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  1. Phil Spencer: Halo Infinite delayed instead of splitting parts of game up
  2. It would be nice if we had multiple studios making halo. Heck’s one studio could cater to the classic crowd. So far all we have are fan made games that show no promise at all. It sucks but it’s the truth.
  3. Plenty of games do this. Why is it a sin just because MS uses it for their first party title?
  4. Tf does equity have to do with anything? There’s no way slupspace can do something UE4 can’t do.
  5. I bet it has too. 343 has a bad habit of scrap and add. I just hope this new date is going to be March or February. I mean there’s no games to get in the way at that point. I think a June or July be acceptable if we got multiple betas. I want a MP one and a campaign flight.
  6. Ikr. Halo games in the past were on a 2.5 year Dev cycle, and this game whom has been on a 5 year has shown shit that looks like they just started this very year. Idk why they scrapped UE4. They should of just stuck with that and everything would of been fine.
  7. Butttttt it originally started out as a custom game people found on fitgehub. It got noticed by all the downloads it got. I played it before it a playlist. Every pro tried out h5s pro settings
  8. It definitely does. 100% this. How does this not tell me you’re one of those guys?
  9. The graphics did look horrible. The gameplay looked good though. Nice and smooth. But graphics definitely dogshit level. But something MP wise definitely must be off. They told us a flight not be possible and that’s got me thinking why? How did Covid prevent a beta when Mcc betas keep occurring? That’s way smaller of a team too
  10. I just want a beta. Let us test the game out. 343 has no solid excuses this time. This is what happens when you decided being silent for 5 fuxking years was better than last time.
  11. Ok I should of worded it differently, I’m just mad by the infinite delay, I apologize. But the fact still remains no one will play them. I remember how painful it was to get anyone to notice the GP in reach, I remember it as well in h5, and that game you don’t need to download some assembly bs. And you can play it via browser!
  12. They won’t. I speak the truth and you know it. Because no pro will know of the settings. No one played reach GP and no one played them in h5. I’m not even saying they’re bad, I just know no one ever plays them. Even with a custom browser no one sticks around
  13. Why do you think anyone is going to play any garbage you or anyone here makes?
  14. They got no excuse to not give us flighting

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