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  1. I'm really enjoying ranked...Everything else can fuck off though
  2. I reckon the castle hotel should be the home for comp halo
  3. I swear 90% of the halo fandom on twitter/reddit/waypoint are ********. Only a ****** would want the AR to stay exactly how it is. I tried talking to a few of them and I swear I'd get more sense talking to my French bulldog. And my French bulldog doesn't even play fps games.
  4. Better call an ambulance for yourself now
  5. Fuck this AR man. Who's fucking stupid idea is it to make the AR the fucking go to gun. Fucking brain dead company fuck off
  6. Don't really say much here, but I check in from time to time, been playing since '08. If I'm to be honest I feel more optimistic after watching the trailer. 343 are clearly focusing on the sandbox elements of the game. I know we were going to have sprint so there's no point dwelling on it. It's the most halo looking halo game we've had for the last decade. Believe
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