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  1. If it wasn't bad enough for Stellur he just stuck himself while on stream.
  2. What about a lan involving the bottom 4 teams but bottom 2 start in losers brackets and the top 2 in winners. 2 teams end up advancing so to get through the 5th/6th team just have to win one game whilst the 7th/8th teams have to win 2.
  3. Snip3down really needs to chill on twitter. He always goes off on other players that are just joking with him.
  4. would they be watching the halo stream anyway if ninja wasn't streaming/playing in it?
  5. i think to sort out the caster problem they need an analyst desk with 3 or so other commentators separate from the guys who commentate the game. That way the 3 other guys can analyse the game and not have to worry about talking over it and hopefully give more insightful comments between games - as well as take some pressure off the 2 other guys commentating it
  6. I love watching a player get a overkill while in third person staring at a wall.
  7. The pro league should give him the regular practice he needs to get comfortable. I can see all the casters improving in the future.
  8. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yVlMw6NzM-liatgr1hBI3hVQN_STHinP2gQQTNjcTnA/edit#getstarted If you need anything else just go to the subreddit
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