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  1. This map looks amazing and also is way better than the one we have in MM right now! Good Job!
  2. Have you posted a new forge map? Sometimes I find it hard flicking through the forge forums looking at the dates and times on every post looking for new forge maps that have been posted. So I thought of making this post for everyone to visit/post if they have created or looking for a new map ready for the public. This may sound pointless to any of you guys but I thought it may help. Admins are more than welcome to remove this post from the forums if they see fit and dont see any need in this post. Forge strong!!
  3. Lunar was chosen beacuse I had no name for it and someone just suggested it, and I know!! I dont have a clue what happened
  4. I would love too, how would one get a map into Spartan Showcase?
  5. More Pictures have been uploaded.
  6. I loved Halo1... Never Played Halo2 online!... HATED Halo 3 until I played Grifball!!... Only Played Invasion & Infected in Reach... Love Halo 4!
  7. The map looks well put together and very interesting, I see you have it set to 5v5 maximum, which without seeing an overview I think that would suit it best. But the DL link is soon to come and I shall be giving it a downloading! AND... On a unrelated topic, How do you get so many pics on there? for some reson I used to be able to upload 5-7pics but can now only upload 1-3
  8. I dont know what to say.... It looks beautiful!! And if 343 has another Community Forge Playlist I hope to see it in there! Just waiting on the DL link so I can get my hands on it
  9. Lunar. (Disclaimer: This is a quick edited post due to BB codes messing up!) Lunar is a A-Symmetric map built for the Casual scene. Its is best suited for 8players ranging from 2v2, 4v4 & FFA. Gametypes: FFA Regicide Team Slayer King of The Hill Extraction Oddball (Note: where ther Extraction points are posted in the pic below is where the Hills & Oddballs are) DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/players/gambble/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=f1fc82eb-cbfa-41ff-ab91-3133d4b86a6c
  10. I have 2 words to say..... Teach Me. <3 No but seriously the make looks very nice and I can see that you put a lot of effort into this. I like how they maps you post in these forums always turn out different. I wish my maps would! They always turn out the same or very similar Novice forger :'(
  11. That map looks beautifully forge ^.^ Rather unique designs, I would love to use some of them in my maps if you dont mind?
  12. Gamble


    This map looks well forged! And no offence but thats alot coming from me because Ive allways felt that the covenant maps in all Halo Games are the best maps!! I love em! <3 I wish there was some in Halo 4 But anyway!!... well forged because I can tell that this map is a rather hard map to remake
  13. This map Is rather unique, I like the fact that you built your map around an in game object. Ive tried to do that so many times and can never do it I also like that the map is 360 degree's! At first I didnt like the look of the map from the birds eye view picture, but then as I scrolled down the pictures the map became even more interesting! I also like that its a BTB MAP!! (That again I fail at) But overall... A very nice map!
  14. Thank you for you input, I am sorry this post didn't meet you expectations All I want is for them to test it and give me feed back on how to improve my forging skills, thats why I post on here, not to nessasirely put it into trowdown.
  15. A very nice looking map!! :O Wish I could forge asym
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