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  1. But all in all it’s what comes to mind when thinking strong.
  2. Yeah h2 pc does that and it’s straight trash still. Match composer helps out a lot without providing a unnecessary clutter.
  3. And right there is the problem with server browsers. Fuck anyone who wants a normal match am I right. If I wanted a normal FFA 8 man that wasn’t BRs/snipers that lasted 20 minutes I couldn’t find it.
  4. Here’s the problem with server browsers though. From my experience in them the average one is some goofy shit. Not official settings. In most games I’ve played that had a server browser and that includes halo custom edition if you wanted a 4v4 or 2v2 then good luck. You over estimate the desire for mod support. You think(assumption) people will play modded game types and maps suited for more competitive play but really it’s the chaotic shit with no sense of balance or rules.
  5. Evidence has shown that doesn’t work. Mm far suits games more than server browsers.
  6. I made a post on reddit on how we need projectile shooting in infinite and even explained not to looo at h3 but games like apex and what not as good examples. Feedback was mostly negative people prefer the consistency of h5s hitscan. Overall people don’t want projectile. Even if it increases skill and whatnot they didn’t care
  7. Ahh who cares I just want my boy back.
  8. Sometimes I wish they’d find a way to retcon Johnson alive and he became a SP4.
  9. Obviously my point is the top games RN have something in common. They’re easy to pick up. They’re competitive but they don’t feel competitive. Fortnight, cod, valorant, etc just feel so simple. Halo infinite needs to have this feeling there also needs to be a learning curve that feels good. Fortnite has building. Cod and apex movement and infinite hopefully has this as well. However it shouldn’t feel so ridiculous where a player can just keep escaping easily
  10. Halo infinite needs to feel simple. Something you pick up and know what you’re doing
  11. CE levels of TTK are perfectly fine. However we need bullet tracers. This way you can tell how you should lead your shot
  12. Halo needs Cold War TTK in h3 you can do the plasma grenade trick only because the TTK is long enough to give you time to do it
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