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  1. When is V5 being released? I was under the impression it was going to be up after H4GC... As in todays updated playlists...
  2. If our community is moving to a hybrid of cod and halo... That means one thing. Halo is dead.
  3. it's pretty bad when the community leaders are telling us to play CoD... Halo died once the modded game types for NS came out.
  4. Will never happen. Microsoft owns the Halo franchise. Nuff said.
  5. fryloq

    Metal Thread

    Favorite bands: Parkway Drive After The Burial (from my city minneapolis) Chelsea Grin Born of Osiris As Blood Runs Black and so many more....
  6. -Map graphics -Spartan customization -Railgun -Service Tag (can use names vs numbers) -Extraction -Thruster/Hardlight -NASA
  7. Damn! Where are all my Minnesotans at?!
  8. I think Vogel is making Dexter clean up all of her past patient/project/killer messes that could expose her. Next episode I bet the "suspected killer" will end up on the table, and more brain killer murders will happen from Vogel.
  9. I must say... that grind image makes me look at my fingers in an entirely new way.
  10. Battle creek Hang me high Guardian Midship Haven Skyline
  11. So all the games I play when someone backs out are pointless, eh?
  12. How does CSR register wins in Throwdown if people quit out before the end of the game? Does CSR count it as a win? or does it count it as a neutral game? I ask this only because someone online was trying to tell me that it does not actually count it as a game. Can anyone help with this topic? Thank you much!
  13. why isn't the Original Post updated with any scrims after June 17th?
  14. just watched both episode 1 & 2.... Dude... I think that old lady is the killer and she is trying to test Dexter to see if he is better than her. and Dexter is going to try and sleep with Debra...
  15. Aso happy UMG is hosting this Halo tournament! Thanks Goldenboy and company!
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