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  1. Can you change my username to Herbie Please and TY
  2. Probably had the most fun with Halo I've had in years. Got my friends who haven't touched Halo since Reach to pick it up and give it a try. Whatever Halo gets announced at E3 better be amazing. Hopefully Halo Online shows 343 that classic Halo is what gets people excited. Was fun while it lasted though. Back to MCC I guess lol.
  3. Down to play games on the weekends. Sometimes you can catch me playing during the week. My GT = MedalpiXel
  4. Just played the wackest game of CTF on Isolation. It was just a race to see who can cap 3 flags faster. They need change it for captures to only happen when flag is back at base.
  5. The only map I keep getting in the H3 playlist has been ghosttown. It's getting kinda annoying, but damn am I having fun playing.
  6. Pit or Guardian really can't decide between the two.
  7. Anybody else find it kind of odd that nothing has been announced yet for post Dreamhack Denver? Any speculations for what might come after?
  8. Anyone know how to download all the MLG Gametypes and maps? MLG Gametypes friends list is full. Hoping to get some FFA and 8s going later tonight.
  9. Log into twitter and see that i'm blocked by @@Batchford I don't even know why he blocked me in the first place.
  10. So glad I decided to tune into the stream and see this series.
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