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  1. Esports now especially from blizzard games and league of legends. just feel extra sterile and advertiser friendly. there's no trash talk allowed so matches don't really have much of a storyline like they used to.
  2. How depressing is it knowing we'll never have moments like this again
  3. because it doesn't have big flashy numbers in the thousands that give me dopamine spikes assaulting my retinas
  4. should there be some sort of xp incentive for finishing a match before five minutes? just to stop people from stat padding and what not
  5. community polls on waypoint is proof democracy doesnt work
  6. the trailer was ok, wait for a campaign trailer then complain if it's bad
  8. the more shots it takes to kill, the more time you have to spend with your cursor on the target
  9. anyone here tried splitgate? it's making a bit of a resurgence and it's definitely really fun. it's basically if halo and portal had a baby.
  10. cant wait to spam ping teammates who make questionable plays
  11. ok how about this, you can "crush" the skull by meleeing objects or walls around you and if you do it enough the skull eventually breaks, you get an extra 15 points and the ball resets after 15 seconds or so. make the skull crushing process take long enough so it cant be done on a whim. maybe like 8-9 melees.
  12. i think halo need some sort of mercy rule. if it's first to 50 and you're ahead by 20 kills the game should just end
  13. i think if there was some way of making the oddball reset without relying on maps you could jump off of, then i think oddball could be the gametype with the most strategy. maybe every x seconds of holding the oddball it resets to a location that only the ball holder sees?
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