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  1. Shooting is not the name of the game in Halo. When you are playing with people who know how to play, obviously. It doesn't matter if it's "inferior" to run games with controller, the game was designed around the controller. Decision making is king. The skill ceiling with aiming on a controller isn't a big deal.
  2. I would prefer a kind of throwback to the first games, just Unfriggenbelievable for every one past 40. Hearing Killamanjaro over and over again was great. Things like that gave the game soul. Which reminds me, 343's medal design is craptacular. Bring back Reach medals plz.
  3. Fair enough. Like i said, me and my mates wouldn't really be affected negatively by gamechat being a priority as opposed to the current situation. So it's hard to understand why some people don't like gamechat. Like, there's a big fat mute button right there. Anyway, the whole thing is kind of a moot point because it's unlikely to be changed.
  4. Search and destroy rivalled TDM for popularity on MW2 by my memory and you were required to be in game chat. It wasn't a playlist killer then, that's just how it was. People liked SND so they played it regardless. Although things have changed since that time on the 360, I don't see why it would be high on anyone's list of reasons fo not wanting to play one thing over another especially if it's universal in the game. People dont use game chat because it's an afterthought in the game as opposed to a core part of multiplayer like it was on 360 games. I think you're exaggerating how much people supposedly hate gamechat and need to be in private parties. As an aside, compilations of MW2 gamechat specifically are hugely popular. Personally the only real reason I started using party chat is because the game chat quality on original Reach is still aids even on xbox one.
  5. Pretty easy to fix, just force players to leave party or enter game chat when connected to an online lobby. Like how you couldn't search certain playlists in Modern Warfare 2 without doing one of those things. Low chance it is even considered a problem at 343 though, let alone gets addressed, like a handful of other pretty important issues that are still being ignored apparently.
  6. these are all things that can be easily addressed once the forge budget isn't limtied by the xbox 360. Every map can have surfaces like that with a bigger budget. Although its true that a map like Sanctuary could be improved with the existing tools anyway. I don't know what the new forge limits will be like but i'd assume at least double, which is enough. Also Reach rivals H3 on a visual level. It's simple and has clarity. Halo 4 and 5 are absolute clusterfucks in that sense, they got the idea that adding a dozen pipes and railings to every wall was a good idea and ran with it.
  7. Yeah, people who carry on about grey really don't seem to get it. Which one is nicer to look at? or this Reach had heaps of lovely surface textures. Most of them being grey didn't take away from that. The actual problem is limits of 100 or 50 per part type and judicious use of "Wall Coliseum" to cover half the surfaces of a map, partly because of those limits. Which will hopefully be effectively gone soon.
  8. A "server browser" as in having the ability to block off regions where you ping over 200, even 150 from search is needed. There's no point having skill ranks when you have four 45s playing four 40s and the 40s are getting shot through walls, consistent bloodshots anywhere near a corner and are disadvantaged by a full shot by default, for example. You can't shrink the pacific or the atlantic so it seems obvious to go with the simple and elegant solution but 343 have totally ignored it so far. I don't mean a battlefield 3 style server browser where all games are shown and you take your pick, i mean a proper version of "good connection" or "focused" option, where you exclude the dedicated servers that are thousands of miles away and do you search within those parameters. Ranked matching does the rest.
  9. 30 minute ban for two quits in the same session seems like an obvious idea. I also have no idea why they have a 20 or 30 second postgame lobby that will kick everyone and restart search. Instead of maintaining the lobby like in old Reach. Or why there is no option to exclude servers from search. It's not uncommon for 7 oceania players to be on a West US with one american. I know most players are american so it's difficult to appreciate how big of a problem that is but god damn, it's such a simple problem to fix.
  10. GT is CO2 Ranger. Ill see if some guys i play with want to hop in. Also, we desperately need an option to disqualify servers from a search. I'd rather wait 10-15 mins between games for a local server than play on 250 ping every single game.
  11. That's not what I meant. The gameplay has been up to par with the rest of the rotation. Portals instead of lifts in the purples make a big difference, and it was already better in H3 than you are making out in my opinion. Hill is the best gametype for it and forces players to use the whole map. I enjoy it much more than BC Hill for example
  12. Alright. I don't agree, especially about construct. Haven't had a bad game on it yet even in losses
  13. How do people feel about Construct? Watching H3 tournaments that map was usually never boring, and like how some people feel Pit is too flat, v7 Reach feels quite flat in general. On the other hand construct is totally vertical which would be unique in a hypothetical v8. For that reason I forged a remake of it for v7 settings a couple of weeks ago. Due to forge budget limits, it is a little bare bones, missing a couple trick jumps and also there is a frame rate drop at bottom hill due to the ass end of the top of the map being all exposed, again due to forge budgets. The basement half of the map is also potentially a little wide compared to the top. From what I have read MCC forge will allow all of this to be fixed. The main change I made is replacing purple lifts with one way portals, for two reasons. 1) Forge budget and more importantly 2) especially in Construct Hill, a team with control over especially the closed hill was traditionally very hard to displace due to purple lifters being stuck in limbo for 2-3 seconds and also telegraphing their position. With portals on the basement roof and also directly below at the original basement lift entrance the bottom team is given a little more room to take control of the map. I've tested this in some lobbies and both Hill and TS run pretty well on v7 settings. Personally I don't have a problem with the gray issue for forge maps but I can understand why a half forge rotation can be offputting for some. I am very curious though to know what people think of construct generally, both in H3 and if you think it's viable for zbns Reach. If you want to take a look it's live on my fileshare at "Cowboy Flawless". In its current state its clearly a draft given the tools of original Reach forge, so when MCC forge drops some of the finer details will be added. The core stuff is all there though and it runs basically as smoothly as a normal Nexus hill game would. Ideally I would replace BC Hill with Constuct given the chance but would really like to know what ppl think generally. If there's any forge heads on this forum i'd also be glad to know if there's places where I've wasted budget. As far as Oddball goes, I've also thought about bringing Guardian over as well. But I think reach originals like Nexus are probably preferable or making maps like powerhouse work. (not for ball specifically but in general)
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