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  1. On a rare optimistic note, I'm more than excited for the (long-overdue) hit reg patch to drop. Maybe sweating in H3 TS might become fun again. Also, the automag and brute PR are awesome, especially the BPR. It's obviously not an ideal auto, but it's pretty sweet looking for a sandbox that's as bland as H3. Likewise for the automag, the gun kills in 4 shots on 110% damage so it'll be a breath of fresh air with a lower TTK utility.
  2. They had static timers for power weapons in H5 iirc, with dynamic powerups. The biggest problem is that 343i still hasn't abandoned the Bungie habit of giving power items 2 hour long respawn timers
  3. That's true, dynamic respawn timerscan create potentially-infinite unique ways that each map plays. My issue with it is that it compounds the already snowbally nature of AFPS - The people who lose control of a powerup are already at the disadvantage of having to contest a team with a powerup, on top of probably being dead following the initial challenge for said powerup. If you don't get a time window with an error margin of <8 seconds, that's basically another compounding disadvantage whose exploitability is magnified depending on how good your opponents are. The information disadvantage you're put at; Not knowing what weapons your opponents have, where they are, where they're going to move, or any particular strat that they have - is just magnified significantly when you don't know how you're going to play around the next powerup spawn. I like this idea for certain modes, like Head to Head. There, we can emphasize more stealthy, tense, and passive styles of play. In 4v4, I think we all agree that Halo should flow fast and smoothly.
  4. What are the various purposes that equipment serve in a BTB / Non-Arena / 32v32 / 6v6 / Asymmetric playlist setting? Feel free to describe any pertinent weapon / map geometry / vehicle / movement / other system that is affected by said piece of equipment. Drop Shield: The Bubble Shield discards the spherical shape of its Halo 3 predecessor, and takes on a more flattened parabolic shape (similar to what we saw in the H:I gameplay reveal). Small-arms fire will penetrate through the shield from both directions as if it didn't exist, but slower or larger projectiles (eg: Warthog turret caliber rounds, plasma bolts, grenades, etc) will either be stopped entirely by the shield, or deflected off. The shield is wide enough to cover 4 Spartans standing shoulder to shoulder, and the depth of its curvature is 1 Spartan. Once deployed, it will last for a 10 second period. It spawns on a 45 second static timer. In BTB / Invasion / 32v32 / other vehicle heavy gamemodes, this equipment finds sees heavy utility in allowing infantry to challenge vehicles. Ideally speaking, vehicles should be highly important for teams to control in the aforementioned gamemodes. The obvious ways we'd accomplish this is by raising their mobility (through intrinsic and extrinsic means), keeping their overall lethality high, and designing maps on which the pathing and terrain complement the strengths of each vehicle. However, to prevent infantry from getting one-sidedly curbstomped by a vehicle, the drop shield forces the vehicle to re-position and fire, to use explosive weaponry to shell the players from the back, or to retreat. All while it allows the protected players to return fire. This acts in combination with the system I'd proposed a while back, where each vehicle has 4-5 key areas that significantly alter the vehicle's behavior / properties after they take enough fire. Yet, it does not allow players to use it as a cheap means of escape from a firing enemy, because of the shields shape and the inability to stop most human kinetic rounds. Regenerator: The Regenerator maintains its spherical area of effect from H3, but with a radius that is 1.5x larger. The only effect that the Regen has on human shields, is a severely truncated stun time (the amount of time you need to not take damage before your shield begins to recharge) of 1 second from the default 5.5 seconds, and a 2.5x increase in the shield recharge rate (the rate at which your shield bar fills). In addition, it will completely restore the health of any player who stands in the area of effect at a rate of 1 health bar per 0.2 seconds. If a vehicle on the battlefield has been debilitated in some capacity by critical damage to it's crucial points, it can be repaired fully by this equipment. Depending on what class of vehicle it is, it will take a certain amount of time to repair fully. Ideally, we'd also be reverting back to CE / Reach styled non-regenerating health. Not only that, but there'd be significantly more emphasis on health, which would be accomplished by evening out the health : shields ratio. It's kind of embarrassing that Halo masquerades as an AFPS while having completely de-emphasized health. While it's not very practical to have 12 health packs scattered across a map, it's a bit more so (and also efficient) to compress the role of the infantry healer + vehicle repair tool into one. EMP: The EMP Cannon has been removed from the equipment list, and occupies the role of a superweapon. A superweapon is a Tier 4 weapon, a class that exclusively spawn in 8v8 and higher player counts. This class of weapon has immense killing and mass-suppressive potential. I'll cover this in greater depth later, but the general idea of the EMP Cannon is that it's got a single shot, and that it's area of effect is ~80% of Valhalla's surface area, and that it wipes out shields, equipment, and vehicles that fall in said area of effect. On a 32v32 Global Slayer game, a group of players can push for this weapon and mass-cripple the enemy team, allowing for their own team to make a huge push. If you want a practical idea of how this'll be, think the EMP stations on each base on the H2A Coagulation remake. Thoughts?
  5. Awful KBM input, apparently. You also need a mod to run the game at a higher FOV.
  6. How would rotating and fights over an unlimited camo work? Ngl though, it would be kind of cool to have a team with a camo'd player on each. I think a 60 second duration is fine, personally. An unlimited camo could have potential issues with snowballing. Not that snowballing is necessarily bad in an AFPS (or diet AFPS). If we're set on a permanent-till-death camo, then I think a camo that can be destroyed after it takes a certain amount of damage is a better option.
  7. "Game breaking issue that people have complained about since 2014? Yeah let's make people wait two months more after acknowledging it for the first time in 6 years"
  8. It is but it's been like a month and a half since 343i gave the acknowledgment
  9. "We are looking into hit registration issues and intend to fix them in the new patch" IE we're gonna make you wait two months before we make the game playable also did you want duals in rotation haha
  10. The 343i guide to build hype for video games: Give out practically zero important information regarding the video game, show reveals to whom the reactions range from unimpressed to hilariously terrible, then delay the game for half a year and go back to near-radio silence regarding important information
  11. I'll declare this: the idea of large-scale and varied asymmetric gamemodes as opposed to scaled up BTB is something that I've actually done a complete 180 on. Not only can map design and sandbox design be radically different, but the variety of possible gamemodes combined with the variety of the sandbox means that it'd attract casual players like flies. My assumption is that you want the Field Marshall to behave like a one-man mobile base, correct? In that regard, why not just shields that are exponentially stronger? My problem with bubble shield in this mode is that it's still the same thing as it was in Halo 3: a get out of jail card. A Spartan takes 3 shots to kill perfectly from the DMR - the utility rifle. The Field Marshall takes 21 shots to kill perfectly from the DMR. The shield recharge wait is equal to that of a Spartan - 5.5 seconds, but the recharge rate is also identical, meaning that the Field Marshall must wait longer to have his shields fully recharge. I support the idea of giving the Field Marshall an Energy Sword as a remotely activated weapon. I don't think the Field Marshall should be able to wield it indefinitely, especially given the potential that this weapon has for decimating opponents in close quarters. It acts more like the armor ability sword from SPV3's Arbiter missions, where the sword can be held out and used freely for a ~15 second period before entering a cooldown. Though, how do you think that the sword should behave? I actually had an idea for a very similar gamemode, except with a mobile base (mammoth, scarab, forerunner structure) replacing the leader unit.
  12. H3's sandbox is like a bucket of liquid shit, but it's probably the best overall sandbox out of H2-Reach. H2's is littered with useless weapons and ridiculously overpowered weapons that take zero skill to use. Reach is filled with unusable gutter trash that can't shoot straight or kill in anything below 1.8-2 seconds, on top of the single worst implementation of armor abilities in Halo (quite a staggering feat). Halo 3's weapons sandbox is on par with Halo 2 but some autos are a smidge more distinctive in their roles, even if they're still as brainless and one-dimensional as Halo 2. The BR is total cheeks, and the sniper rifle is unchallenged by anything. The equipment is just a new tier though, it's like Reach-AA levels of bad. Not only are they balanced in the most laughably stupid manner - even if you modified their properties to be balanced, many of their purposes would just be outright idiotic for a game like Halo. See: bubble shield and regen. If you watch high level H3 TS, it's part of the meta, and it's why every game of Guardian TS and Pit TS with two evenly skilled teams will run out the clock, without fail.
  13. Rewarding sitting on your ass while crouching at 2nd BR ledge is obviously so much more conducive to good gameplay You realize that you're putting yourself at a risk while being aggressive right? All someone has to do is anticipate your movement, and you're almost certainly going to lose. "We don't have maps like chill out and never will again!" K, we won't have movement like old Halo back and probably never will. So let's just trash all discussion on the topic, shall we?
  14. I'm not even referring to that, I'm talking about MCC's own weird version of H3 hitreg. Less than half a year ago, I was getting much better connections on MCC. Even without much forward-leading at close and mid range, I was rarely dropping more than a burst at a time unless the guy lived in the Antarctic. Right now, if it weren't for the fact that I've been quite accustomed to the taste of shit, the game would be unplayable for me. The server quality has legitimately taken a giant dip. Even in p2p dark-age era MCC, I'd be getting more shots to connect. It really kills your mood to play when every single kill is extended by 1-2 whole bursts.
  15. Soundwhoring shouldn't be a category of awareness in Halo because it deals a disproportionate disadvantage to flanking players. I'm not asking for maps like Countdown where there's 5 billion interconnected and redundant pathways, I'm asking for more maps like Chill Out. It's Halo, not CS. We want the game to play fluidly and not put people at a disadvantage for making aggressive plays, so that games don't turn into 15 minute standoffs that end 29-28. If you think the game should give you a player's information without you predicting or seeing said player, then there's no real reason for you to oppose radars either. Soundwhoring is only slightly more effortful than keeping one eyeball glued to your radar.
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