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  1. I am going to wait and see if there is the inevitable Halo MCC bundle.
  2. I would like to preface this post by saying like everyone here I am super hyped for Halo MCC. We have all be waiting to play our favorite games again with the addition of new technology, and I had to clean my buggies when I watched the announcement. With that being said, I feel Halo MCC might not be good for competitive Halo. Please don't stop reading here. It is obvious that it would do better than Halo 4 etc, so in that definition I guess it is "good" but truly anything would be better than Halo 4. Before e3 everyone was anticapting the annoucement of H2A, discussing settings, maps, etc. Halo 2 is arguably the "best" Halo and people were really excited for it potentially returning. When it was announced that all the Halo games (minus Reach) would be included I saw people getting hyped for different things. There were the "old school" players who will be die hard about Halo 1, the 2nd generation Halo 2 players, the generation that is probably the biggest Halo 3, and Halo 4 which most appeals to very young children (yes the like armor abilities). What you have is a community divided. Looking at the poll below it is important to note that is forum is a HALO FORUM, so if you are still talking about this game (we can be honest here it hasn't been great lately) then you are going to be a more old school player. Realistically Halo 3 and Halo 4 would have increases in percentage. Halo 1 (42 votes [13.12%] - View) Halo 2 (238 votes [74.38%] - View) Halo 3 (35 votes [10.94%] - View) Halo 4 (5 votes [1.56%] - View) There is also the issue of Halo 5 coming out. Sure if it isn't broke don't fix it, and if Halo MCC does great on the pro circuit then why change? The fact is new games add hype, and MLG has never not switched to the newest game. So are you going to have Halo MCC on the circuit for 1 year? What happens when Halo 5 comes out. Like everyone here I am really excited about Halo MCC. I am just not sure how it will work competitively.
  3. I think you are greatly misinformed of how large the "competitive community" actually is. The overwhelming majority of "competitive players" will never actually compete in a live or online tournament. They may or may not know the top teams, but the important thing is that they sure as hell are not dropping $200 on a modded controller. The fact that MLG partnered with SCUF is frankly disgusting, and in my opinion truly shows how much of a financial pit they are in. Back in my days of competing you were not even allowed to use a mad catz controller (default only) and that is the only way it should be. If MS wanted paddles or extra features they would have included them in the 100 million they put into R&D for the controller alone.
  4. This is a giant slap in the face of early adopters of the Xbox One. It also shows how fucked Microsoft realize they are. Glad they are offering a lower price point, but really this is just an act of desperation.
  5. I remember being the lobby with Snipedown and Mackeo when Mackeo offered him a spot to The Agency (I think?). It was just us 3, and I always knew he was an amazing player, but it was kind of cool to be there. Glad to see he had such an amazing career.
  6. I have been gone for awhile, is this really still a thing?
  7. Not at all. I believe Kayle has the fastest wave clear of any jungle. As long as your lanes don't super feed it is all about the late game. Kayle scales amazingly into late.
  8. I would have a snarky remark too if I had nothing to play either.
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