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  1. meh it's possible. we haven't played in a year and a half or so. other games have taken up most of my time, but it's possible. shoot me a pm before next lan and ill try to come out if it's decently close. and for the spitflame guy i don't think you need an explanation for why h1 is so good to most people, you just need to play and think. do you realize when the powerups/weapons come up and how you can get them without being anywhere near them? do you realize why you're spawning where you are? do you realize why the enemy is spawning where they are? if you don't know 1 random spawn (or don't even know what that is) in the game then i can't see how you could have an honest opinion.
  2. im making a spartan company for pc customs. pm gt for invite. if i get enough people soon we'll run some ffas and see run it runs.
  3. im making a spartan company for pc customs. pm gt for invite. if i get enough people soon we'll run some ffas and see run it runs.
  4. HaNz

    The Kings

    HaNz Puffington PisToL is Here
  5. That sniper reticule needs to change back to the original, idk wtf that was. Other than that I don't think that much looks bad. Looks like it's more of a halo ce anniversary port than a pc port from the videos I've seen. The most important part is decent netcode. I'm guessing there will be some sort of lag but as long as it's manageable (ie leading still works) I for one won't care. For people that don't know, here's an xbc montage that shows how much you really have to lead in this game even if the ping is only 30ms. Higher the ping, the more you'd have to lead for the most part.
  6. team name: evolution of excellence winner: tsop round: 1 Score: 2-0
  7. Team name: evolution of Excellence 1: HaNz Puffington 2: PisToL is here
  8. oh no i'm not saying use stability for anything, you're totally correct. i'm just saying that if there's a perk that reduces the "flinch", why can't they make a perk that does essentially the same thing, but descopes you when you're hit. i just feel like if descoping was tied to the weapon coding, wouldn't "flinch" be the same way.
  9. yea but in halo 4 there's the "stability" support upgrade(Stability steadies your weapon while being struck by incoming fire) isn't that similar enough to being descoped by incoming fire? i feel like if they're doing another title update (especially after they've said that they don't have time for another title update), they should atleast address descoping.
  11. o hshit just saw this, i live in neptune. pretty much on the beach in central nj, close to belmar.
  12. I'm gonna be playing FFA's all from 7pm all through the night so send me a msg/post in here if you're trying to play
  13. Yup, haven't lanned it in a while tho. Every 8 months everyone in our lan crew just randomly disappears then randomly comes back with a vengeance for h1 lol. What area you live in?
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