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  1. On a slightly more important note, what's the actual reason that Halo fell off? It's not because of gameplay. If gameplay caused a game to fall off, then Halo would have probably almost died with H2 and almost certainly in H3 and Reach. I'm not sure if it's the ranking system and player progression. Reach had decent numbers and it had a nonexistent ranking system until the arena, as well as it's progression in general being shitty to the point that any random Timmy could hit inheritor by just playing firefight. Competition? Tommy Kost already made a video on this. Social appeal? No real way to quantify this. Playlist settings and map quality? No. People were happily running around with ARs on Snowbound in 2008. So, what did it?
  2. I heard from a friend that you can reset your matchmaking ban timer to 0 if you enter a custom game while banned and quit immediately. Has anyone tried this? I'll try to get like a 3 minute ban so I can check this out.
  3. Halo's always been this toxic. It's a shame that gg culture isn't going to become a thing, but not much you can do about it. I mean, people were mad over the racism crackdown in MCC, I honestly doubt you'll get them to stop being toxic.
  4. I've done some research and the chances of having no sprint in Infinite seem much higher now, though I'd still bet on Infinite having sprint rather than not. Ryan Darcey, Josh Holmes, Quinn Del Hoyo, and Kevin Franklin were the main people pushing sprint for Halo 5, and all except Quinn are long gone from 343i. That being said, a no sprint Halo isn't automatically a good Halo.
  5. I'm genuinely confounded by why people voluntarily play in default H3 tournaments. I can understand wanting variety in a game, I can't understand wanting bubble shields and radars on.
  6. Even H3's sniper rifle is pretty meh. RoF is a joke, noscope magnetism is a thing, noscoping in generally is really easy (People playing on 10 sens can literally swipe over you at light speed and still get a body shot if you're mid or close range), and the fact that it's moreso Halo 3's trash aiming than the actual weapon itself that gives it a skillgap. The good thing about it is that it's the hardest weapon to kill with by hardscoping. Still feel like the OG CE Sniper rifle is better.
  7. Yes rockets should be so powerful and central to map control that a guy with rockets can't reliably kill two people at mid range
  8. If you went back in time to 2007 and swapped out Halo 3's gameplay for Halo 5's, you'd still have a population of that size. Most players don't care. On a related note I'm done with this fucking playerbase. Social players are either indifferent or in favor of the stupidest shit that makes playing the game a total chore for anybody who doesn't have a tool of destruction AR.
  9. Burial mounds is pretty decent outside of the fact that you can basically spawn into a sniper's view. Zanzibar I personally hate because the offense team can get endlessly spawnkilled if the defending team pushes out to the building overlooking beach spawn and stays there. I think FatRat had a clip in "Crossroads" where he literally got a back-to-back killionaire to killmanjaro. Even if it was 8v8, it still shows the problem with spawns on that map. Though you're not wrong. I guess my point was that Standoff is a perfect example of the main problem with H3, which is that the utility is so gimped outside of spitting distance that people just endlessly keep pinging people across the map in a vain attempt to make a team push to the other team's rocks. Like most maps in H3, not very fun to play without a party. The map plays alright in BTB though that's only because that's the only appropriate player count for it's size, because people in BTB tend to kind of mindlessly walk forward to shoot at stuff, and because the vehicles are actually a factor in play. I'd go so far as to say that the map would be Desolation levels of bad if it weren't for the Warthogs.
  10. Standoff is a great example of why Halo 3 sucks
  11. While we're talking about the vehicles- Ideally 4v4 would remove them from the maps entirely and relegate them to larger modes, but if they stay in ranked 4v4... Please, make people get on and not just ignore them. I can't tell you the number of Standoff games I've had to lose because my sweat teammates had too big of an ego to use the hog, or because my teammates were too dumb to use the hog. More vehicle related medals or a higher contribution to XP gained for using a vehicle well would go a decent way in making them less ignored.
  12. No vehicle in Halo really needs to be removed, just systematically redesigned. The vehicles all have a ton of potential for fun, it's just a shame that the devs design them to be so one-dimensional. Except the gungoose. That thing's just kind of countintuitive.
  13. I feel that the ghost has potential to carve itself a unique role in the vehicle sandbox. Very fast, capable of maneuvering and firing in differing directions, very lethal at close ranges, and capable of traversing certain routes on BTB maps that other ground vehicles can't. At the same time, it's frail enough to where it can't take on more than 2-3 people reliably, and it being lightweight and floaty means that it gets knocked over very easily by tertiary explosions.
  14. I hate the boost mechanic on the ghost. It's the sprint of vehicle design. Instead, just make the ghost naturally fast and maneuverable. If really necessary, replace the boost with a vertical jump so that the vehicle has even more traveral capability.
  15. I don't get mad at people for voicing their opinion, I get mad when people are indifferent and totally clueless while voicing an opinion strongly. It's 2020, bro. YouTube is a billion dollar platform. If somebody's getting killed by something peculiar, they can search what it is. Though yeah, they should be mechanics designed and balanced deliberately by the devs and advertised by the game's tutorials to the player. CE has minimal magnetism, and even that's because it uses projectiles. lnternet infrastructure has come a long way, and we can still use hitscan weaponry like in H5.

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