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  1. You wouldn't be a Halo photographer if you didn't retire and un-retire at least 3 times.
  2. After a quick look at those videos, I think Furnace has the most potential.
  3. Also, I'm surprised at how long some of these maps have been around.
  4. Here are some YT videos of the forge maps being considered. FISSURE SENTINEL FURNACE DATA CENTER ECHELON RUSSET ???? VESTIGE ???? FISSURE looks too open and big.
  5. I'd also like to know more about the players. Who has part-time or full-time jobs along with Halo? Who is going to college and for what?
  6. Can you do any spotlights on the EU guys with them coming to town early? Or have a look into what they are doing this week to prepare?
  7. So I was visiting Ireland last summer and driving through Belfast when all of a sudden.... Well actually it's 'Tony Taylor' but the parallel is fun. Tony Taylor was a member of the IRA and went to jail in the 90s for activity during the Troubles.
  8. Not planning on going to the tournament. But after reading this, I want to visit Seattle! Very nice, thanks...
  9. Did I miss this being posted already? A clip someone got on Batchford and posted on Reddit https://i.imgur.com/5l56imQ.gifv
  10. Is the video he posted from direct stream or is it from theater? Does that matter? Just asking the question because I've never experienced anything like that in H5. I also don't view gameplay in theater... So I don't know if there's an issue.
  11. Agreed. We should have started playing Ricochet competitively when we had the chance.
  12. Tons of rep going to whomever creates that gif of Simms heads on Goldenboy's fingers.
  13. That GQ picture of Onset... https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidnealmedia/25494489477/in/album-72157693623349005/
  14. Sometimes it's therapeutic to write it all down. I can't tell you how many work email 'roasts' I've written and deleted before sending.
  15. He could have been referring to players on the American Continent when he said Americans.
  16. I wonder if they are holding off on it to release in series with the Halo 6 release. There was talk of episodic TV shows tying into the game back in Halo 4 or 5 but it never panned out.
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