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  1. They were added into Halo SPV3, a fan mod remastering CE's campaign with new content.
  2. Honestly, I'd play tf out of Infinite's campaign if it just brought CE-style enemy aggression and strafing back.
  3. Some sexual terminals involving floodified Keyes and his daughter
  4. What are your thoughts on unpatched, or even patched Reach?
  5. It's mind boggling to think that Reach had the second highest population retention, after Halo 3. It just confirms that the vast majority of Halo players are chimps who'll play anything that has the word "Halo" on the box. People will say "Halo 4 and 5 aren't Halo" and then turn around and say that Reach was a good game. It's obvious that these kids just jump on the "343i sucks" bandwagon of clueless social infection-monkeys. It sucks because it means that all legitimate criticism and analysis gets drowned out underneath a sea of "DAE think they should add dinos and dual wielding needlers back to MP?!!11?1". Infinite could have a 2sec minimum TTK utility, no party matching, no ranked playlists or decent progression system, godawful maps and a shit spawn system, or whatever legitimate core issues and these people would complain because the sniper rifle doesn't look like it did in Halo CE-3.
  6. God damn, Reach fucking blows dicks. I played ONE game of TU FFA after maybe 2 months of no Reach, and that's all it took to remind me just how dogshit it was. This is TU, no less. I can't imagine having to play base Reach. Bungie had maybe 2 brain cells shared among their multiplayer development team.
  7. Not necessarily a bad take, Halo 3's weren't the worst iteration by far. Then again, what'd you find more enjoyable about H3 flood than CE flood? Or conversely, what'd you dislike about CE flood? H3 flood were an order of magnitude better than H2 flood for sure, but most weapons that the game gave you still weren't as effective as they should have been, and I still missed the attack pattern of CE flood, where they'd stand back and fire for a short while, before charging you en masse. Flood forms weren't bad, but wasted a lot of potential. Also FUCK those wall hugging turret flood, just as bad as H4 Watchers
  8. Yeah, the "hold position" style of design really kills the pacing of the game. There were a few sections from HCE that were similar (The area with the marines on Halo, the Gravlift + immediately following section in T&R, a few rooms on the library), but they were actually tense because the enemies wouldn't stand in one place and shoot at you if you ducked your head out; they would pursue you extremely quickly and try to corner you, which forced you to play aggressively and proactively. In H2, the AI's passive and dumb as rocks, and will basically stand idle while you're behind cover. So, encounters are less so a matter of surviving, and moreso a matter of "How many more waves of enemies do I need to kill?". If the enemies were genuinely challenging to kill and quick to give pursuit a la Halo CE, then these sections would be 10x as fun. Also, HCE flood = best flood. Can be outmanoeuvred quickly in close quarters, no spastic melees that impact player physics weirdly, good balance of standing still and firing as well as charging and leaping towards the player, open environments to fight them in as opposed to the claustrophobic shitshow of H2, and ranged weapons are actually somewhat useful against them.
  9. I'm not joking, I've written like 15+ page docs on all the ways that CE's campaign was massively downgraded in H2.
  10. I don't care that much about linearity; Basically every Halo game has been 95%< linear. Bring back CE style-enemy design, where enemies have large amounts of health and shields, very high agility and constant movement, and pursue the player so that you can't do stupid shit like duck your head in and out of the same spot of cover until the AI's shields are gone. Also, make it actually rare to headshot enemies. Enemies are so fucking incompetent in every game post-CE that I sometimes have trouble believing that the games were made by the same developer. Bring back actually powerful weapons. There's literally only one weapon in CE that's unusable on legendary, and even the needler can be used situationally to varying levels of success. The rest of the sandbox manages to be extremely effective, while simultaneously requiring the player to know what weapons to bring along for a certain encounter and what not to. The shotgun was arguably broken, but bringing it into the first outdoor fight on Two Betrayals on legendary was guaranteed death. Also, while the game can be linear, make the areas expansive and open, and make use of said extra space. The first thing I noticed when I played H2 after HCE was how unnaturally shrunk all the levels felt, like someone had shrunk CE by about 20-25%. The mysterious feel of exploring the huge, ambiently-lit, vertically imposing structures in CE was never captured by any Halo game (with 3 being a slight exception). In addition, give us more massive AI vs AI battles that require the player to pull apart the encounter like a puzzle, like the gorge battle on Two Betrayals, or the place with the hunters and covenant fighting off waves of flood in Keyes. These are arguably the simplest things that they could do in the grand scheme of campaign design, and these alone would propel the campaign to CE levels of timelessness. Especially the point about enemy design, it's something I never could get over. As much as I understand that MP was downgraded in every successive Bungie title after CE, campaign was downgraded far more.
  11. I've had an idea for a while regarding the mongoose, where placing the vehicle's reticle on an enemy places an icon above their position that shows up on all your teammates' HUDs. This icon lasts until the marked enemy dies, and the marked enemy is alerted via a message on his own HUD when he's been marked. To balance this ability out, I'd make the Mongoose a fast and maneuverable vehicle, while making it very prone to flipping over and having low health. People wouldn't ignore the mongoose, and it'd become a legitimate support vehicle. We could add this "marking" mechanic to weapons, too. Imagine a DMR with a 2x/5x scope, and a 1.3-1.5 second 4SK (Hopefully around 1.5x that of the main utility), that marked all enemies who took at least 2 shots for a 30 second time period.
  12. Yes lol. GPMA with matchmaking, forge, mod tools, and party matching. I would play nothing else, and never look back. Need to get a PC ASAP
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/fr64sm/what_are_your_thoughts_on_skillbased_button/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Competitive Halo players need to get their own game. These people are delusional. No wonder Halo's in it's current state.
  14. CE FFA is hell, as far as spawns go. Rat Race had me spawning on grenades, in the same room, 4 times in a row. If anyone says otherwise, force them to play an 8 man game of snipers FFA on Derelict.
  15. I'm still wondering how people got so hyped for Reach that they forgot about the customs browser entirely. I'd be more hyped for the customs browser, to be quite frank.

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