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  1. The fact we're having this fucking argument in 2021 is proof that this franchise and it's fanbase deserve to have been kneecapped and lost forever to time
  2. Unironic "Halo needs to evolve" jerking on this forum, now I've seen it all Go to waypoint and shill there lmao Yes I hate Halo 5 because 343 made it not because it's like a undergraduate course on what not to add to Halo Yes, a ridiculously long TTK crushes any individual skillgap while reducing any "team strategy" to the most braindead form imaginable, and we've already repeated this a billion times before Please, I'm fairly sure people will like your shilling on Waypoint or Reddit, go there instead and talk about how amazing Halo 4 abilities are and how much you love playable Elites
  3. @Reamis25 I'm curious whether you genuinely think that we hate modern Halo because it's made by 342 or because it's filled to the brim with as many dog shit mechanics conceivable If you're gonna shill this hard then please go to Waypoint or Reddit so that we don't have to filter your screeching out of every discussion
  4. Huge grin on my face thinking about how the remnants of this joke of a franchise are going to violently explode when the game drops. The pistol's already indicating that the game is gonna be dog shit. Seriously, a 6SK (They're saying that we should expect it to be more of a M6C than an M6D so there's no way that they'd re-use what they did for H5) that's faster than the utility? The BR is practically guaranteed to have a 1.4+ second TTK. Hitscan too, I'm certain. The grapple is dumb. It's uses the most one-dimensional method of accomplishing what it does. It's also going to be incredibly overpowered on close-quarters arena maps. The sensor gun is Halo 4-tier AIDS. I don't even have anything to say. Repulse bomb sounds cool. It's fitting that the nu-camo and nu-OS are the dingleberry cherries atop the diarrhea shake. Amazing. I feel bad for anyone who's held their breath for Infinite to be good. I feel worse for anybody bound under contract to compete in this pile of shit.
  5. 1) The H3 sniper rifle has less reticle magnetism and much lower bullet magnetism. 2) It has a lower rate of fire than other sniper rifles in the series. 3) Halo 3's aiming is weird and clunky.
  6. ^^^^^ Every element of the sandbox should serve a meaningful and distinct gameplay role, while facilitating a learning curve that rewards players who actively invest time to raise their proficiency at the game. Weapons like the H3 Sniper rifle are so endlessly fun to use, specifically because they're so difficult to master. 342 don't and never will understand. They think that when Timmy can walk in and get a killtac with his AR and Needler, that it's good balancing. I don't expect them to change, because a game that Timmy can't pick up and immediately start destroying people at - isn't a game that'll earn them money.
  7. I mean, most items are already static. Both require skill (and the latter moreso), but the latter shouldn't occur through hand-holding. To build off my previous analogy: Imagine if, while shooting a projectile weapon, there was a smart-reticle that automatically moved to where you should place your own reticle in order to score hits (like the Sabre section from that mission in Reach). Automatically, you'd distill aiming to require more mechanical skill and less thought being put into "where should I place my reticle?". At the same time, it'd be unnatural hand-holding. Besides, it's item timing: a skill that's already there in the precedent set by every Halo game (barring 4 and 5, though they barely even count). If it were a more obscure and unintuitive mechanic like button combos or ghost-ledging, I'd be all for it.
  8. People should have to time weapons, actually. And yes, giving people an indicator as to when the weapon is picked up is obviously dumb Put weapon times and powerup times on the map loading screen or pre-game lobby or something. There's no need for hand-holding in the name of consistency. It's like putting another reticle on the screen that shows players exactly how much to lead their shots.
  9. BTB 2.0 sounds cool. Weapon pads are coming back. Do you think they're gonna make the same boneheaded decision from H5 to alert all players to spawning power weapons?
  10. Infinite has to be a game that becomes more enjoyable as my skill and experience grow, not devolve into a frustrating mess where I'm frothing at the mouth due to the 11380273927 idiotic design decisions (See Halo 3 Team Slayer). If it can do that, I will take it and get at least some enjoyment out of it.
  11. Infinite is going to be a slightly better H5 with a few more obnoxious mechanics inserted in here and there. If you don't enjoy H5, I wouldn't bet money on you enjoying Infinite. Personally, all I want at this point are projectile utility weapons with minimal magnetism, and for there to be something resembling a learning curve in Infinite. I don't think either are really going to be there. I also don't think anyone here really wants to call the mousetrap's bluff again and be optimistic for this game, but I'll state it anyway: You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you hold even the slightest bit of optimism. Expect literal H2A-tier gameplay at the absolute best.
  12. How would you redesign the sword/hammer such that they aren't brainlessly easy weapons to use?
  13. "Alright, cool. Whatever." "Wow that's gonna be annoying as hell" "You're fucking kidding me"
  14. There wouldn't be any real need to "strafe". The speed and maneuverability granted by the glider, combined with the modified player model would already make it pretty hard to land shots accurately, even moreso with a zero-magnetism projectile utility weapon. It'd be like trying to land a perfect 4-shot on the antigravity pods at the tip of the Banshee's wings in Halo 2, while said Banshee was a third of the map away and escaping fast. Also, I feel like that'd be janky as hell. The player doesn't have to reach the absolute highest point on the map, just any point that's reasonably high relative to the surrounding area. After the player is airborne, the player should be able to stay in the air indefinitely at roughly the same altitude (barring things like wall collisions and time exhaustions). Basically, a certain "minimum" forward velocity will keep the player from falling out of the sky. Combined with how the player sacrifices velocity for height and vice versa, this puts a lid on some of the more nonsensical stuff made capable. This adds an interesting dynamic where the player has full reign of all the airspace below or equal to his initial altitude, and is encouraged to seek out higher points. If the player wants to, they can stay airborne at regular "grounded" Spartan height, but that'd be completely pointless and self-defeating. I don't know how I feel about dual-equipment interaction, because it gets hard enough to balance single-equipment interaction. All the things you listed are valid ways to gain altitude, though. I haven't thought of much other sandbox interaction mostly because I just came up with the idea.
  15. UNSC Infantry Glider Control: The equipment is picked up by walking over or by exchanging other equipment with. The equipment is activated by pressing the jump button whilst already in midair, and deactivated by the pressing the jump button while the equipment is already activated. Right Bumper and Left Bumper control the pitch axis of the glider, allowing the pilot to travel upwards or downwards. Travelling downwards will allow the user to gain velocity, travelling upwards will sacrifice a portion of the user's velocity. The Movement Stick controls the direction of the glider's movement. The sharper the turn attempted by the player, the greater the drop in velocity and increase in drag. To avoid this, the player must manually shift his reticle to the direction he wants to travel in. While the infantry glider is equipped, the player can throw grenades and fire their primary + secondary weapons normally. Uses: 5 uses of upto 30s duration each. Spawn: Generic 2:30 static. Brief Breakdown: On larger maps with high levels of verticality and very high positions, this equipment allows the user to traverse the whole map very quickly, and with a much lower risk of death and a smaller hitbox than by using an aerial vehicle. Land based vehicles also need to treat any players with these as an active threat, since their high speed and maneuverability allows them to target and pursue said vehicles very effectively with grenades and power weapons. Also, it'd be fun as fuck. Imagine playing 16v16 on some of the incredibly tall HCE BTB maps, like Danger Canyon, Gephyrophobia, Ice Fields, or even maps like District and Sandtrap after getting to the highest spots.
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