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  1. I'm so hyped I can barely stand it. Last night I had to remind myself that I you can't fall asleep if your eyes are wide open. Thanks to the forum for all the info stats and thoughts.
  2. Which one is the better Sudd again? The water thrower or water receiver?
  3. I enjoyed the tournament yesterday and was blown away by the upsets. I'm feeling the hype.
  4. De-essing is definitely what you want to be doing. You will find all kinds of youtube videos on it and free tools. I don't know your video workflow but If I was you I would do the following broad steps: 1) use handbrake to extract the audio track from your video. Preferably the voiceover alone if you can do it. 2) find a free de-essing program or learn how to use VSTs 3) substitute the new audio track back into your video using handbrake 4) upload to youtube Good luck. I greatly enjoy your videos.
  5. Noob question time. Ladder vs qualifiers... I've never followed a ladder before and I'm foggy on the HCS system, please explain it to me. I think that the ladder opening on Sunday means that teams register and then can challenge other teams during the ladder's open period. Scores get submitted and the backend does some calculations. Beating a team moves you up the ladder relative to their position. NA qualifiers are online tournaments, for money and points, open to the top 16 in the ladder? Top 8 teams in terms of points at the end of it all go to finals?
  6. This is all multiplayer and biased due to my 43 years on this planet. The campaign I don't care about. Halo CE: 6 - I started at H2 and I can't comprehend the majesty people talk about. I admit to being ignorant here. Halo 2: 10 - Most social game ever, Pulled me from pc fps games and I never went back. Only downer for me was the noob combo's dominance at my skill level. Halo 3: 9 - loved it, loved the pro scene at the time Halo R: 7 - I enjoyed it. Loved the grenade launcher and jetpacking but watching the community die sucked. Halo 4: 6 - I played a bunch of MP and even won a copy of burnout paradise in the FFA championship thing. Too bad forge maps were mostly laggy. Halo 5: 8 - I play daily. Like the movement and having lots of viable weapons to choose from. High hopes for improved maps and a working forge.
  7. I've been interested in bass shakers for my home theater for a while. Bass shakers are like a subwoofer but they silently vibrate. Kind of like the rumble in your controller. They always seemed too indulgent and expensive for what could be a gimmick so I slept on it. Controller rumble I don't like. They can be way cheaper these days so I bought a setup for under $100 all in and it is amazing. I game in an office chair via a monitor and a40s. My experience has improved greatly. There are so many deep THX intro like sounds that I never knew existed before. The sniper sounds and feels incredible. Lifts and power weapon pickups mean something now. I believe I am playing at a lower overall headphone volume but with a much bigger perception of bass. That's a bonus. Butt-kicker sells a dedicated products that do this which people like. They are more expensive. Mine is a $38 dollar shaker and $32 amp to power it + I needed a 4 pole Y cable for my headphone port. I bolted the shaker to the wooden bottom of my chair and I'm booming now. I tried it bolted to my couch for movies and I could take it or leave it. It was cool at times but other times it bothered me. For music it was annoying. For games this thing rocks. Treat yourself.
  8. 500k generated by REQ packs in 1 week is amazing for pro halo. I personally expected much less. Pulling numbers purely out of thin air leads me to think that even if the game's popularity sinks as fast as H4, we could still see another million in prize money.
  9. I too agree the placings seem high. That being said I am getting competitive matches for my skill level. FFA - Onyx 1668 Slayer - Platinum 1 Swat - Onyx 1500
  10. Those DNS numbers are google's DNS which is good, but I think there might be a typo. Google's 2nd DNS is not https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/?hl=en I agree that putting your xbox in the router's DMZ is the best solution if you are having any connection problems. It exposes your xbox to the full internet and therefore skips any router things that might be the culprit.
  11. As I understand it there is no peer to peer hosting at all in H5. That means it needs a connection to xbox live for their azure servers to act as the dedicated server. I expect that it does not even include code to run lan p2p games at all. This is great for the average home gamer and bad for the golden modems among us who pull host all the time. MCC has (ahem) dedicated servers but falls back to p2p if that (ahem) fails. That is why it has lan ability as far as I understand. Lack of p2p could be bad for H5 lan competitions that don't have a good connection or have too high a ping from the closest azure node. I remember reading that 343 might provide a server of some kind to lan events ... but fear that was speculation. I can't remember the source. Thanks for all the postings and info guys. I love pro halo and without you I'd be hurting for info.
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