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  1. Completely unrelated but is crowd control in other genres like a moba for instance also inherently unfun? Do any forms of 'fun' crowd control exist?
  2. I dont think COD even has a killtime that fast. Seems a bit excessive
  3. there's no other place i'd rather be
  4. How about if your crosshair is on them for a second or so, then a brief outline is shown that teammates can see?
  5. What Halo really needs is outlines. Outlines for teammates probably aren't necessary but they'd help. What i'd REALLY want is outlines over enemy players that teammates of yours currently have eyes on. It would help with the majority of players that don't call out.
  6. you should be able to use the spiker to shoot a wall and jump on the spikes. i think somebody here suggested that a while ago.
  7. Are there any default Halo maps that came close to reaching your standard of integrity?
  8. I think the health pack question really depends on how long the kill time is. If the average kill time is far enough percentage wise from the perfect kill time, then it's possible that you could kill multiple enemies without them even touching your health.
  9. Now all they need to do is bring back the old Warthog design.
  10. Is the existence of CC justified if you have to aim it and it's quite difficult to land? Extrapolating this idea to mobas and mmos, I cant imagine a damage/heals/buffs and no debuffs moba or mmo being very fun to play, but I could be wrong.
  11. I wanna make a top-down shooter that's a bit like Halo and this thread is teaching me a lot
  12. I'm working on a game too. What kind of game are you making?
  13. The worst part about stuff like the brute shot and concussion rifle wasn't their knock backs it was the screen VIOLENTLY shaking for no fucking reason making it impossible to aim..
  14. https://riseofwinterchill.com/articles/lanes-without-stuns CC in PVP is pretty annoying yeah i think this article also makes a good point.
  15. how sad is it that halo online had a better netcode than this
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