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  1. You mention a false equivalency, but how does this question address what I said? Seems like a disingenuous question attempting to straw-man my argument
  2. @_Synapse because being able to instantly perform the movement combos from a standstill seems like it would be a bit gimmicky. My intention was more like in 0.1s you would be moving at 1m/s and in 1s you would be moving at the top speed of 1.2m/s. So not a huge, sprint-like increase. More having to build up some momentum before utilizing the combos. I think it would be less chaotic from a gameplay perspective. I think to recreate the depth you have to have some sort of momentum mechanic
  3. @Boyo so you only ask the questions, you don't answer them?
  4. Nope, don't find it tiring. I'm tapping buttons not deadlifting 450lbs. Does BXRing or double shooting in H2 count as inputting the Konami code as well? I like the movement mechanics because they allow me to outplay people not only through gunplay, but also through movement. You can do this in any of the Halos, but the biggest skill gap in movement is in H5. Yeah, it is a risk/reward dynamic. In H5, you're also able to immediately shoot out of sprint and sprint out of shooting, so it's not like this massive chasm between movement and shooting. It's an instantaneous reaction. But I also don't prefer the split of movement/shooting. I'd prefer a momentum system that has a quick take-off (aka good strafe speed) and then a gradual increase to a top movement speed that would introduce the ability for movement combos. So, just like you, I'd love for a sprint button not to be a thing. Do I think 343 is actually gonna pull that off? Nope.
  5. At high levels of play, H5 isn't start/stop, humpty-dumpty gameplay. The best players at the game run AND gun. Like, yeah, at a basic level you can't sprint and shoot at the same time. But you can also sprint/thrust/slide/jump into a faster-than-sprint momentum and still shoot. I think when the game is played at a low-level, it can resemble run or gun, start/stop play. But that's not how it's played at a competitive level. The mechanics incentivize a quick-collapsing, rotational style of play - Splyce took this to a new level and changed the meta. If you watch any footage of Splyce circa 2017, it's them absolutely flying at the opponents. I think it would be pretty hard to objectively argue that Shotzzy's movement/gunfights look more staccato than smooth. All that being said, H5 is a different style of game than HCE/H2/H3. There's no denying that. But I'd also say that the games are more similar than they are different. It's a fair point that all these movement mechanics take a hell of a lot more inputs than simply using the left stick. The combos provide more depth, but introduce more complexity. Whether that's a good trade-off is an opinion, not a fact
  6. Improved probably isn't the word I'd use. I think 343's best work has been H5's movement. It has the most depth/nuance of any of the movement systems in Halo when you consider all of the thrust/slide/stabilize combos, spring jumps, ramp boosting, etc. It's not perfect - for instance, the strafe speed is a bit slow. H5 has its flaws (like the abominations that are spartan charge and groundpound). And yeah, even more flaws pop up when you consider the totality of the game's lifespan and 343's management decisions, like the good ol' AR/Radar starts they refused to adjust for about two years. Overall though, I think H5's movement mechanics were quality work that had a good attention to detail
  7. I mean I thought this one was pretty good: Ftfy Implying that anyone who enjoys Halo post H3 doesn't have a brain isn't exactly a resounding example of critical thinking
  8. The amount of unintentionally ironic viewpoints in here is pure gold. Don't ever stop. I'm fully looking forward to Sprintfinite
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