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  1. Clamber's both redundant and dumb, we don't need to have this debate again. It's literally only there to make low-mid skill jumps piss easy. Imagine if clamber was in Halo 3. G1-G2, S1-S2, and every other jump like that would become trivially easy. You want a moderate level of meaningful unpredictability. If you want the game to become completely unpredictable, you're essentially going to be playing social slayer.
  2. I don't think it'll happen without radar but yeah, hopefully. Seeing how we've got ranked rotationals now, maybe we can get 343 to add some more modes. MLG FFA, Snipers, Doubles, CE 4s, Squad Slayer, and BTB would all make for great modes.
  3. Dear god, I DESPISE the self-styled pro-SBMM crowd. "Oh? You don't want to be sweating for your life, game after game, in unranked modes? Lol u just want ez pubstomp i'm very intelligent" The amount of mental and physical effort expended by two zero-skill teams and two top-skilled teams, in a competitive game against each other, is NOT EQUAL. Even at a moderately high level, playing equally skilled opponents requires a lot of effort. It's not like when Timmy and Jimmy's teams match each other and fuck around in ghosts while using detached turrets. When you have to expend that effort, game after game after game after fucking game - in a mode that's meant to be social, it becomes extremely exhausting to play, extremely quickly. Removing SBMM wouldn't even fucking hurt the lower skilled players. Sure, they're matching more skilled players on average, but they have a ranked mode that they can play in if they find themselves matching gods in social modes. Even then, players who are so outrageously skilled that they ruin the game for everybody else - comprise less than 3% of a game's population. Most people supporting SBMM either: 1) Have an average playtime of two hours per week. 2) Are too mediocre to match sweaty opponents. Yes I know this is a dead horse but this argument keeps getting revived on Twitter and the usual braindead replies keep pouring out of the sewer grates
  4. This could unironically be an awesome idea for the Binary Rifle. Hitscan projectile + Completely Silent + Body Disintegration
  5. Speaking as somebody who only got into sweaty Halo recently, it isn't easy to get into. I'll be blunt: most "How 2 Win at MLG" strategy vids are terrible. They don't explain any of the key underlying mechanics in Halo, they usually don't give away useful map information, and they explain their decisions in a very haphazard way. A guy will rationalize his decision to push a place "because camo's about to spawn", and he'll rationalize his next push with "The guy I killed should spawn bottom blue". Thing is, this doesn't explain any of the decision making process to a viewer, it doesn't tell them what factors are crucial in the midst of a game. If anything, it just confuses them more and/or flat out alienates them. That's why you get players like UberNick, who have brilliant mechanical skill but zero-to-little competitive map knowledge. A basic tutorial for casual players should cover: • Prerequisite knowledge (settings, spawn timers, certain jumps, callouts, spawn system and spawn locations on maps). • Map specific-power positions and angle control. • Explanations of teamshot and when to/not to push (with regards to team coordination and dead teammates/enemies). • How to give teammates good spawns and force enemies into bad spawns. • How to play CTF, KOTH, Ball and Assault. Intermediate tutorials can cover stuff like starting strats on maps, 4v4 and 2v2 team rotations, enemy movement prediction, mode and map control-contingent setups, how to break setups, etc. The beginner tutorial wouldn't even be that long, maybe like 20 minutes at the absolute maximum.
  6. I don't mind the idea in principle but I feel like there's a lot of room for improvement. • Grifball goes from 4v4 to 6v6/8v8 so that it feels more like an actual football game. • Default player health/shield percentages. • A melee meta for the hammer and sword; something with a little more complexity than Halo 3's sword lunging - I feel that a combination of Halo 2 animation truncating meta & Halo 3's swordfight meta would make for something incredible. Add in some functions to those weapons too, like blocking, feinting, and lateral/vertical slashes. • More decision making involved in the game. As it stands, there's no real reason to not simply bum rush into the meat grinder. Imagine a system of balance created between the hammer and sword, where players can choose between offensive momentum or defensive knockback. Players need to constantly evaluate their options and execute them mechanically. • More maps designed around launches. I mean, come on. Launches and swordfights are like the only things Grifball have, that distinguish it from melee-only assault. More unique geometry that open pathing options, less featureless open box rooms. • Meaningful and integral incorporation into the game's overall XP/Progression system, so that people look at it less like an optional minigame, and more like something they'll have to learn and grind.
  7. Could be a good idea, but I'm not particularly keen. If we tried to make armor percentage important in engagements by using the traditional AFPS system (A greater percentage of incoming damage is dealt to shields than health), then it'd start to screw with multiplayer balancing. Not a bad idea, at all. I would personally restrict this ability to a few specific enemy types, to make them even more distinct. Spec-Ops Elites armed with plasma flamethrowers, Spec-Ops/Anti-Flood Hunters, Sentinel variants, etc. Oh boy, this'll be long. Enemies: More variety and intricate design to all of their main states- "Patrolling", "Alert", and "Hostile". Enemies of different classes and ranks have different values that affect how difficult it is to sneak around them; noise sensitivity, motion sensitivity, attention span, turn speed, curiosity, % of the player seen, the time they take to alert other enemies, etc. Just like the player, stealth enemies will be extremely dynamic, intelligent, and deadly at their role (unlike the existing stealth enemies that just kind of run at you). Similarly, allied stealth units will also exist, with equivalent levels of effectiveness. Sandbox: Silenced and suppressed weapons/weapon mod pickups, combat knives/energy swords that allow for unalerted enemies to be silently instakilled without a backsmack, body dragging, smoke grenades, hologram, vehicle variants modified for stealth, weather + time of day visibility having an effect on visibility, environment-based camos that can effectively mask a player from many enemies at once under certain conditions, etc. Encounter Design: Semi-Open that are designed around the player fighting a huge enemy count with a proportionally large ally count. The aforementioned huge groups of enemies and allies are segmented into smaller individual squads and fought semi-discretely in individual sections. The order and manner in which each of these squads are killed, makes significant impacts on how the rest of the mission plays out. Within these, groups of allied and enemy stealth units are spawned in randomized patterns, and will stealthily kill and/or subdue their foes- also making a significant impact on how the mission plays out. Open missions wherein the player is left to his devices in how he/she/etc accomplishes an objective, also with the aforementioned huge segmented enemy count. Here, the player is given access to stealth variants of vehicles, and they are free to tackle encounters in any manner of their liking. Missions where the objective is to remain alive for a period of time, and where stealth is an equally viable, yet radically different gameplay alternative to killing everything. Environment Design: Lots of terrain verticality and geometry that players can hide behind, grassy + sand + snowy + etc. environments where the player can either naturally hide or make use of camos, the design of very specific spots from where players can avoid detection from enemies in a particular encounter, dynamic lighting sources that affect player stealth, etc.
  8. 1) I don't support changing bullet magnetism/projectile velocity/RoF in any case for a weapon like the utility, because it creates inconsistency that becomes infuriating at sweaty levels of play. 2) There's no real reason we need to compromise like this. The reason why casual players hate the CE pistol, is because the leading is screwed on MCC and the 60FPS + modern aim options make it much easier to use. It's still the best utility weapon, but casual players just get absolutely fucked by it in MCC. CE's slow and floaty movement just compounds how oppressive the weapon feels to casuals. 3) Ideally, each weapon in the sandbox should have a clear level of skill required for each of it's firing modes. With changing bullet magnetism, you have differential skill levels within one firemode on one weapon, which make it considerably harder to balance around. It's like the difference in complexity between a linear equation and a differential equation. I like the idea that this could be manipulated on different utility weapons in the sandbox, though. If I could, then this mechanic could be something that's restricted to Promethean weapons, seeing as they struggle to carve a unique niche.
  9. I mean, you have a pistol. If you don't have those measures, then you get the immensely enjoyable experience that is Penance Slayer. But yeah, pushing to green is hard if a competent team gets there.
  10. The CE version has built-in anti-camping measures. Namely, everything minus camo spawning on the bottom. The Reach version just sucks. Mostly because it's attached to Reach gameplay. Dynamic timers are good for 1v1 and 2v2 gamemodes because there's more predictability and because the pace of the game is slower and more strategic. You could still have one in 4v4, but it wouldn't be half as predictable as in the other playercounts. At that point, the concession of the item to the opposing team + not being able to reliably challenge the next item, has a snowballing effect. The major underlying issue is that power weapons in Halo have different "relative lethality" than items in Quake. Halo's more "Either bait this item or pick it up first and blow the enemy up with it" and less "Suffocate the enemy by not letting him get to a single health/armor pickup whilst chipping away at his stack".
  11. Button Combos: Yay or Nay? Personally, yes. Button combos are one among several mechanics that allow Halo to distinguish itself from conventional AFPS. Given Halo's emphasis on CQ and melee combat, button combos seamlessly add depth to the gameplay. - The standard melee is delivered at the end of a 0.2 second animation, with a 0.5 second cooldown in between each hit. A DMR bullet does 33.34% shield damage, and a non-momentum melee does 70% shield damage. From full health and shields, Spartans take 3 melees to kill. From full health and shields, Spartans take 2 momentum melees to kill (IE: melees delivered while jumping or moving). Spartans can melee twice in quick succession by cancelling the cooldown animation with the reload button. To cancel the animation, the reload button must be pressed within 0.2 seconds of the melee being delivered. This allows players to melee upto 5 times per second, with perfect timing (As opposed to twice per second). This button combo is a spiritual BXB/BLB, but does not require the use of a grenade or spare ammo to perform. Spartans can melee and then proceed to instantly fire a shot with their equipped weapon by cancelling the cooldown animation with the reload button. To cancel the animation, the reload button must be pressed within 0.15 seconds of the melee being delivered. This allows players to instakill an opponent if they land the following headshot. This button combo is a spiritual BXR/RRBX, but does not require spare ammo to perform. When firing single-shot weapons, Spartans can cancel the cooldown between every shot fired to, in effect, fire an indefinite amount of shots in near-automatic RoF. This is accomplished by cancelling the firing cooldown with the reload button, and it can only be cancelled by pressing the reload button within 0.1 seconds of each shot being fired. This allows players to kill even faster than the 0.6 second minimum TTK on the utility weapon, provided they can accurately fire while performing the combo within a 0.1 second window (a task that's significantly harder than it seems). I designed most of these with the H2 precedent in mind, so any suggestions or changes?
  12. How do you inherit a hybrid-arena shooter and then decide that non-resetting killstreaks and a legal wallhack button are what the game needs?
  13. Even though I dislike Halo 3's gameplay, the game had some incredible population in ranked playlists. Even people who didn't care about attending tournaments or becoming content creators, flocked to the ranked playlists - merely because of how rewarding the progression system was. I don't 100% agree with people like Tommy Kost on "Supplementary systems almost being more important than actual gameplay", but they're undoubtedly right that it's also hugely important. If you can make a reasonably competitive game with a good progression system and a high amount of playlist variety, your game's golden.
  14. It's sad because all they need to do to incentivize ranked play is quadruple the XP cap for it. Add some nameplates, tie season point gain to ranked, and there. You've already boosted incentive to play it. Even making some social playlists ranked-only would increase incentive to play. Snipers and Doubles (even FFA maybe?) shouldn't be social (Doubles shouldn't because the type of people who actually play it in social really should be playing it in ranked instead).
  15. Stealth, darkness, and playing strategically to confuse and/or mislead enemy AI is a pretty underrated part of Halo PvE gameplay. Imagine, A forest mission (think "Delta Halo" meets "343 Guilty Spark" meets "The Silent Cartographer") where the player has the opportunity to complete several otherwise challenging encounters without alerting enemies, by moving stealthily and cautiously. The geometry features lots of brush, terrain altitude variation, and tall grass. The player can exploit all of these, provided that the player is cautious and thoughtful enough to know what maneuvers to make and how to make them. A snowy mission where the player can pick up snow-camo equipment, to make themselves less easily perceptible to enemies in the midst of a blizzard. Only jackals and specific enemies wearing thermal vision helmets can spot the player, if he doesn't make himself stealthy. A mission taking place on a Covenant ship. The layout of the map is very non-linear and interconnected, with small groups of minor enemies that periodically patrol through the networks and intersections of corridors. If the player does not play stealthily and alerts the enemies via sound, presence or dead body, then higher rank enemies will start to spawn in and attempt to "pinch" the player in the corridors. You could also create many weapons or specialize existing weapons with stealth functionality, by treating it like a gameplay mechanic proper.
  16. Yeah, weapon switch animations are dumb. The average speed of a (relatively quick) weapon draw in Halo has traditionally been about 0.4-0.35 seconds. It's ridiculously long, and it's why swapping weapons mid-fight is a suicidal tactic. As I see it, there's 3 ways to make weapon combos more central to gameplay in PvE. 1) Evening out the ratio between health and shields, so that taking away health with a poor health-stripper is just as ineffective as taking away shields with poor shield-strippers. 2) Reducing weapon swap animation times to 0.15-0.2 seconds, for most weapons. 3) Clearly distinguishing weapon effectiveness against shields and health. For example, an Assault Rifle should be 4x as effective against enemy health than enemy shields, while a Plasma Rifle should be 2x as effective against shields than against health. (Don't necessarily accomplish this entirely through shield VS health damage output, factors like projectile speed and spread can also be manipulated to produce a desired output). On top of this, there's a variety of other specific methods that can be utilized. Stun, situationally faster swap times, shared ammo, alt-fires, etc.
  17. The lack of a BR is somewhat anxiety-inducing personally, but you're right. Even if the sandbox is largely just Halo 3 without a BR, the weapon choices made in ODST are 100x more impactful than those in Halo 3. Even though I feel that Halo PvP should be designed around a utility weapon, I don't necessarily think the same for PvE.
  18. Changing bullet magnetism over several shots is a bad idea. It'll feel a lot like anti-aim on CE. Utility weapons just shouldn't have spread. Even 343i's "Bungie but every weapon except the utility has a 0.9 second TTK" weapons sandbox design philosophy, manages to rationalize that spread simply shouldn't exist on a utility weapon. The idea of a weapon where accuracy increases as the player fires more, is something that could potentially work with the Needler, though that weapon has better ways to fit it's niche. The campaigns (dunno about ODST and Reach but they probably follow the same trend) aren't A-tier on legendary with the exception of CE. H2's pacing is garbage, the combat has the depth of a wet puddle, the enemies are dumber than literal rocks, and the level geometry is claustrophobic on top of having unnecessary shit like crates placed everywhere that interfere with the natural flow of combat more than they assist. There's one fun encounter in this entire game. The so-called "difficulty" is nonexistent on legendary, the game's literally easier than CE on Heroic once you memorize enough spawns and maximize your noob combo use. 5/10. H3's pacing is fantastic, and the general quality of level design and encounter design is miles above H2. However, the combat is still as deep as a wet puddle, the enemies are still fucking stupid, and the sandbox still sucks. The difficulty on legendary is, again, artificially induced by means of multipliers on enemy damage. Yet, it still manages to be the easiest Halo on legendary. That should give you an idea of just how braindead the enemies are. Instead of memorizing enemy spawns this time, you're memorizing where the unnecessarily large amount of power weapons are hidden. Overall, 7/10. H4 is just irredeemable shit. The Covenant AI has regressed to lower-than H2 levels of incompetency, and the Prometheans are big orange bullet sponge fuckers who teleport away and minimize all the damage you do to them. Only one fun section in the whole game. 3/10. inb4 "the 4 had best story" no it did not
  19. People really misunderstand, the older Halo games weren't decent because of Bungie, they were decent in spite of Bungie. They ruined every single aspect of the games more and more with each release. The only things I'm willing to give them credit for are XBL Integration, Forge, File Share, and Theater mode. Even their A-tier progression system from Halo 3 was gutted in Reach. For fuck's sakes, even the single player had a big decrease in quality between each release.
  20. I refuse to trust most Youtube game analyses from people who play tons of games. It may seem counterproductive, but these people usually have way lower standards for a game.
  21. I refuse to play counter strike unless it's an 18+ anime MMORPG visual novel third person shooter tactical dating sim with a button that lets me teleport from one corner of the map to the other
  22. Spawning Desync Certain other weapons not behaving true to OG such as the SMG Poor Server Maintenance
  23. Implying they care about any game until people audibly give them a ton of shit for a bug in any one of the games H3's still significantly broken in like 3-4 other major ways, they just don't give a shit because there's maybe 30 or so twitter accounts with 100> followers complaining about it
  24. I really wouldn't hold out an inch of hope for any more major existing-bug/game inconsistency fixes. 343i's relegated a skeleton crew to work on MCC as is, with most resources being devoted to Infinite. They really don't care that much about MCC aside from testing waters/building hype for Infinite on PC. It is graphically buggy, but it's not THAT big of a deal tbqh. I've played the Halo CE restored mod for Halo Custom Edition, and the tweaks are pretty few. Nothing that really changes the way the game looks on a fundamental level.
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