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  1. Name: Geo LIma Gamertag: unkown777 Games Played: All Halo games, gears 123, COD games, DBZ games. (Mostly Halo 4) Area in California: Victorville Future Gaming Plan: To find competitive players and compete and also to go to events.
  2. New to . Want to better my skills with skilled players or with anybody. Just here to have fun and enjoy some matches with you all. GT: unkown777 Hit me up. Thanks.
  3. Name: Geo Gamertag: unkown777 Games Played: All Halos, gears, COD games, titianfall Area in California: Victorville, San Bernardino Future Gaming Plans: have lots of fun and compete with competitive players, and maybe go to events!
  4. There's gonna be a lot of competition that's for sure! GT: unkown777
  5. This is my first time being something I've always wanted to be in tournament. Can't wait to begin!

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