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  1. Fair enough. Definitely feels like too much recency bias and team success for my taste though. I value individual talent and success over multiple titles a lot more than you it seems.
  2. I haven’t posted here in forever and obviously things are subjective, but Lethul and Frosty are way too high on that list. Enable and Naded are way too low. How can you justify Frosty being in the top 15 when he has had success in only 1 title?
  3. Sucks that I missed what was apparently an amazing final game because of the stream issues. First tournament I have tried to watch in about a year, too. Looks like things haven't changed a bit...
  4. Can someone fill me in on what happened with Victory and LG? Been away for awhile.
  5. I've been totally out of the loop for the last several months. Saw on twitter that Ogre 2 unretired and thought I'd check back in here. I'm definitely going to tune into Las Vegas, but don't know any of the recent storylines. Hope this weekend delivers!
  6. What made that game 5 great for me was when I looked at the chat near the end and I saw someone say E6 had won. I assumed they checked the score and EG was going to choke it. I full screened the match again and watched even though I knew EG had already lost, then somehow they pulled it out and I was left stunned.
  7. The fact that EG pulled that series out is going to keep me invested in this season. It's so hard to watch your team lose heartbreakers I was about to call it quits.
  8. I remember when the narrative was that Ninja plays too much Halo and how playing matchmaking all day builds bad habits.
  9. Remember when Maniac cried about another team going to an event as BtH last year? Even though I'm pretty sure it had 2 founding members on it.
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