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  1. I heard the Earth was 5,000 years old anyone else hear this?
  2. Luckily Trump doesn't believe in global warming so that's a good thing!!!!
  3. I'm not saying internment camps are a good thing, HOWEVER.... This is what you voted for.
  4. Again, to make sure it isn't missed
  6. That's not an opinion. This is like saying that the Sun being the center of the galaxy is an opinion.
  7. Imagine thinking climate change is a hoax lol
  8. Proven

    NBA Thread

  9. If he had actually done something incredible and noteworthy in his life then yes I would credit him. He's failed way more than he has succeeded
  10. Comparing Donald Trump to Thomas Jefforson is something that Trump would do and apparently his supporters.
  11. You should read White By Law if you're actually interested in this subject.
  12. The only reason he is successful is because he was a media favorite and stuck his name on the side of buildings and made revenue from that with a shitty tv show as a side gig. He's basically the equivalent to Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian is a better business person than he is.
  13. So Within a span of a few hours Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes (there's something going on!) and then asks Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails. So he's basically asking a foreign country to hack into his own governments emails. And this isn't even the dumbest thing he's said. Let's vote for this guy he has great ideas.
  14. This was basically Donald Trump's speech
  15. Serious does anyone actually like what Trump has to say or is it just because they are tired of the same old same old
  16. The only reason Trump has a chance is because Clinton is seen as a crook. The only reason Clinton has a chance is because Trump is a fucking moron.

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