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  1. Hello Team Beyond, I, Tommy Bonner, recently had canceled my Premium Membership through my client area of my account. It showed the cancelation affective March 22, yet I still got charged via PayPal March 22. If I had paid in March why do I not have Premium through April 22. This is regardless since I didn't want to be charged in the first place, and how am I to know if this same payment won't happen in the future? My account with you guys, I thought, was a trusted one. Now going through the loops to find support for giving you support is just ridiculous. By this I'm referring to when you are in your client area and request a new support ticket. The Department field is required to submit and there IS NOTHING to select from the drop down menu, therefor the request can not be sent bc all required fields haven't been filled. I even went through the trouble of a different browser. Hence why imma here searching for support forums, which there isn't any, and if there are they are locked. So, I start my own thread? I am enjoying this web site less and less that I am on it. Please anyone HELP, ASAP. Thank you! Tommy, Homer, Bonner
  2. h0m3r2k


    New AM F/A
  3. Hey whats up ziggy, I have a possible To2 that play daily. I'll msg u on the box also if ya wanna run.
  4. H0m3r2k MM/scrim fine NA On daily, lookin to run games and find a team.
  5. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/H0M3R2K/video/17113478 IT'S THE LAST 30 SEC OF CLIP
  6. I play late, 12-5am est. Looking to compete in HWC HMU. Great at all aspects of the game, but mostly communication
  7. Rapid City South Dakota player here. GT: H0M3R2K
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