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  1. I've had my pass reserved since it was announced, I can't wait!
  2. GT: DooMHaMMR 360/Xbox One inv for 8's, still learning callouts.
  3. Thank you. It was driving me crazy lol.
  4. I had a bunch of accounts that I used that would fill in those gaps in the chart, this was one of my main one's at the time. Wish I knew all my gamertags and could add up all the LAN matches I played in H2.
  5. Made my day when hearing the crowds loud cheers in the background.
  6. I hate myself for not having sanc and warlock.
  7. Really? The only reason I haven't gotten XBC is because I don't have the map pack disc. I figured I couldn't play with the people that had the update. You can do both the double shot and BXR pre-patched Halo 2, I got bored one day and tried it out. Wasn't as effective but you could do it.
  8. "My best friend Cortana is dead, reminds me that I'm pretty much robocop in space" lol.
  9. Halo has always been around when I've been down, had a bad day, just when everything seemed to suck. I could always turn my Xbox on and it didn't matter if it's Halo:CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, or Halo 4 for that matter. No matter what when I play Halo nothing else matters for that moment in time, doesn't matter if it's 1-2 hours or a 8+ hour day on Halo. It always has helped get me through the tough days. I loved playing Team Hardcore (H2), or the MLG playlist (Halo 3/Reach), and Team Throwdown. All that mattered to me at that moment in those playlists or customs even was having fun, winning, and becoming the best at Halo no matter what. Now that Halo is down and needing a hand why would I just turn away from it when it has helped me for years? I won't. Yes I play CoD and other games I enjoy other games but Halo is in my heart it's like part of the family almost as weird as it sounds. Hell I almost cried at the end of Halo 4's campaign when cortana died, granted I knew that they would most likely do something to bring her back. I obviously play the game more then just when I'm down or having a tough day. But it no matter what Halo has always been there when I just needed to get my mind off everything for a little bit or calm down.
  10. I used to hate modders cause of the Halo 2 MM days, but because of things like no sprint and now descope. Much love.
  11. I would love H2A, I would lose any life I gained since the H2 days. Although if they did they would most likely do like they did with Halo:CE Anniversary and remake Halo 2 maps for Halo 4.
  12. My first 20 games I got 1st in 17 games, I got 2nd in the other 3. Then I played 7 more got 1st in 6 games, the other game got 2nd again. the highest I ever seen myself get ranked was 33. Sucks knowing since I didn't get a perfect 20/20 that I have no shot. I didn't know we get 3 free quits before they actually count it towards your score....damn
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