make anyone care about Osiris at best, and utterly trampled on the story of ODST at worst. Theres ANOTHER trilogy of Master Chief books, but Ive only read Silent Storm and Shadows of Reach. And Shadows of Reach was 90% Chief and friends shooting Banshees, and had absolutely no story content. Just action action action, and yet more action. And when it came time to do another Halo Evolutions: a collection of short stories, they ended up just making it snippets of future novels, and prologue chapters teasing future novels. Which meant you essentially paid 20 bucks for a collection of advertisements. Very few actual stories to be found. Oh, and basically all of the comics were god awful.
  7. To be fair, at this point, do we WANT modern ubisoft making another Splinter Cell game?
  8. 2015 to like whenever MCC started being released on PC was a dark time to be a Halo fan. Even if you were one of those weirdos who liked 343, I'd imagine. The fanbase in general was just dead.
  9. Its hard to miss the ugly dirt bike gloves of Halo 5's first person view models.
  10. The Magnum sounded pretty good. Almost too good for how effective the weapon actually was. Though I was never a fan of Halo 3's magnum design. Like after 2, its obviously trying to invoke the CE pistol, but its like the CE's pistol substantially less attractive cousin.
  11. Its happened to me consistently about 3 times now. May just specifically be an xbox one x issue, but Ive noticed that if I turn my xbox back on from standby, and try and play a game of Halo 3 BTB with skins enabled, the game crashes and the xbox shuts off. But if you do a clean restart every time, it'll make it through the game fine.
  12. I think it'll be the best 343 game. But that's not saying a lot. I think prior to release or right after launch, a common sentiment for 4 and 5 was something along the lines of "It's a diamond covered in shit", as if all we had to do to fix those games were remove some bad features here and there. But I think they were both pretty flawed foundationally, and no amount of tweaking settings was going to fix that. Infinite looks like it has the LEAST amount of shit baked into it in terms of the raw gameplay itself. If they can fix the aiming, and tune up some weapons, I can see it being a good time. Biggest problem in my eyes is how we won't have Forge for six months, and thus we cant tweak and adjust maps to make them flow better or remove problematic weapons/equipment. And I honestly don't think 343 is very good at designing multiplayer maps, so if the community doesnt have the tools to fix it, I think it's gonna be a LOOOOOONG six months. Still think the radar being changed to how it was in past games is a huge mistake though. What sucks is that we didn't really get time to test the Threat Sensor against other players, so idiots who were used to staring at the corner of their screen to get 100% accurate information about their enemy's whereabouts just thought the thing was glitched. If we got an extended pvp Flight with the Threat Sensor, I think people will really feel the difference between it and the motion sensor of old. Because you know, you would actually be allowed to be within 25 meters of another player. You could use that shotgun you picked up to flank and ambush the enemy team. As opposed to just crouching in a corner, waiting for anyone to walk by because there's no other situation where two players would be THAT close to each other when the motion sensor is so goddamn powerful.
  13. Its funny how 343 is still adding armor and skins to Halo 3, when there's still that issue of the game crashing if you play BTB and have skins enabled.
  14. I find that the sad truth is that anyone willing to sit down and put their feelings into words and defend those points are themselves the minority.
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