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  1. If Halo 5 had everything you all wanted I'm talking: In-game 1-50 ranks (just like Halo 2/3) with five corresponding ranked classic playlists Slayer, FFA, Snipers, Objective and MLG. De-scope Spectator Mode MLG tournaments aswell as Microsoft tournaments for huge cash prizes (like the one we've just seen) and everything else you all would like to add.. Would you all put up with a nerfed Sprint? (Like now but your sprint gets cancelled out when you receive incoming fire, meaning people can't sprint away from fights anymore but people that like sprint for Big Team etc can still have it) So yeah if you had all the above would you even mind sprint if it was like this? I ask because I honestly know for a FACT there isn't a snowballs chance in hell that 343 is going to make Halo 5 without sprint but maybe if we can suggest a compromise like my suggestion (or your suggestions) we could come up with a better sprint for Halo overall.
  2. Awesome, nearly 180'ish votes for no sprint on a competitive forum. Last I checked the thousands of people playing the Big Team & Heavies playlists on Halo 4 didn't mind sprint.
  3. No, this overtly negative miserable forum doesn't speak for everyone and you lot need reminding of that from time to time.
  4. Funny, I thought that was the idea around here.
  5. Ugh, Halo 5 looks great, kids will never be into Halo. You could give them a carbon copy of Halo 2 with spectator mode and the best graphics and they'll still all be watching PewDiePie on YouTube, they're barely even playing CoD anymore now... I can take a nerfed sprint in Halo 5, I mean the game has ranks, spectator mode, e-sports support, arena gameplay etc. It sure as shit looks a lot better than Halo 4. About to go play Halo 2 Anniversary. Which is definitely a failed Halo because it has grenade indicators and hit markers lol. Definitely. Quinn, Halo 5 looks great.
  6. A Halo game releasing in 2015 is going to have sprint. I'd like to see it further nerfed beyond what 343 has planned. Sprint wasnt what ruined Halo Reach & Halo 4 for me in all honesty. Reach's shit maps and lack of ranks did. Halo 4's loadouts, crap maps, perks, lack of ranks, lack of de-scope and poor E-sports support did.
  7. This game really needs fixing...like right now..a couple of my friends are already back on CoD AW and Fifa. The nostalgias wearing off and people are just getting sick of waiting in lobbies that don't find games and it being such a stressful effort to join up with friends and play..how could this happen..
  8. Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer news/leaks overshadowing and ruining Halo MCC's release..also Halo MCC apparently doesn't have ranks at launch and a dedicated Halo CE playlist...
  9. Forgetting the ADS the BR's scope looks fucking wank, its a red dot with part of it missing..which literally looks shit...why does David Ellis have to change everything..
  10. What time does the embargo lift for Halo 5 news from TeamBeyond, IGN etc?
  11. That's a shame, maybe his fans were part of the problem. Refusing to go see his newer films at the movies unless they had Ruby Slippers starts and cowardly lion to wicked witch ranks.
  12. Be interesting if Halo MCC really struggles population wise after the hype calms down and/or Halo 4 is the most popular game and 1,2 & 3 just aren't. In that instance would 343 be permitted to make changes like the rumours were hearing about Halo 5? If classic gameplay was simply not popular in Halo MCC like everyone hear hopes it will be.
  13. I bet by the end of WWII the director of the Wizard of Oz took newer/different approaches to film directing too, in the six whole years that had past.
  14. Jusayin..classic Halo as we all know and love it is very old now.
  15. Guys, the war in Afghanistan (America's longest war...ever) started the same year Halo CE came out..
  16. I don't know...I don't think the wall/ledge climb thing, thruster's or a very nerfed sprint would be as bad as Ebola..as long as its got the golden triangle of guns, melee and grenades, BR'ing someone's shields 4 times and finishing with a headshot, power weapons on map as pick-ups, equal starts, ranks, a balanced sandbox and spec mode. but what do I know...I didn't lan Halo CE at an MLG event in 200andfucking1, the same year 9/11 happened and Shaggy - "It Wasn't Me" was top of the music charts.
  17. Am I allowed to be positive about a couple of things in this post guys? or should I stay quiet..
  18. Yes. H2A looks like the sequel to H3 we never got. Minor modernizing updates like hit detection, grenade indicators and the newer better radar and plus it has ranks. Nothing too crazy e.g. ordnance, OP sprint, loadouts, armour abilities so yeah I'm very excited. I can see H2A being the most played game in the Master Chief Collection, despite what the purists may say/want/wish for.

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