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  1. If the halo competitive community fails or doesn't see why it can be a success then what has the casual viewer on twitch etc got a chance of understanding it?
  2. i dont get it and never will understand why 343 have gone with h2a and not classic? solves everything but now 343 and slowly killing the scene with h2a with stale events with the same 3 maps over and over and over.
  3. When you think halo might be coming back and 343 are making some good decisions i see this shit happening and remind myself why i dont trust 343 and also dont play Halo.
  4. I feel its going to be very hard or rare to see clutch 1v4 on that round based gametype especially with how small the map looks and if you end up killing one person the team will know exactly where you are. Will be hard to hide and regain shields. Also with these announcers telling you when weapon spawns seem a pointless addition and takes away some amount of skill i feel. But would of been a lot better taking the shadowrun mechanic of pressing up and it doing the callouts of enemy players. Would of been 100x more useful than what ive seen currently. Only watched first 10mins so will watch the rest later.
  5. Am I the only one who hates this stream overlay shit? Just put it on after games not during it. Please just put the gameplay as full screen.
  6. Ghost sounds like a salesman most of the time. He tries too hard to sell his settings and seems give props to 343 all the time. Nothing wrong with this but he seemed to do it a lot.
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