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  1. I thought it was great, I have to agree the Grenade hit markers have got to go.
  2. I am telling you right now if my player even considers running i'm dropping my controller and kicking the corner of my couch as hard as i possibly can. Sprint is not Halo..
  3. All im saying is if everyone is allowed the same tools at their disposal then the playing field is 100% fair. Hard to argue that.
  4. I say if everyone has the opportunity to use the same type of controller (Scuff) then its a even playing field.... If you can't afford one get a job.... Or play another game maybe.. People put to much into nothing.
  5. Loved Halo for so long, sad to see whats happening with this game.
  6. Best event in a very long time. As much as I hated seeing my boy Pistola get dethroned hats off to Requiem. They played amazing i would have to give the MVP to Ace due to the fact so many people where saying he was their weak link and that he needed to be dropped and then he went in and did work. That's a lot of pressure on a kid. He proved the "Critics" wrong. Ace MVP
  7. I get what you are saying and respect it but remove the BR from halo such Reach and the game is garbage pro's will start to leave ect... same song and dance. BR comes back H4 4sk pro's are coming back halo is competitive again. fact.
  8. I would say you would have to base it off longevity. The ability to go from game to game and still wreck is huge only a few can do that. Gandhi could not. Snipe/ola they are still doing it.
  9. The question was best slayer of all time not just H2
  10. Why is Gandhi on this list lol, i chose snipedown his all around game and the many different ways he can kill you is just crazy and for the years he has put in and is still doing it like it was 08.
  11. H2 greatest game of all time. With the glitches it separated the top players from the average players. Created that skill gap. the ranking system common who didn't love that ranking system. The excitement loading Midship ball, or flag damn those where the days. Lockout Ball, Warlock Flag. H2 FTW
  12. GT: LU Kemiia Great slayer and great obj, I know all call outs and listen very well which is very important. Looking for a cool chill team with talent, mostly online tournaments. I can't really travel anymore due to my job unfortunately. I can practice most nights west coast times. Just gotta get my gym time in. Hit me up, Thanks
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