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  1. I think there were a few things that were immersion breaking (but that's not only thing that created the disappointment). Example: When they're on the highway with the mini-van and all the cars have stopped working, they are all parked at the side of the road like no driver would have got stuck ON the road. So that allows Tom to magically go through the highway without any issue. Or the scene when they're driving slowly through a lot of people (at the port I think) and those people start acting like zombies to get in the mini-van, breaking the glass with their bare hands. I think it's exaggerated. It's the accumulation of little things like that that made me appreciate it less than the first time I've watched it. I would have to watch it again since last time I only watched some of it.
  2. Yea when the player population is going to increase the goal is to have a bunch of campaigns running at the same time that players can join. When campaigns end others are created. They all have different types of rules, for example is it faction or guild-based, what races or class are allowed, etc. I think there's no restrictions on when player can join a campaign but I'm not sure about it. There are many videos showing large-scale engagements on Youtube but I don't recall watching a video with what you refer to exactly.
  3. The campaign experience in Crowfall is pretty different than what we've got in games like WoW or RuneScape. The goal of the players when joining a campaign is to defeat the other players and amass enough victory points to be victorious. Victory points can be earned during PvP (defending or capturing forts), quests from the gods or economic activities like crafting. The Victor can export the spoils of war and bring some of it in the next campaign.
  4. For those who don't know about this game, it's best described as "Game of Thrones meets EVE Online", EVE being one of the most strategic virtual world ever developed. So it's all about politics, conquest, city building, player-driven economy, crafting and a couple other things. It should launch in a few months and now it's in Beta. This video shows the in-game world:
  5. I rewatched War of the worlds with Tom Cruise yesterday. It was disappointing imo.
  6. It's going pretty off-topic in here! ^_o
  7. From a french canadian music group I love very much:
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