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  1. I'll always love halo, I actually like halo 4, the skill level even in halo 4 to succeed surpasses the level you need to be successful in black ops. I feel like with the amount that I play of Halo 4, I shouldn't be capable of putting in black ops, a game I play rarely and be the best person in a match. I can say I had way more fun playing halo 3, I suppose it was harder to play so being successful became more enjoyable.
  2. i've never even really analyzed the skill of the sudds just because their both honestly the weirdest people i've never met, I rank them last.
  3. not sure if this is unpopular but radar completely ruins halo as being any bit competitive. no radar promotes team communication which is hard enough if you get in by yourself because for some reason most players on halo don't have a mic or don't realize how big the team aspect is.
  4. Any map besides The Pit and Haven seem flawed for Ricochet, of course if you just play to the weaknesses of the maps, it can create a good game.
  5. I'm not really big into BTB so I hate playing on maps like complex or meltdown or exile. I'd never want to play on snowbound ever...again. I'd put TL-34 from h1 but I played that for 5 seconds and had already decided it was just a joke from bungie.
  6. Unpopular opinion, I like Halo 4. I adapted after playing halo 4 and I don't try to compare it to other Halo's. of course I like playing H3, and reach as well but I also enjoy h4.
  7. GT: Twalls01 Location : Cambridge, MD (Eastern Shore) Don't know too many people who play around where I live but is love to drive and play some LANs or tournaments, looking forward to finally going to the DC LAN at the end of the month, if you wanna play send me a message on live or email me at [email protected] and I'll add you, would love to get some customs or whatever going!
  8. I've played halo mostly since Halo 3, dabbled with H2 and CE but I was young at the time and really only watched streams. I've stuck with halo, I knew it would get better and with the release of the Weapons Tuning today, I feel as if Halo is on its way back. With that being said, since H4 has released I've played solo through any playlist, not really playing with a set team. I feel like playing on a set team I can enhance my halo experience, plus try to compete competitively. I would say my strengths are more of a support player as I am usually playing on a DSL connection, and I can communicate well with teammates. Events aren't a issue, and am always willing to travel. GT: Twalls01, lets play.
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