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  1. Lol what FPS were you getting? I was getting 150fps with a 1070 TI and i7 8700k. This isn’t CS or overwatch you ain’t getting no 300 FPS
  2. It was probably on normal or easy difficulty
  3. Then you won’t mind not spending a cent in infinite but this time you will be missing out
  4. It’s just people don’t want to pay extra period or have to grind for things.
  5. Deal with it, there was gonna be micros wether it was F2P or not.
  6. As a pc player I want bloom gone period.
  7. Did you see what he asked for? No way 343s doing any of that. So he’ll be asleep FOREVER
  8. Call of duty, destiny, and other games have some of the best aiming inputs out there. It’s a shame 343 can’t seem to replicate this. Idk if it’s a talentless issue, or an engine. Halo infinite isn’t Snappy. You see people complaining about the fast AF strafe, and YET there’s games with similar fast strafe like overwatch, apex and no one bats an eye. Want to know why? Because it’s not too ridiculously difficult to hit someone in those because the aiming inputs are AMAZING. Tracking, snapping etc. controller and mouse and key is amazing. 343 seems to fail in the Snappiness department. Modern aiming in mcc is awesome and yet 343 can’t patch that over to infinite. Who is in charge of aiming over there, are they dumb?
  9. You forget, 343 balanced infinite not with a mindset of how easy a weapon is, but with a mindset what happens when a pro picks it up?
  10. They just want us to be nice about it. Fuck that if I hate something I’m gonna be as real as possible and say X fucking sucks
  11. Lol asking for a utility that’s got a perfect TTK less than 1 second, with no bloom and I projectile while good at all distances is unrealistic and is what you expect/want. My standards for halo aren’t the same as yours but that doesn’t make yours high.
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