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  1. I'm surprised people here even care about this game while bloom exists. Until every headshot capable weapon gets bloom taken off, this game is as dead to me as vanilla Reach.
  2. Dragon Ball is peak fiction.
  3. Halo 3's visuals look nice for a few reasons: - Heavy use of sharply contrasting, saturated colors. - Vibrant natural/dynamic lighting and perfectly tuned levels of bloom. - Levels with excellent artistic inspiration and presentation. You can go into every single level in the game and find several areas that look like they were designed purely so that the player could marvel at how pretty they were. You don't even have to diverge from a normal playthrough and find some weird spot to marvel at the view, most of these are encountered naturally through gameplay. The whole game is also filled with a variety of natural vistas and beautiful alien interiors. - Detail added to 3D structures is fine and usually pertains to textures and shaders, rather than with the intent of making the actual silhouette or model more complex. - The ambient lighting from the weapons and projectiles in darker environments. - Some of the prettiest skyboxes in any video game. Gameplay >>> presentation anyday, but the reason that I thought H3's campaign was as good as it was probably had a lot to do with aesthetics, soundtrack, and overall game presentation. I feel like H2A's campaign carries over some of these aspects but it goes a little overboard with the fine detail on some interior sections. Also, it has that awful nu-Halo stainless steel look to all the Forerunner structures instead of the burnished grey from CE or H3. It doesn't matter that much for the latter because Halo 2 had great presentation as well.
  4. It's what I've been saying for a while now lol. Halo's population was a time bomb waiting to go off ever since Halo 2. This is what happens when your developer caters specifically to timmies and people who want to fuck around while screwing over people who want to improve. It's such a stark contrast lmao. I (and most people on here) care about progression system, matchmaking features and conveniences, competitive integrity and developer creativity. What does your average redditard care about? Armor customization, the scratches on master chief armor, cosplay, and being able to play as an Elite in multiplayer. Throw the whole franchise away at this point and start a new IP without any of the baggage attached to Halo.
  5. I wish they'd take the vertical recoil off the BR and make it projectile instead. It's 343i and hand-holding is their brand so it's not gonna happen though.
  6. Thought about how to "fix" stun and other movement nerf effects: The problem with these effects in the first place is that they don't let those affected fight back fairly. The targets don't just take damage, their ability to retaliate is diminished as they can't strafe as effectively (sensitivity lowering is out of the question entirely). It's not really an issue till you consider that a single shot is all it takes to activate stun. A solution I thought about is to only activate stun when the 2nd or 3rd consecutive shot from the weapon in question lands. Making it take an extra couple of shots to activate stun allows targets a window of opportunity to react and fight back, without getting stunned into immobility. It also preserves the tactical advantage that stun provides, and said nerf can be compensated for with higher RoF. As a matter of fact, stun should stack. Every projectile after the first that makes contact should contribute a small but significant amount of stun. With this in mind, I'll think of something new for the Covenant weapons.
  7. Imagine you're trying to hold P2 on Midship and some guy insta-nades you from his flag door with a needler
  8. The only way I could think of opening up any creative utility with the needler was to let its needles stick to map geometry and supercombine (under specific conditions) and to let the player throw grenades normally while simultaneously firing. This lets the needler do a shit ton of things it couldn't before and makes it a legitimate choice of pickup. An idea to make the supercombine more unique as well: Assuming it takes 6 needles to supercombine, the supercombine doesn't immediately occur after 6 needles attach - the game waits a fraction of a second to detect further needles attaching to the target, after which the 6-needle supercombine occurs. For every needle after the 6th that embeds into the target, an additional supercombine occurs. For example, 9 needles attaching would result in a total of 4 supercombines. The first supercombine kills the target and ragdolls their body in a particular direction, before the second, and the third, etc. It would make for an extremely chaotic and/or effective weapon against a team with members in close proximity. Alternatively: An alt-fire mode where the attached needles wait for the target to come within proximity of their teammate before detonating and killing anyone in said proximity.
  9. A proposition to replace bubble shields: The Warper is an on-map equipment pickup that can be tossed onto the ground, much like the bubble shield was in Halo 3. Its effective radius is a hemisphere, also like the bubble shield. The Warper affects items that come into its hemisphere of effect; it can slow down faster projectiles (DMR, AR, Sniper Rifle) to half their original velocity, and also slow down slower projectiles (Grenades, Rockets, Plasma Projectiles) on top of changing their angle of approach by 10-30° (kind of like the refraction of light when it enters a different medium). The Warper cannot prevent players from walking through its area of effect, though it can slow down their movement and push them out if they have less than maximum "walking" momentum. When very large objects or projectiles (Wraith mortars) approach, the Warper will exhaust itself and burn out its circuits, before disappearing in a small explosion. However, it will produce a final massive push in this instant that is capable of flinging Warthogs and light vehicles flying into the air, as well as potentially tipping over a heavy vehicle that is on precarious footing. The equipment does not treat any players with specialty, irrespective of team or user. This thing's basically a fusion of bubble shield and repulsor but tries to be a little less obnoxious than both. The inverse is a gravity well, but I feel like it wouldn't have as much situational utility. I've kind of dropped the puritan approach with sandbox design. It's overly restrictive and not really too sound. The benchmark is now "Would this be really annoying if I had to keep playing against it in matchmaking? Is it gonna break most of the gamemodes or maps without really offering anything in return?"
  10. It's called Halo Infinite because that's the amplifier for how quickly the honeymoon period passes by. Seriously though, amazing how this game managed to kill my interest months before it even released. Life's getting busier every day, so probably won't be playing Infinite at all. Haven't touched MCC in over half a year, either. I'll post here if I have an idea for something sandbox or mode-related, but I don't think I have any interest or will to be interested in Halo left. 343i and the playerbase (or whatever joke of it sticks around a year after launch) seem to be hell-bent on making the least enjoyable product physically possible for me, so I'll pass. Figured out how to block the Halo redditards too, so huge W.
  11. "Chess is too competitive, unfun, and sweaty when you only make legal moves and have to remember how all the pieces move. The "control the center of the board" meta is so rigid that you can't use anything else. Chess is so much more fun when pieces can move by any distance in any direction, and you don't have to make legal moves." https://imgur.com/a/gUfxtXK
  12. "Mmm, should we make the fucking smoothbrain-design precision weapons actually decent or nerf the only hope this game has of being a decent entry?"
  13. Can somebody actually ban Frosty from posting Halo takes? I don't think I've ever seen such ardent defense of utterly stupid mechanics. I knew that Halo pros could have fucking stupid opinions but his Halo 5 sniper rifle take was just ethereal.
  14. If you think the "strafe needs to be nerfed", you deserve to be barred from playing video games in general and especially Halo.
  15. IMO the shotgun's meant to be a completely basic, lethality-focused CQC weapon with no other unique behaviors or traits. The CQC equivalent of the utility weapon. The SMG is just a CQC weapon whose most striking trait is the ability to push people back when you really need to. Consider the shotgun more like a CQC sniper rifle - high risk, high reward, difficult to use to its maximum potential. The SMG is a lower lethality option that's a little easier to use, but can counter sword lunges, hammer lunges, BXB, and fuck over people in a gravlift in ways that a shotgun can't. The SMG, AR, PR, etc. aren't necessarily limited to pure lethality, they possess other various traits and quirks along with their own learning curve and specific type of skill requirements. The existence of these quirks makes them ideal for use in a sandbox where you want to reward players for using their brains (and thumbs). If you can carve out identify distinct roles or tactics in CQC, then you can tailor weapons to specifically occupy them. Halo in particular hits the sweet spot for average TTK for there to be a ton of distinct tactics and roles you can identify at nearly all types of combat. FTR, I definitely get the concerns about redundancy, I have them all the time while thinking about how I'd design stuff. The solution is to not saturate any map or gamemode with your entire sandbox at once. Make your weapons distinct enough in function and use, but let the gamemode decide what slice of the sandbox you allow. I wouldn't really put an SMG and an AR together on most arena maps, but I'd definitely like to see how an auto-only sandbox would work in duals or some other minigame mode. Halo 5's sandbox was flawed because it was brainless and had no respect for learning curves or aim - not necessarily because it was redundant, although the level of redundancy in H5 certainly made a lot of weapons feel utterly pointless in their existence.
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