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  1. You can easily be affective even against aware players with a sniper. Sniper isn’t just successful on the unaware, especially in halo. Good look killing a competent player with the needler in ant halo when they’re aware of you. My logic is very sound especially the weapon you tried counteing with you fucking moron. Next time if you’re gonna refute use something that I can’t comeback with. Hell Tylenul a h3 streamer be sniping kids while getting blasted by a BR even against pros like bubu
  2. Someone could say it’s epic and you say it’s cringe.
  3. Competitive should use commando starts. The gun takes more skill based on the smaller reticule alone.
  4. The BR needs a buff. I think 1.1 second perfect TTK
  5. It’s because the words balance or competitive always goes back to us.
  6. Let me rephrase some weapons can be on par with other weapons even if they take less skill. Never!
  7. Idk if that’s a typo error or actually aim assist for mouse. Lol if it is we can finally be on an even level controller players
  8. I say just remove it from multiplayer because there’s no winning with this argument.
  9. In some cases it actually is still fun. Not ever weapon needs to take a ton of skill to use.
  10. I’m actually curious on how fast you’d want it because infinite so far from what I’ve seen has the fastest(h2 button glitches don’t count)
  11. If you pay attention you’ll notice you only show on radar when sprinting and shooting
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