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  1. From what I saw, It looked pretty fun and there's a lot of things you can do to outplay your opponent.. Which could make a good skill gap. I also liked the climbing aspect to, it looked very fluid which can add to the game in a good way. What i didn't really like to much was the announcer, or something called out when power weapons would be up.. And he announced it's a 2v2 or 1v1 for that gametype.. I just don't feel that's necessary and takes away from learning awareness.. Also some of the things he said, kinda sounded corny.. But all that stuff isn't a deal breaker.. I'm not one of those hard headed guys that says Halo must not change to be good. I think change is good if done well, and polished well.. I think and hope they have learned from their mistakes. I hope this game will be the start of the new Halo, that is just as fun and addicting and time consuming as Halo 2 was for me.
  2. The only reason I think Colossus, is in one of the first interviews Frank O'Connor said his favorite map was Colossus and it was just really random that he said that.. The map wasn't bad it just doesn't stick out when you think Halo 2.. But it was fun in Team snipers and CTF I think out of those choices I hope it's Colossus... Foundry is to blah it was only good for playing Zombies.. Water works sucked, it wasn't very popular it was like in one playlist with one game type. So you never really played it..
  3. Damn, looks better then I expected. Pax is going to be HYPE as fvck!!
  4. I dunno that Desolation seemed kinda bad, it was like a worse version of Warlock. The map was way to open up top and starting brs would be brutal. because you either spawn in the small open bases or down below and it would be pretty hard to not get spawn killed if the other team was all top.. But if it's in there it's worth testing.
  5. I hope they Keep all the glitches!! Glitches brought a surprising skill dynamic that allowed you to outplay your enemy when they had power weapons or you had no shields.. It makes the game entertaining and also takes practices.. Some of the best moments I have ever had was turning around and out br my friends with Double shots, or BxB someone with a shotgun.. Taking them out would hurt the game more than help it imo.. If you don't like them then there's four other halos that don't have them.. Also Bxr and BxB help against the Very broken h2 sword.
  6. Will there be a Clan system like in the original Halo 2?
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