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  1. My thinking is is that if 343 is going to half-ass the progression system, like they did, then it's better to just ditch it. Especially since we did the grind back in 2010. And we've been playing MCC for years before this current system, and I honestly never felt like what MCC was missing was an EXP bar.
  2. If it was up to me, I’d just let everyone have every single unlock. That way, your appearance is purely the result of self-expression, rather than just equipping the highest level thing as a status symbol.
  3. You weren’t gonna finish your master chief cosplay anytime soon, sure. But you had a lot more options a lot sooner compared to now, where the system thinks its good pacing to hand you like a dozen helmets and a firefight voice before you get any shoulders or chest pieces.
  4. That wasnt his complaint. His complaint was that in order to actually have his custom character in Campaign, which again, is a big selling point, he is forced to play the part he does not enjoy. And this restriction did not exist in the original version.
  5. I mean, when one of the biggest selling points of Reach is having your custom spartan as the main character in campaign, it’s no wonder that people want to actually customize said character. Not to mention how the original version of Reach gave you credits for every possible activity in the game.
  6. To be honest, I always thought the main reason people wanted a PC port was so they could either avoid buying an xbox one, or throw the console they already bought in the trash and never think about it again. But at the moment, you just can't do that because the MCC on PC is only like 1/5 (or 1/6 if you count ODST and H2A multiplayer) of the content. And its not even people's favorite part of the content.
  7. My issue with the idea of ditching controllers entirely on PC is how, at the moment, the PC version of MCC is the far superior one by pure virtue of giving the player some choice in their visuals. Like, I can't center the reticule on xbox, or up my FOV settings. Or have access to an FPS counter so I can see directly how well the game is performing. That, and mods of course. And I know this is just super specific to me, but I broke my right arm growing up, and as a result, I find it extremely uncomfortable to play with a mouse for any extended period of time. That being said, I don't think you CAN'T have an environment where controller and KB+M are both being used. My friend and I perform about as well as each other in both MCC and Destiny 2, and he's always using a mouse while I'm obviously on controller. And this doesn't really change if he happens to be using a controller either.
  8. There's something to be said about how annoying it is to play BTB, and never NOT be getting cross-mapped. But that's more of an issue of map design than anything else. For example, I feel like I never get team-shotted into oblivion in something like Breakneck, where all the fighting is divided between a bunch of different buildings, rather than just the massive flatlands of Hemorrhage. I once played a game of Headhunter on Ridgeline, and it was an absolute nightmare. Anytime someone tried to collect the skulls of a person they just killed, they were lit up by the enemy team, chilling on their favorite hill. People only ever got points from picking up the skulls of the teammates who died next to them.
  9. It blows my mind that when 343 designed the armor unlock system for Reach, they decided that the player should get a firefight voice before they're allowed to receive any shoulder pads or chest pieces. Honestly, if you HAD to revamp Reach's unlock system, I almost wish they just gave us like three random pieces of gear every level up. At least then, low level players would end up looking different to each other. With a healthy amount of armor you can only unlock from completing certain tasks as well, of course.
  10. Probably not that weird given how there's technically 4 versions of Reach. Vanilla, TU, Anniversary, and ZBNS. I'm really hoping that when H2A drops on PC, its competitive scene gets a second chance. I always felt like H2A multiplayer is what a next-gen Halo should have been, with the only real big blemish I know of being how piss easy it was to aim. But hey, if every one uses mouse and keyboard, that doesn't have to be an issue anymore.
  11. I only played two matches of Reach MCC multiplayer, and I already want to never touch it again.
  12. What's baffling is how there are people who AREN'T worried about Infinite. Like, nearly 4 years after Halo 5 with barely anything to show for it doesn't instill me with confidence. If anything, it suggests that the game has gone through so many scrapped iterations that there's no time to slap together any sort of gameplay demonstration for the most recent build. Because we all know that if Microsoft had anything impressive to show for its flagship franchise, it would have been there.
  13. I honestly don't give a damn about graphical fidelity anymore. At this point, just give me a game that looks like Halo CE, but takes all that modern processing power and puts it towards enhancing the actual gameplay and making sure it runs at a stable framerate.
  14. Remember how the 360 had three mainline entries, ODST, and Wars? And now all Xbox One has is ONE mainline entry, an HD collection, and Wars 2.

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