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  1. Just short q from my side . Is there stat reset for those who had pre realese access ?
  2. Heh Im based in Poland and was matched with some ppl from 343 , some pro's , youtubers . It was during placement games and after as well ( it was low population with pre-release ) . Game was smooth , no lags , very fast beat down The thing which i do not like about capaign are AI inteligent - sometimes your team mates are plain stupid what in Legendary is big issue , and AI stupid voices like - You killed him Chief , or Great Job ... but overall nice story
  3. Well idk that we have 2015 . My friends are divided - some of them having PS4 some xone . We used to have meetings with Halo when few of us were bringing xbox and playing togather Now its gone . Im following Dota 2 pro scene - all online tournaments got DDOS issues , lag issues , servers dc . Im afraid that the same will happen here . Maybe we will receive LAN patch soon enough
  4. @up im playing bumper jumper and its working for me pretty nicely i just have some doubts if this hype train remain for some time or it will stop after week/2 weeks . We will see how it will go . Im just worried that 343 will start messing around with h3 ( somehow )
  5. I prefer fast switching so you can be in action much faster . Sometimes when you are too long with 1 player you can miss a lot . However as it was said - to let people understand tactics and why someone acting like he is - eg not taking enemy flag but going different way slow changinf of PoV
  6. I have to say that it was pleasure to see such great commentary from Golden . Really hyped and in game . It was good move to pair him with Bravo . Really solid pair
  7. This was really good conf done by M$ . Halo was unexpected . Titanfall will be more like bf4 - big maps a lot of ppl . Im going to buy this console asap
  8. anyone got yt video for it ? I missed it as it was late night here
  9. In my opinion it wont be issue for Tourneys . In evry place where it is held there is network anyway . If it will be connected via wifi update once per 24 hours wont be issue . To be honest im not thinking that Halo community will drop off xone for ps4 , or maybe not that huge number which is delcering this now
  10. I have to say that i really enjoying this update. Feeling great when you land all br shots , carabine is melting , LR scoped is nice . What id do not like is this spped inrcrease - now with this 110 its even easier to escape Also i like that they extended time for looking players with simmilar CSR . I had more balanced games since begining of CSR
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