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  1. I’m only excited because it’s a new game and we need something new. Sure no ideas are original but it’s whatever. I expect a consist pop of 50k+ at least because it’s a modern game plus it’s free, although it could be lower You already did by saying something period, and your butt buddies disliking.
  2. This game is gonna be lit and I’m so glad none of you bitches will play it. Keep down voting aphex it means nothing. rhe people who’ll play it are those not stuck in the past. There’s no halo after this so adapt or give up. If it fails whelp they tried.
  3. Most likely. Technically h5 betas TTK was very fast
  4. Honestly that’s not too bad. They don’t seem over powered or useless and if it’s 5-6 shots while rapid fire then that’s ok. the pulse bomb reminds me of something from overwatch aphex the guy who won’t even play infinite the fact that any of y’all were expecting TTK like the CE pistol is hilarious
  5. Aren’t you the guy who said he has no pc of console to play it on? Why do you discuss something you won’t try?
  6. This sounds neat for the campaign, and flood doesn’t count as wildlife since it’s not an animal. It’s an intelligent life form.
  7. Ok isn’t the number one thing you people spout is ce takes so much skill because it’s utility’s TTK is so fast(perfect TTK) you can kill two opponents with it fast enough before one reacts?
  8. That is true. No I do get it that the weapons that are easier shouldn’t be that affective compared to the utility which Usually has a bigger skill gap. My point is that it doesn’t suit well with the majority. One common theme in halo is there’s only one weapon worth using and power weapons don’t count as proper variety. If we had a fast TTK perfect utility like CE could we have autos strong as h5s? I just believe we should let it slide to have easy weapons that are strong. Hell we don’t have those weapons in the competitive playlist anyway so what’s the deal? A CE purist loves the fact they can dominate with the starting weapon only and heck’s so do I. I have no problem with this in halo I just want to look out for the average player. I’ve said it before as well but halo 4 did autos right where the precision were dominant but the AR was strong AF. I also think that assault rifle in h2a is also an example of strong auto but BR was still better. You know one reason AR and other weapons are so op in halo is because of the reticule. Imagine if the reticule was small and no aim assist? Or just none in general and a moderate sized reticule. ARS become less op if there’s a way to strafe out of their bullets. When you have a reticule the size of Manhattan and large aim assist missing becomes near impossible. Hell I remember playing reach gold pro and I believe the AR had no aim assist and it did hella damage but because of this you could actually strafe out of their shots
  9. Dude I’ve literally seen many here say ARS should be weak AF. Enlighten me because I don’t see your perspective. I’m someone who doesn’t care about strong autos because in the grand scheme of things they won’t be in the comp playlist anyway most likely
  10. Most people don’t care if something is powerful alongside a weapon that’s op that takes skill. Look at apex. Many people use easier guns that are stronger but we still have the wingman that does 45 body, and 70+ to the head. Other weapons are useful and easier to use but those who do use the wingman come out on top often. But the thing is you and others want the utility to be useful and ARS to be so weak that in a utility vs AR battle they’ll still have half of their shields left
  11. It doesn’t, and a lot of weapons currently are weaker than the utility but still are useful to use. They’re easy to use because most guns are hitscan. Hard to have guns that are difficult to aim if they’re hitscan.
  12. One reason people want variety is so they don’t need to go all MLG try hard. It’s ok if weapons that don’t much skill have some power, it’s not the end of the world
  13. Idk if you play any multiplayer games? Or even follow other communities but many will not agree with that opinion. People like a skillful play style but it eventually becomes repetitive. There’s a reason metas in games are always being changed because players don’t like having to play virtually the same way just to win a game or fight. Variety is all people desire.
  14. Shooting could easily be made more difficult. The movement is gonna be very similar to apex and if it had shooting similar it can take a lot of skill
  15. Compared to past games I disagree. Everything being useful is a good thing
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