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  1. I’ve watched them he’s made good points, but some stuff he says is unrealistic or just wrong without proper research. I’d say most stuff he says would be good though. I’m not particularly fond of clamber but I’m not against it either. I don’t think clamber has negatively impacted halo as much as sprint has. One thing I did like about h5 was although clamber is a thing there were still many jumps that had to be done by crouch jumping or jumps which you obviously could clamber but if you decided to crouch jump instead it was a faster transition than an animation.
  2. I feel it be hard as hell to evolve halo without adding or changing something. H3 added equipment which didn’t break the games formula, but they were very unbalanced. Halo reach saw the drastic change with AA and bloom. H4 for the first time in halos history equal starts was out of the equation, we had custom load outs, and score streaks. H5 we have spartan abilities which are on all the time, increased map size etc. thruster pack could easily work in classic halo as shown in the h5 mythic playlist. This ability adds much room for improvement still.
  3. You know he’s spot on correct. His call of duty comparison was how strong you are in cod and people love that. It’s why cod hasn’t declined unlike halo. many in this forum consider h5 sandbox as bad but what if the pistol was 4sk and everything was the same way it had been pre weapon balance patch? Could a sandbox like h5s of been ok if we spawned with a stronger utility? I’m a good advocate for variety in halo and I know many are as well. I think weapons on the map being strong is key but your utility should be strongest. Whatever utility we get in infinite pistol or BR, it’s ttk should be the lowest but the dmr or other guns have their niches to give reason to grab. Carbines fast ROF, the dmr high range, the LR 3 shot kill when zoomed. Let’s also hope for projectile shooting this time around.
  4. But lopsided matches can happen often for people as most who play halo, play it like they have no thumbs
  5. They should make the best looking skins and armors achievable through rank. Imagine a skin that you get by 10 or more ranked wins in a row
  6. Funny how everyone bitches about mmr in games yet want balanced matches. Ranked is right there!!
  7. Exactly spot on man. Like so far there is no incentive to play ranked. In h3 days people wanted that general rank and you couldn’t get it without having a 50 so even casuals played ranked. If there were armor, skins, medals next to your name etc etc that you can only get by playing and winning in ranked people would be more inclined to play ranked. Also they should add a playlist to rank(4s and BTB) that is called spartan wars. This would be exclusive to people in spartan companies only and would be create a better reason to create a spartan company. Wins give that company a certain rank among the companies and people will want to out do others. Restrictions would be you’re only allowed to search with your company, you will match alongside other company members. Just to ensure search times aren’t long you can match along side other companies but your company will receive less points since they basically got assisted. This rank for each company should reset each season(every two months) so other companies aren’t left in the dust. But there’ll be a service medal of your companies previous ranking. Basically this’ll be h2 clan wars playlist
  8. You know there’s a reason I mentioned the popular games only. I know h5 there’s issues and in other games as well. H5 ranking has popularity problems though. I wouldn’t say halos 1-50 is a good thing.
  9. But did I say everyone plays ranked in the games I mention? I’d say rank is highly populated in those compared to others where to find a game you gotta wait like an hour
  10. Just experience and what I’ve seen. I don’t have any statistics but in those games I don’t have issues finding games in ranked
  11. Considering I was young To a point if I had $$ I spent that shit on junk food
  12. What game do people stop playing in? Ranked is the most popular thing in OW and league and cs. It’s the unpopular games I see that have this no rank play.
  13. LW, TS and snipers. I didn’t play much of mlg bsck then. I didn’t start to play that actually until reach v7
  14. Yeah I gotta admit being a general in h3 or getting to inheritor(lol I never even made it to inheritor) was way more exciting. Something about getting to champion than 50 sounds more exciting. Unfortunately I as a solo player rarely got into it😭😭
  15. It’s visual but an Elo system in Division let’s me know where someone truly belongs. If you ended up in silver it’s because you belong in silver. You say silver could be 11-20 but I don’t think it’s all cut and dry like that. The numbers aren’t a good representation of skill. 1-50 also isn’t expected to reset as well so that’s a problem. The skill gap between a level 15 and a level 25 needs to be noticeable.

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